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Andreessen: Silicon Valley is "extremely liberal"

May 31, 1:50AM

 Outspoken venture capitalist Marc Andreessen took the stage at Code Conference on Tuesday and reflected on the disconnect between the technology community and the rest of the United States. “Silicon Valley is extremely left wing, extremely liberal,” he said, claiming that the technology industry’s libertarian stereotype is largely inaccurate. He estimated that “99.99%… Read More

Peer-to-peer travel agency TRVL raises $2.7m to crowd-ify travel planning

May 31, 1:42AM

 Through Lyft and Uber, the sharing economy has taken a charge at cabs. Airbnb is making hotels palpitate in their pants. If TRVL has its way, it’s the travel agencies’ turn to tremble. Armed with 2.7 million freshly minted dollars from a conglomerate of angel investors, the company is hoping to augment services like, and Tripadvisor by adding a soup├žon of… Read More

Ballmer explains why he invested in Twitter

May 31, 12:20AM

Steve Ballmer Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage at Code Conference on Tuesday and talked about why he owns a large position in Twitter. “There’s a real opportunity to make that a valuable economic asset,” said Ballmer, defending his decision to invest in what has been a volatile ride for the social media company. He believes in its potential because it “gives people… Read More

Twitter tests rounded buttons and thumbnails…because that's the problem?

May 30, 11:08PM

 Twitter is testing a new interface for its mobile applications on iOS and Android, which involves rounded profile images, buttons and other features. It’s unclear what advantage going “round” would bring. Read More

How to price your IPO

May 30, 11:02PM

 If pops are hard to vet, and IPO pricing remains an art-science hybrid, what measuring stick can we use to decide when an IPO did well, versus gains so steep that it probably could have raised a bit more in its flotation? Read More

Flat is the new up

May 30, 10:00PM

 Nearly half of Series C fundraising rounds were down or flat in 2016. Series B startups are next in line to feel the pain. [A] flat [round] is the new up [round]. The market correction will not stop at Series B. If you’ve raised a Series A and need more capital in 2017, what I’m going to share might save your company. If you’re at the seed stage, this article might save you a… Read More

Apple Music's 'Carpool Karaoke' will premiere on August 8

May 30, 9:28PM

John Legend and Alicia Keys Apple Music’s karaoke series has a release date: August 8. Following the premiere, Apple says new episodes of Carpool Karaoke: The Series will be released every Tuesday. The show was first announced last year, spinning out of the carpool karaoke segments on James Corden’s Late Late Show. Corden will also be part of the new show as a creator and executive producer, and… Read More

Apple went full dad joke with the names of this year's secret WWDC panels

May 30, 8:42PM

 [somewhere in Cupertino, probably] “Hey Rick?” “Yeah, Bill?” “We need a bunch of placeholder names for sessions at WWDC. The ones about… you know. That stuff we’re not really allowed to talk about yet. People tear these names apart looking for clues on what’s coming, so can you name them all ‘SESSION NAME TBD’ and throw them… Read More

Commission Impossible: How and why the FCC created net neutrality

May 30, 8:38PM

 The conflict over net neutrality we see playing out today is just the latest part of a complex dance of dispute that has been going on for quite a long time — longer than you might think. In order to understand what’s happening to the internet today and how we can keep it free and open in the future, we have to consult its past. Read More

Will Essential Home be more than another dumb smart home hub?

May 30, 8:27PM

 The next great smartphone battle isn’t about screens or batteries or cameras. In fact, it’s not really about hardware at all. It’s a knock-down, drag-out fight for the heart of the connected home. Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung have each planted flags with different approaches, but none have really had the opportunity to build a handset from the ground up with that sort… Read More

Seattle Meetup + Pitch-off applications extended to June 7th!

May 30, 8:14PM

 Seattle is heating up for TechCrunch. We are coming back to the Emerald City to drink some coffee, meet some startups and host a pitch-off and meetup event. We’ve extended applications to June 7th so all you busy startup founders have the chance to apply to the pitch-off. Read More

Omise to raise $19M in first cryptocurrency sale from a major VC-backed startup

May 30, 8:10PM

 The tech industry is opening its eyes to the possibilities of raising money using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum through ‘initial coin offerings,’ and it’s about to see the first ICO from a major venture-backed company. Last week, Kik, a messaging app popular with young people in North America, announced an ambitious plan to launch its own currency as a basis for… Read More

Uber fires Otto co-founder Anthony Levandowski due to Waymo dispute

May 30, 6:49PM

 Uber has terminated the employment of Anthony Levandowski, the co-founder of self-driving trucking company Otto and Uber’s former self-driving project engineering lead. The New York Times reported first on Levandowski’s firing, which was made official to employees via an internal staff email circulated on Tuesday. Levandowski is at the heart of an ongoing legal battle between Uber… Read More

Amazon cancels its QVC-like shopping show 'Style Code Live'

May 30, 6:43PM

 Amazon’s own take on a QVC-like home shopping experience, “Style Code Live,” has gone off the air. The live program, first launched in March 2016, was streamed online and via mobile to Amazon shoppers, who could learn about fashion and beauty tips from style experts, then instantly shop the products being featured on the show. Read More

Epic! raises $8 million to keep kids reading in a digital age

May 30, 6:13PM

 The makers of Epic!, one of many apps jockeying to become a “Netflix for books,” have raised $8 million in a round led by Reach Capital, the education-specialized venture firm. Epic! at its core is an on-demand digital library that includes about 25,000 different books and videos appropriate for kids in elementary school, or between the ages of about five and twelve. Read More

Twitter adds Direct Message request review inbox feature

May 30, 6:02PM

 Twitter will now allow you to review Direct Messages received from people who you don’t follow before responding to them in a consolidated inbox, adopting a feature that Facebook has long used for its own messaging feature and app. The new DM review inbox function works for anyone who’s turned on the setting that allows receipt of messages from people they don’t follow, and… Read More

Judah vs. the Machines: Blindfolded against a Berkeley robot overlord

May 30, 5:30PM

 In this episode of Judah vs. the Machines, Judah visits UC Berkeley’s Robot Learning Lab to meet Brett, a robot still in testing that was designed to learn like a human. Brett’s creators hope that he could some day take on menial human tasks with the ability to adapt and learn new ways of accomplishing a goal, something that most other robots are incapable of doing. Read More

How Uber is growth hacking in Spain despite regulatory roadblocks

May 30, 5:09PM

 Taxi drivers in Spain are protesting against ride-hailing apps Uber and Cabify today, holding strikes in multiple cities and a protest march in the capital. Early reports suggest 20,000 protestors took to the streets in Madrid. Meanwhile, both companies are continuing to recruit drivers — using another Spanish startup, Jobandtalent, to help them do so. Read More

Ex-Apple designer & former Twitter engineer launch Halide, a premium iPhone camera app

May 30, 5:00PM

 An ex-Apple designer and former Twitter engineer have teamed up for a new take on iPhone photography, with today’s launch of their iOS camera app called Halide. The idea is to offer a variety of high-end tools for taking quality photographs, but packaged in a way where accessing those controls via gestures becomes like muscle memory – similar to using the dials on a camera.… Read More

As its growth slows, DirecTV Now hits the Roku

May 30, 5:00PM

DirecTV Now event AT&T’s live TV service, DirecTV Now, is today launching on another major platform, with its added support for Roku. However, the service itself has already lost momentum in terms of new subscribers – according to a recent Bloomberg report, DirecTV Now peaked in January with about 328,000 subscribers, but then lost 3,000 customers in February and saw flat growth in March.… Read More

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