Thursday, May 18, 2017

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Hong Kong's Qupital raises $2M led by Alibaba to finance invoice loans for SMES

May 18, 12:00AM

 Qupital, a one-year-old Hong Kong-based startup that addresses cash flow issues for SMEs, has closed a $2 million seed funding round. The is certainly a notable size for an early stage investment in Hong Kong’s nascent but growing startup scene. The financing was led by Hong Kong-London firm MindWorks Ventures and the $130 million Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund which launched in 2015.… Read More

OSVehicle comes out of stealth with a modular self-driving car called EDIT

May 17, 10:37PM

 OSVehicle is a B2B Self-Driving vehicle startup, backed by Y Combinator, which creates what they call ‘white-label solutions’ for auto fleets owners. Dubbed ‘EDIT’ this claims to be the first “ready-to-use Self-Driving EV” which is modular, open to different designs and “white-labelled”, in that it can be branded with any car marque. Emerging out… Read More

And the winner of Startup Battlefield at Disrupt NY 2017 is… RecordGram

May 17, 9:47PM

 Startups participating in the Startup Battlefield have all been hand-picked to participate in our highly competitive startup competition. They all presented in front of multiple groups of VCs and tech leaders serving as judges for a chance to win $50,000 and the coveted Disrupt Cup. After hours of deliberations, TechCrunch editors pored over the judges’ notes and narrowed the list down… Read More

With MIXhalo, Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger aims to deliver studio-quality sound at live events

May 17, 9:45PM

 Most of you have probably been to concerts where the sound sucked, where all of the music was blown out and you couldn’t make out a single word of the lyrics. Now, you might have had a great time regardless (concerts are funny that way), but bad sound isn’t exactly a selling point. It can be particularly frustrating if you’re seeing a musician you love playing… Read More

Google will now let users pay with any card they have on file, not just those saved in Android Pay

May 17, 9:00PM

 Google is today making it easier for users to make payments within third-party apps and mobile website, as well as in Google Assistant, when they’re out and about. No longer will the company rely that the card users want to pay with be preloaded in Android Pay – they’ll be able to choose from any payment card they’ve previously used with their Google Account. The… Read More

App developers can now advertise on the Google Play homepage and app listing pages

May 17, 9:00PM

 Google announced today a change to its Google Play platform that will allow app makers to now place ads on the Google Play home page and app listing pages. These ads are an expansion of Google’s previously announced “Universal Ad Campaigns,” which are designed to simplify the process of advertising across Google’s online properties – including the Google Play… Read More

Google's Play Console now gives developers more data about their apps before and after launch

May 17, 8:55PM

 The Google Play Console, Google’s main tool for helping developers manage their Android applications in its store from beta to retirement, is getting a major update at Google I/O today. Read More

Google Firebase gets Fabric integration, better analytics and an alpha program

May 17, 8:50PM

 Google today announced a slew of updates to its Firebase app platform that touch many of the service’s core features (or will do so in the near future). More than a million developers have now created projects with Firebase (though not all of these are active, of course), Google said today, and that number is growing rapidly. Read More

Google's Instant Apps are now generally available to all Android developers

May 17, 8:26PM

 With Instant Apps, Google is trying to bridge the worlds of web and native apps by making native apps — even those you haven’t installed on your phone — load as fast as a web page. The company first announced this project at its Google I/O developer conference last year and at this year’s event but only made it available to a select number of developers until now.… Read More

Google announces the first preview of Android Studio 3.0, puts emphasis on speed and smarts

May 17, 8:18PM

 The vast majority of Android developers use Google’s own Android Studio integrated development environment (IDE). Google offered a first look at what Android Studio 3.0 will look like. Most of these upcoming features are now available in the Android Studio early release channel. Read More

The very simple argument for the rise of co-living: people need people

May 17, 8:15PM

 People, people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world. So go the lyrics of the famous Barbara Streisand song. It was also a theme at a future of cities panel at Disrupt today, where the discussion came back and time again to community as a competitive advantage — particularly when it comes to startups that are trying to shake up the long-staid but quickly evolving $200… Read More

'A robot doesn't have to shoot back,' Rodney Brooks says of machines in the military

May 17, 8:06PM

 Rethink Robotics co-founder and CTO, former CSAIL director and all-around robot luminary Rodney Brooks joined the Disrupt New York stage this afternoon to tackle some complex questions, ranging from robots place in the living room to the battlefield. Brooks has a fair bit of experience in both categories, as a cofounder of iRobot, whose product offerings have ranging from vacuuming to bomb… Read More

Everything Google announced at its Google I/O keynote

May 17, 7:51PM

 Google just kicked off its annual Google I/O developer conference. It’s a great opportunity to get a sneak peek at what’s next for Android and other platforms. This year was no different as the company announced a ton of stuff. In case you missed it, here’s everything Google announced today. Read More

Google has an indoor positioning tech in the works, called VPS

May 17, 7:28PM

 Google has announced it’s working on a service to offer detailed indoor location positioning using its Tango 3D sensing computer vision tech. Read More

Google to launch a jobs search engine in the U.S.

May 17, 7:20PM

 Google announced today it’s launching a jobs search engine in the U.S. The service will focus on all types of jobs – from entry-level and service industry positions to high-end professional jobs. It will also leverage Google technologies like machine learning and A.I. to better understand how jobs are classified and related, among other things. Google CEO Sundar Pichai gave a… Read More

Google is giving a cluster of 1,000 Cloud TPUs to researchers for free

May 17, 7:16PM

 At the end of Google I/O, the company unveiled a new program to give researchers access to the company’s most advanced machine learning technologies for free. The TensorFlow Research Cloud program, as it will be called, will be application based and open to anyone conducting research, rather than just members of academia. If accepted, researchers will get access to a cluster of 1,000… Read More

Google's TensorFlow Lite brings machine learning to Android devices

May 17, 6:54PM

 While discussing the future of Android at Google I/O, Dave Burke, a VP of engineering, announced a new version of TensorFlow optimized for mobile called TensorFlow lite. The new library will allow developers to build leaner deep learning models designed to run on Android smartphones. As Google rolls out a greater number of AI-enabled services that run on Android, it makes sense to use a… Read More

Google partners with HTC, Lenovo for new standalone VR headset platform

May 17, 6:52PM

 Today, at Google’s I/O developer conference, the company teased that it will be working on Daydream all-in-one virtual reality headsets with partners like HTC, maker of the Vive VR headset, as well as Lenovo. These headsets will be coming in “late 2017.” The big announcement is that these headset will have positional tracking which means that the hardware can tell the… Read More

Android Go is a lightweight version of Android for crazy cheap phones

May 17, 6:50PM

 There are 2 billion Android devices currently in use around the world. Google is now thinking about the next 2 billion devices. In order to do this, Google has a new project called Android Go. It’s a lightweight version of the upcoming version of Android (Android O) with optimized apps and Play Store. Google focused on devices with very low specs, users with limited connectivity and… Read More

Daydream VR support is coming to Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus this summer

May 17, 6:46PM

 Onstage at Google I/O, VR Head Clay Bavor announced that Daydream support for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will be coming this summer. Last year, when Google announced that Samsung would be a partner on Daydream, many expectedly guessed that the upcoming Galaxy S8 would add Daydream support. Well, Samsung finally appears to have gotten on board, perhaps only to give its Gear VR platform a period… Read More

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