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Quantifying startup funding inequality for fun and profit

May 02, 11:30PM

 Income inequality and disparity in resource distribution have drawn a lot of attention recently in the United States. Today, we’ll investigate a variation on the theme, exploring the distribution of a specific resource, venture capital funding, across a particular population, in this case, all U.S.-based technology companies founded in or after 2003 with at least one recorded funding round. Read More

Microsoft needs to open up Windows 10 S if it wants to find success outside the classroom

May 02, 10:44PM

 At first glance, Windows 10 S makes perfect sense. It’s a lightweight, stripped-down version of Microsoft’s operating system designed to avoid taxing low-cost hardware. That makes it a good fit for schools, with laptops running the software priced as low as $189. But the most remarkable thing about the operating system in its current form may be its reliance on the Windows Store. Read More

InVision picks up TrackDuck to better integrate with Atlassian products

May 02, 10:15PM

InVision is acquiring the TrackDuck startup to further connect and enable the digital product development process from design to delivery. This is InVision’s seventh acquisition in the last 16 months. Terms were undisclosed. TrackDuck was well-placed for an exit, already having a number of popular integrations with the Atlassian Suite. Its only main competitor is UserSnap. TrackDuck… Read More

Facebook replaces Oculus computer vision head at center of underage sex scandal

May 02, 9:57PM

 The head of computer vision at Facebook’s virtual reality subsidiary, Oculus, has been replaced following his arrest related to an underage sex sting operation, TechCrunch has learned. Dov Katz was arrested in late December after allegedly soliciting sex from an undercover officer who he believed, at the time of meeting, was a 15-year-old girl. Read More

Apple ups dividend by 10.5% and increases capital return program to $300B

May 02, 9:29PM

 Apple just reported earnings for the first quarter of 2017, which were mixed. The company beat on EPS but slightly missed on iPhone sales and overall revenue. However, the company announced they are increasing their capital return program and extending the time frame by four quarters. Read More

Apple's services business grows 18% as iPhone sales stall

May 02, 9:06PM

 Apple just announced their earnings for Q1 2017. The company reported $52.9 billion in revenue with EPS of $2.10, which slightly beat consensus estimates of $2.02. But perhaps more importantly, this quarter’s revenue from services was $7.04 billion, which represents 18 percent growth year-over-year for the category, the same YOY growth percentage seen last quarter. Read More

iPhone sales numbers dip slightly, but iPhone revenue is slightly up in quarterly earnings

May 02, 9:05PM

 Apple’s Q2 earnings report just dropped, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag from the hardware perspective; iPhone sales numbers dropped 1 percent year-over-over, down to around 50.8 million units. That figure also failed to meet analyst expectations of 51.4 million for the quarter. Read More

XR is a new way to consider the reality continuum

May 02, 9:00PM

 We are smack dab in the middle of the widespread proliferation of a new medium that plays with and alters our perception of space, time and physical presence. It’s a new something-reality, and folks in the industry and consumers alike are all scrambling to come up with the best way to describe these burgeoning modalities of interacting with physical and virtual space. Read More

Etsy names Josh Silverman as its new CEO

May 02, 8:59PM

 There’s been a shakeup in Etsy’s leadership, with CEO Chad Dickerson and CTO John Allspaw departing. Josh Silverman, the former Skype and Evite CEO who joined Etsy’s board last fall, is taking over as CEO, while VP of Engineering Mike Brittain will serve as interim CTO. Read More

Apple hits a speed bump in Q2 after its stock soared in the past year

May 02, 8:38PM

 Apple hit a little snag in the second quarter, falling slightly under what Wall Street expected in its earnings report — causing a slight drop after its stock has jumped massively in the past year. The company reported earnings of $2.10 per share on revenue of $52.9 billion. Wall street was looking for earnings of $2.02 per share on revenue of around $53 billion. It also sold 50.8… Read More

Twilio stock plummets as major client Uber distances itself

May 02, 8:29PM

 A good report on revenue wasn’t enough to keep Twilio stock from taking a dive in after-hours trading. What at first glance appeared to be a positive story very quickly divulged into a financial nightmare. Shares in the cloud communications company have fallen 27 percent in after-hours trading. Read More

Mailchimp's marketing automation tools are now available for free

May 02, 8:00PM

 MailChimp is probably best known for its basic email newsletter services, but it has long offered a number of more advanced marketing tools; for example, one that allows its users to follow up with online shoppers. Starting today, these advanced marketing automation services are available for free to all MailChimp users, including those on the company’s free plan. Read More

The OverLord ProPlus is a 3D printer for making really tall objects

May 02, 6:57PM

 Most 3D printers have a fairly small build envelope. The Makerbot, which is one of the biggest for home use, offers 29.5 L X 19.5 W X 16.5 H CM and others hover around that range. The $499 OverLord ProPlus, on the other hand, has a cylindrical build volume of 17 by 26 cm which means you can print surprisingly long and surprisingly tall objects with this wacky delta arm printer. A delta arm… Read More

Apple's new Portrait mode ad shows empty streets in Shanghai

May 02, 6:31PM

 Apple has released a new ad showcasing the Portrait mode feature for the iPhone 7 Plus. This one is interesting because it was entirely shot in China, one of Apple’s key markets along with the U.S. and Europe. In particular, you can see a young couple in the streets of Shanghai. It looks like they’re here to explore the city. The streets are busy and noisy. But once the man turns… Read More

Homey's PowerUp is the MacBook charger Apple should have made

May 02, 6:31PM

 Trust Apple to be courageous enough to strip away all the old-fashioned USB ports. And trust the rest of us to realize that 90 percent of our peripherals still run on the old standard. Apple’s retort is to sell you a one-way ticket to dongle hell. Then Homey comes along with its Indiegogo campaign to show the fruit giant how it’s done. Read More

Facebook rejects claims of gender bias in its engineering department

May 02, 6:12PM

 Facebook may have an issue with gender bias, according to a recent report by The Wall Street Journal. Based on an analysis by an engineer at Facebook, which Facebook told TechCrunch is “incomplete and inaccurate,” code written by female engineers at Facebook gets rejected more often than code written by men at the company. Read More

Veo Robotics gives industrial robots a sixth sense for safely working around people

May 02, 6:00PM

 Everyone knows the robots are coming, so we should probably get to work figuring out how we can coexist. That’s the mission of Veo Robotics, which is working on a system that gives robots spatial awareness of every object and obstacle in their reach, from debris to people and everything in between. People and robots working together can accomplish far more than either one on its own. Read More

Treeo's new social polling game lets you vote with emojis

May 02, 5:50PM

 A new social polling game called Treeo has launched its modern-day (and cleaned up version) of the popular party game, f*ck, marry, kill. But this time, instead of voting on your plans for celebrity crushes, you’re voting on other topics categorized into sections like Home, Fashion, Movies, Food, Music, Sports, and Politics. And the way you vote is different as well: you drag the photo… Read More

Gigabyte's AERO15 gaming laptop colors me impressed with a color graded screen

May 02, 5:39PM

 Gigabyte is releasing a new gaming laptop this month, as part of a slowly growing list of gaming laptop manufacturers that care about color graded screens. Dubbed the AERO 15, it’s a VR-ready laptop with one of NVIDIA’s recent Pascal graphics chips, the GTX 1060 — so in practice it can carry its own weight. Read More

Airbnb acquired its React Native partner Deco Software, Deco IDE goes open source

May 02, 5:26PM

 Airbnb — the peer-to-peer platform where people rent accommodation and now do other travel-related business — has made an acquisition to expand its platform and how it works with developers to build services on it. It has acquired Deco Software, which had developed an integrated development environment (IDE) to build React Native apps, specifically with the aim of developers… Read More

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