Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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SpaceX successfully launches its heaviest geostationary orbital payload yet

May 15, 11:37PM

 SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket carrying a payload from communications satellite operate Inmarsat, the fourth in a constellation created to provide high-bandwidth broadspeed Internet globally. The payload is the largest ever launched on a Falcon 9, which is why the mission parameters didn’t call for an attempt to recover the first stage of the rocket. The launch was originally slated to… Read More

Savari works to bring 5G to connected cars

May 15, 11:07PM

Autonomous Vehicle In these early days of smart cities and connected cars, Savari has emerged as a V2X (that’s vehicle-to-everything) innovator. Now it’s joined the 5G Automotive Association to bring cellular communications to connected cars. This technology doesn’t merely provide faster cell service on the morning commute. Cellular-V2X (C-V2X) is a communications system for connected cars to… Read More

RecordGram thinks your phone is the new recording studio

May 15, 10:06PM

 If RecordGram has its way, top record producers will all turn to their app, a kind of mobile recording studio, to find the next Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj. And aspiring artists will all find beats, create songs and get signed to their first label through RecordGram. The company was a “wildcard” contender at TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield in New York today. Read More

UploadVR sued over 'rampant' sexual behavior in the workplace and wrongful termination

May 15, 10:04PM

 UploadVR is being sued by the company’s former Director of Digital and Social Media for sexual harassment, sex and gender discrimination and wrongful termination, TechCrunch has learned. The virtual reality startup, with offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, consists of co-working spaces, training courses and a media publication, and has received funding from General… Read More

Hackers claim to have looted some treasure from Disney's 'Magic Kingdom'

May 15, 9:58PM

 At a town hall meeting in New York earlier today, Disney chief executive Bob Iger said hackers are claiming to have stolen an undisclosed new film from Disney’s upcoming slate, according to a report in The Hollywood Reporter. Read More

DeepMind NHS health data deal had 'no lawful basis'

May 15, 9:54PM

 DeepMind’s inaugural data-sharing deal with the UK’s National Health Service looks to be coming firmly unstuck. Read More

Watch SpaceX's Inmarsat-5 Flight 4 satellite launch live right here

May 15, 9:49PM

 SpaceX is setting up to launch Inmarsat-5 Flight 4, a mission that will put a communications satellite into geostationary orbit for commercial satellite operator Inmarsat. SpaceX’s window lasts 49 minutes, and opens at 7:21 PM ET (4:21 PM PT) on Tuesday, with another window opening at the same time tomorrow in case of any issues resulting in a scrub. The launch payload is the fourth… Read More

CreditHero wants to help fix credit scores for those afraid to even look

May 15, 9:45PM

 With apps and services for investing and checking credit scores, it might seem like financial services are finally getting more mainstream. But people still need to have decent credit to get to the point where they’ll use those services. That’s why Nicole Sanchez and her co-founders started CreditHero, a service to help people understand their credit score — and how to… Read More

WannaCry ransomware is still spreading fast, but 'kill switch' defenses hold for now

May 15, 9:45PM

 The WannaCry ransomware sweeping the world hasn’t stopped its progress, but quick action by cybersecurity professionals has at least partially limited the damage it does as it goes. Read More

App analytics company Apteligent acquired by VMware

May 15, 9:35PM

 VMware announced today that it has acquired Apteligent, a startup that will allow it to provide more tools to customers building and optimizing mobile apps. Read More

Using tech to uproot systemic racism

May 15, 9:35PM

 Rejecting the backlash against hashtag activism, Brittany Packnett defended the work of the armchair activists on Twitter and other social media who have brought needed attention to social justice issues. Read More

Sunrise gives mental health patients AI-guarded group chat

May 15, 9:34PM

 Between therapy sessions, mental health patients can feel alone. Sunrise Health is a new startup aiming to improve mental healthcare by combining the constant support of group chat, the openness afforded by anonymity, the guidance of professional therapists and the safeguard of artificial intelligence watching for abuse and emergencies. Read More

Riminder uses deep learning to better match people to jobs

May 15, 9:21PM

 There’s nothing efficient about sorting through 30,000 resumes by hand. Recruiters spend months evaluating applicants only to have great prospective candidates get lost in the pile. At TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield, French startup Riminder made the case for how its deep learning-powered platform could augment recruiters — helping them better surface ideal contenders for… Read More

Collider 3D printers can make shiny metal objects on demand

May 15, 9:13PM

 When he worked at Shapeways just a few years ago, customers constantly asked Graham Bredemeyer if they could get their designs made out of metal by the 3D printing services firm. Think about it — if a plastic Yoda is covetable, a titanium one is even better. However, most 3D printers could not yet handle alloys like sterling silver or stainless steel in 2014. And to this day, 3D… Read More

Ford CTO Raj Nair on the future: Ford will look very different in 10 years

May 15, 8:54PM

 Today at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, our own Darrell Etherington sat down with Ford Motor Company CTO (and Ford employee since 1987!) Raj Nair to chat about the future and how a company like Ford shifts with an evolving industry — particularly as the car industry adopts the idea of cars that drive themselves. Read More

HelloAva launches a chatbot for personalized skin care recommendations

May 15, 8:06PM

 Can a chatbot replace a dermatologist’s recommendation for skin care products? That’s the idea behind HelloAva, a startup launching today at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, which aims to walk people through a series of questions to determine their skin type, then make recommendations as to which products to buy. Read More

Intel could be about to release a very expensive Core i9 CPU

May 15, 7:59PM

 Computex is right around the corner. While we don’t generally cover PC component updates, this leak about Intel’s plan is interesting. The company is apparently about to unveil a new lineup of desktop CPUs with a new high-end Core i9 CPU with 12 cores. Intel’s plans leaked on AnandTech’s board. It looks like some employee or partner took a photo of a PowerPoint… Read More

FactGem wants to help businesses get more value out of their data

May 15, 7:52PM

 FactGem, which is launching in our Disrupt NY Battlefield competition today, was born out of Megan Kvamme’s frustration with trying to juggle hundreds of Excel spreadsheets when she was an investment banker. When she tried to find a product that would allow her to more easily analyze all this data, she couldn’t find what she was looking for, so she started working on what became… Read More

Oscar Health's CEO believes the U.S. has a moral obligation to provide healthcare to its citizens

May 15, 7:38PM

 Health insurance in the US is broken. That much seems to be regarded as a universal truth. Oscar Health co-founder and CEO Mario Schlosser acknowledged that the system is need of some major fixes this afternoon during a panel at Disrupt New York. And the country, he added, certainly has a ways to go in order to address those key shortcomings. Asked whether the United States has a moral… Read More

Domuso provides flexible payment options for renters and property owners

May 15, 7:38PM

 No one wants to fall behind on rent, and being evicted for lack of payment would be a catastrophic event for the 40 percent of Americans who rent their home. Launching today at Disrupt NY, Domuso provides more flexible rental terms for tenants, while helping property owners and managers to more efficiently collect rent. Read More

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