Friday, May 5, 2017

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YouTube announces new shows from Ellen Degeneres, Kevin Hart, Katy Perry and more

May 05, 12:56AM

 YouTube wrapped up tonight’s BrandCast event for advertisers by announcing seven new shows. Some of them come from YouTube stars like Rhett and Link, who are creating a longform expansion of Good Mythical Morning, and The Slow Mo Guys, who are launching something called The Super Slow Show. The other shows feature stars from beyond YouTube. There’s Ellen’s Show Me More Show,… Read More

Why we stepped up to the patent troll problem

May 05, 12:00AM

 Entrepreneurs don’t pour all their energy into building startups just to have a patent troll attack them with patents of questionable quality. The patent troll problem is big and growing, posing a threat to startups and established companies alike, costing companies millions in defensive litigation fees and diverting money that would be better spent on innovation. Read More

Facebook deflates filter bubbles by letting you follow topics, not just Pages

May 04, 11:28PM

 Facebook gets a lot of flack for just reinforcing your world views in its News Feed echo chamber instead of challenging your opinions. That’s because you choose exactly which friends and Pages to follow. But Facebook’s newest feature could bring a wider range of sources to your News Feeds. Read More

Docker's new CEO sees gargantuan opportunities ahead

May 04, 11:10PM

 Earlier this week, Docker made the surprise announcement that its long-time CEO Ben Golub was stepping down and that former Concur CEO Steve Singh was stepping into his shoes. While this move surely came as a surprise to many, it was actually in the making for a while. Read More

Facebook shutters Oculus Story Studio original VR content division

May 04, 11:00PM

 Virtual reality may be in desperate need of some content, but Facebook’s Oculus will now be focusing its efforts on investing in rather than creating virtual reality. Oculus VP of Content Jason Rubin announced today that the company will shut down its award-winning cinematic VR division, Oculus Story Studio. Read More

Beatie Wolfe brings her new album Raw Space to life with augmented reality

May 04, 9:38PM

Beatie Wolfe Bell Labs Singer-songwriter Beatie Wolfe is using technology to try to recapture some of music’s old-school magic and physicality. For the launch of her new album, Raw Space, Wolfe teamed up with Nokia Bell Labs and Design IO. Starting May 5, Bell Labs will be streaming 360-degree footage from its anechoic chamber — a room with no echoes, where a vinyl version of Raw Space will be playing. Read More

Disrupt SF 2017 registration is open, get your extra early-bird tickets now

May 04, 9:00PM

 Alright Bay Area tech fans, the day you’ve been waiting for is here. Registration for Disrupt SF 2017 is now open, and with it comes your opportunity to score tickets to the best startup show in San Francisco for a fraction of the price with an extra early-bird ticket. Read More

Who needs the FCC? Seattle writes its own broadband privacy rule

May 04, 8:21PM

 Hardly anyone was pleased by the rollback of the broadband privacy rule last month, opening up the possibility of ISPs collecting and selling your browsing data — including, as it turns out, cities whose citizens were left out in the cold. Seattle wasted no time taking matters into their own hands, and the result is a local rule that provides a few of the repealed one’s critical… Read More

Worst quarter for paid TV subscriptions points to a cord cutting future

May 04, 7:19PM

 A report by MoffettNathanson found that the pay cable industry lost 762,000 subscribers in Q1 2017, the worst drop ever. To compare last year’s Q1 saw a mere 141,000 subscribers lost. Analyst Craig Moffett said that the “Pay TV subscriber universe [shrank] at its worst ever annual rate of decline (-2.4%)” and there have been 6.5 million cord-cutter (and the new… Read More

These big tech companies pay their interns the most

May 04, 6:36PM

 It’s May, and that means the window for locking down internships at tech companies is rapidly closing. In reflection of the 2017 recruiting season, Glassdoor took some time to analyze its anonymized salary data, producing a report of the highest-paying internships for 2017. Read More

Signifyd raises $56 million for e-commerce fraud protection

May 04, 6:31PM

 E-commerce fraud is a growing problem, but Signifyd thinks it has a solution to save businesses money. Their company is growing fast and has closed a $56 million Series C investment led by Bain Capital Ventures. Menlo Ventures and American Express also participated in the round. Read More

Nintendo and the limits of nostalgia

May 04, 6:10PM

 Can the world stand another Link adventure? Can it throw another blue shell? Hit the Rainbow Road for another lap? Catch ’em all again? If you’re a Nintendo exec I suspect you’re starting to think that the venerated company is now brushing against the limits of nostalgia and that something – something big – is about to give. Thankfully the company is poised to… Read More

These 11 technologies want to hack your brains

May 04, 6:05PM

 Picture a day where you flip through your memories like you would Facebook or Instagram, or you get a chip sewn into your brain to help you learn languages twice as fast and communicate your thoughts in an instant to millions of people. Such are the promises of so-called brain hacking technologies, and for the past couple of years, everyone from Elon Musk to DARPA scientists has been… Read More

Qualcomm could be looking at banning iPhone imports into the U.S.

May 04, 5:55PM

 I don’t think anyone was expecting this punch. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Qualcomm is thinking about asking the International Trade Commission (a U.S. trade agency despite the misleading name) to ban imports of iPhones into the U.S. This is the latest twist in the ongoing conflict between Apple and Qualcomm. Qualcomm hopes that the ITC could rule on the issue sooner than… Read More

Report: Smartphone owners are using 9 apps per day, 30 per month

May 04, 5:16PM

 Smartphone users are spending more time in apps than in years past, and now access over 30 apps on a monthly basis, according to a new report from App Annie out this week. These 30 apps work out to being roughly one-third to one-half of the apps users have installed on their smartphones. And using those apps is a daily habit, as people now launch an average of at least 9 apps per day, the… Read More

Twitter brings its TV app with live video to Roku

May 04, 5:00PM

 On the heels of Twitter’s plans to significantly expand the amount of live streaming video content on its network, the company today is bringing its big-screen video app to a new platform with its launch on Roku devices. The arrival comes over half a year after the TV app was first introduced on Apple TV, Fire TV and Xbox One, and will offer a similar experience that combines live… Read More

This DIY Google Home uses Raspberry Pi and cardboard to make the magic happen

May 04, 4:45PM

 Want a Google Home but would rather prioritize cost savings over fit and finish? Getting the latest issue of the officially magazine of Raspberry Pi, the MagPi. The Raspberry Pi foundation has often included freebies along with its magazine, but this might be the best yet – it’s a kit co-created by Raspberry Pi and Google, and it brings all the hardware you need to get set up with… Read More

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn talks privacy, compromise and connecting communities

May 04, 4:45PM

 FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn has a lot of issues on her regulatory plate, some given marquee billing (the repeal of the commission’s Broadband Privacy Rule) and others lurking in the wings for years (unfair practices in prison inmate calling systems). I recently had the opportunity to talk with her about a handful of them. Read More

Snapchat launches self-serve ad manager

May 04, 4:33PM

 Snap Inc. wants the ad dollars of smaller businesses, not just giant brands. So today it’s launching its new self-serve ad manager for buying video Snap Ads. There’s also the new Snapchat Mobile Dashboard for tracking campaigns from your phone, and the Business Manager site for configuring the roles and permissions of team members. Read More

Amazon modifies its Kindle ebook contracts following EU investigation

May 04, 4:21PM

 Amazon has accepted new contract terms with book publishers in the European Union after Commissioner Margrethe Vestager led an investigation into Amazon’s practices. After today’s decision, Amazon will no longer force publishers to provide the best price on the company’s Kindle store. The investigation started a couple of years ago as publishers started to worry that… Read More

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