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French presidential frontrunner Macron's emails leaked after alleged hack

May 05, 11:31PM

 Private emails from the campaign of the leading candidate in France’s presidential election, Emmanuel Macron, have been posted online by an unknown source. The politician confirmed the leak in a statement, warning that this was, like other recent hacks, an attempt to interfere with the election and that fabricated content was mixed in with genuine emails. Read More

Made In Space reveals the Archinaut, a robot-operated factory in the sky

May 05, 11:00PM

 Made In Space is known as the company behind the 3D printers on board the International Space Station. Astronauts have used the startup’s Additive Manufacturing Facility to churn out everything from finger splints to tools — and even other printer parts. Now the company is revealing a video rendering of its larger Archinaut system, a factory in the sky operated by autonomous robots. Read More

Caterpillar acquired Yard Club, a marketplace for construction equipment

May 05, 10:45PM

 Yard Club, a startup founded to make more efficient use of construction and other heavy equipment, has been acquired by Caterpillar. Terms were not disclosed, but Yard Club CEO Colin Evran confirmed the deal had closed earlier this week. Read More

BlindPAD's tablet makes visual information tactile for the vision-impaired

May 05, 9:44PM

 It’s truly amazing, the wealth of information we all have at our fingertips — that is, of course, unless your fingertips are how you have to access that information. An innovative new tablet that uses magnetically configurable bumps may prove to be a powerful tool for translating information like maps and other imagery to a modality more easily accessed by the visually impaired. Read More

The Trayvax Element is a minimalist wallet for the paranoid beer-lover

May 05, 9:39PM

 I went digging recently for another minimalist wallet and boy did I find one. My old one, two pieces of titanium attached with a rubber band, was getting too old and things were falling out. I did a quick hunt and found a few very flat minimalist wallets, but nothing that seemed to be rugged and clever. Enter Trayvax. I tried the Trayvax Element, a leather and stainless steel monster with… Read More

Facebook debuts a Twitter-like 'Latest Conversations' feature that shows public posts about buzzing topics

May 05, 8:50PM

 Facebook is rolling out a new feature called “Latest Conversations” in its search results that will show the most recent public posts about timely topics that a lot of people across its network are discussing. The unit gives you a wider view of what people are saying about a news story or other subject by exposing you to sentiments being expressed outside your social circle. Read More

The RealReal is opening a real store in New York (and other news from CEO Julie Wainwright)

May 05, 8:13PM

 I sat down with The RealReal founder and CEO Julie Wainwright, who is renowned in startup circles for a variety of things, including her role in winding down during the era; being one of the bigger personalities in the industry; and launching what’s become one of the fastest-growing consignment startups. Read More

Growlabs nabs $2.2M to automate outbound sales

May 05, 7:24PM

 Just six months into its life, Growlabs, a startup using machine intelligence to support outbound sales teams, has raised a $2.2 million seed round. Growlabs helps businesses reduce their customer acquisition costs by enabling smalls sales teams to do more with less. Read More

Scan these new QR-style Spotify Codes to instantly play a song

May 05, 6:33PM

 Spotify has taken a tip from Snapchat with its new feature for sharing music via scannable images. The new Spotify Codes feature creates a unique barcode and album cover image for every song, artist and playlist. Scan these Spotify Codes with the new camera in the Spotify app’s search bar to instantly play that music. Read More

Weekly Roundup: Elon Musk's Boring Company revealed, Google Docs phishing scam strikes

May 05, 6:25PM

 This week we got to see what Elon Musk’s Boring Company is all about, Google Docs users were targeted in a phishing attack and Apple, Facebook and Tesla reported earnings. These are the top stories to catch you up on the biggest tech news this week. Read More

Inside Intel's new Autonomous Driving Garage

May 05, 6:06PM

 Intel opened a new Autonomous Driving Garage in San Jose this week, and the facility’s launch gave us an inside look at the kinds of projects the chipmaker is focused on with its driverless business. The relatively young business unit is already doing a lot, from HD mapping, to better wireless connectivity standards, to human machine interaction models, and beyond. We got the chance to… Read More

AI everywhere

May 05, 6:00PM

 Nvidia’s Jensen Huang is one of those rare CEOs who has, for a remarkably long and storied period, been at the helm of a company he helped create. What began as a provider of relatively niche graphics processing units (GPUs) with a narrow field of general computing uses has evolved to become, arguably, the bedrock underlying the current AI market explosion. Read More

UK surveillance law still fuzzy on decryption rules for comms providers

May 05, 5:45PM

 A little more detail has emerged about how a key component of the controversial U.K. surveillance law (the Investigatory Powers Act, which was passed at the end of last year) is likely to function — after a government consultation document on so-called Technical Capability Notices was published yesterday by the digital rights organization Open Rights Group. Read More

Nugget's new app finds the best deals on Amazon

May 05, 5:10PM

 There are a number of great deals to be had on Amazon, but finding them across the retailer’s vast array of products is still a challenge. That’s where a new app called Nugget comes in. The app scours Amazon for higher-quality products at lower prices, and then curates them into categories you can browse from your phone. All its deals are sourced from Amazon, so you don’t… Read More

Rethink Robotics and iRobot founder Rod Brooks is coming to Disrupt NY

May 05, 4:37PM

 In 1997, robotic scientist Rodney Brooks predicted a future where sensors and robots would be pervasive, and people could simply tell a door to open. His prognostication has come to pass. Brooks will be onstage at Disrupt NY to discuss what it will take to make the robots of science fiction into reality, how robotics will make the greatest impact on humanity in his lifetime and more. Read More

This could be Amazon's Echo with a built-in display

May 05, 4:08PM

 Rumor has it that Amazon has been working on an Echo device with a touchscreen for a while. AFTVnews spotted an image on Amazon’s own servers. And it looks like a device we’ve never seen before. As you can see, this isn’t exactly the best image of the device. It’s extremely pixelated because it’s a tiny thumbnail. I believe it’s going to appear at the top of… Read More

Will science and good shoes help break the two-hour marathon barrier this weekend?

May 05, 4:07PM

 This weekend, Eliud Kipchoge, Lelisa Desisa and Zersenay Tadese will attempt to run a marathon in under two hours. It’s a bold – and some say impossible – goal, and a hell of a marketing campaign for Nike, which has been dumping time, money and resources into Saturday’s event for a few years now. The Breaking2 race (not to be confused with the mid-80s breakdancing sequel… Read More

Microsoft teases new Surface event in Shanghai on May 23rd

May 05, 3:30PM

 If the Surface Laptop wasn’t enough, Microsoft is going to announce new devices once again at an event later this month. The company’s vice president of devices Panos Panay teased the event in a tweet and Instagram photo. Besides the city and date, the only hint we have is the use of the hashtag “#Surface.” Given that the Surface Laptop is brand new, the Surface Studio… Read More

Report: Amazon's video app is coming to Apple TV this year

May 05, 3:04PM

 According to a report from Recode this morning, Apple and Amazon may have come to an agreement that will finally bring the Amazon Video app to Apple TV. The app is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2017, and would offer Amazon subscribers an easier way to watch content on Apple TV instead of having to use AirPlay. Amazon and Apple have been at odds for years, as both want… Read More

Skimlinks has figured out how publishers could unshackle themselves from Facebook

May 05, 2:53PM

Revcontent The conventional thinking about profiling online users is that Facebook (in particular) has enormous amounts of profile data about your tastes, while Amazon has equivalent quantities of data about your shopping habits. While both are true to some extent, the reality is that your liking of cat videos and flirt-Liking work colleagues’ posts doesn’t amount to a heck of a lot, while… Read More

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