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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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Here's How Windows 10 Will Make Your Mouse And Fingers Get Along

Oct 01, 12:44AM

Earlier today during its event in San Francisco, Microsoft played a video detailing how its coming Windows 10 operating system will handle a fusion of touch, and more traditional mouse-based input. I filmed a bootleg copy, but Microsoft just published a more polished version, so you are in luck. Handling both touch and mouse input is a rough line to walk, given that computing form… Read More

A Messaging Giant Goes Public In Korea And DCM Reaps The Rewards

Oct 01, 12:01AM

moneybags As the mobile messaging company Kakao Corp. gets ready to celebrate the culmination of its long-awaited initial public offering on the Korean stock exchange, a world away, on Sand Hill Road, the partners at venture capital firm DCM are probably getting ready to do some celebrating of their own. Three years after its initial investment in Kakao, the venture firm will be able to harvest the… Read More

ERA Demo Day Has Something For Everyone From Truckers To Teens

Sep 30, 11:12PM

ERA Demo Day 02 The Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator unveiled their latest cohort today in New York, with companies launching services for everyone from chief executives on the go to college kids looking for the meaning behind their messages to a subscription based perfume service to give women and men new scents to make great memories. Behind the glass and steel walls of the Frank Gehry-designed… Read More

Go To TechCrunch Disrupt Europe: London For Free #TCDisrupt

Sep 30, 11:10PM

disrupteu14a TechCrunch Disrupt is coming to London this October, and to celebrate we’re giving away a free pair of tickets to the main event. All you have to do is fill out the entry form and come up with the best caption for this photo of Kyle wearing Google Glass. We’ll select the winning entry, and the winner will be notified by email. About TechCrunch Disrupt: Disrupt is one of the… Read More

Tony Hsieh Steps Down From Vegas Downtown Project

Sep 30, 10:48PM

Foundation Interview: Tony Hsieh of Zappos.Com Tony Hsieh, the CEO and founder of Zappos has stepped down from his leadership role at the Las Vegas Downtown Project, according to Re/code. Hsieh created the massive $350 million project to revitalize several city acres east of Las Vegas Boulevard and convert the area into a tech hub. Hsieh’s announcement comes right on the heels of a massive 30 person layoff at the project. Hsieh… Read More

TC Cribs: Ticketfly, Where Meetings Morph Into Impromptu Jam Sessions

Sep 30, 10:29PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 2.54.19 PM In this episode of Cribs, we headed over to Ticketfly, the startup that runs a ticketing platform for all kinds of live events. As you can see in the video embedded above, going to visit Ticketfly HQ is kind of an event in itself. The place is decorated with nods to all sorts of famous venues, from the Louvre to the erstwhile NYC club CBGB, and musical instruments are never more than an… Read More

Make Bold Statements With Biz Stone's Goofy New App "Super"

Sep 30, 10:07PM

Super Feature After trying to breed empathy with his Q&A app Jelly, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is back with a more light-hearted product called Super. I just stumbled into the unannounced beta of Super, which lets you share statements starting with “The Best”, “The Worst”, “I Wish”, “Check Out”, “Don’t Ever”, or a few other prompts. You… Read More

The iPhone 6 Plus Is Great For Gamers

Sep 30, 10:05PM

iPhone 6 Plus gaming With the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has stepped into the “phablet” category by scaling the hardware of the six up while (in some ways) scaling the software from the iPad down. The result is a device that you can use all day to do some of the quick tasks we always do on our phones while also consuming media as you would on a tablet. Read More

Arduino Is Building A Sub-$1000 3D Printer

Sep 30, 9:58PM

arduino printer There is by no means a shortage of teams working on low-cost 3D printers. Kickstarter is absolutely overflowing with them. But, as many of those teams quickly realize, shipping hardware is hard. A challenger approaches! Arduino, best known for building and shipping the absurd number of microcontrollers that power many a DIY project, is about to enter the 3D printing market. Read More

Noice Lets You Send Emoji With Sounds To Friends' Phones

Sep 30, 9:54PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 5.46.18 PM Yes, my friends, there is an app more annoying than Yo. If having your phone randomly shout “Yo!” at you (or “Hodor!,” if you preferred the spin-offs) drove you batty, wait until you get ahold of this: Noice, an app that lets you communicate using only emoji and sounds. Really! OK, OK, I kid. Noice is actually kind of fun, in a very juvenile, very silly way. In fact… Read More

Lots Of Pictures Of Windows 10

Sep 30, 9:53PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 2.41.12 PM I suck at taking photos, but, here we are. Here’s a bunch more pictures of Windows 10 in action at the Microsoft event that took place earlier in San Francisco today. Also: Featuring me making accidental duck face, and Peter Bright of Ars Technica singing the song of his people. Read More

Reddit CEO Yishan Wong On Giving Stock To Users: "We Have A Crazy Plan."

Sep 30, 8:19PM

yishan One of the defining ironies of the social networking IPOs over the last decade is that the financial returns have been concentrated among so few when the value has been created by so many. But current Reddit CEO Yishan Wong wants to change that. When Wong served as an early director at Facebook for five years, crypto-currencies were around, but they weren’t as widely accepted or… Read More

Doublie Spices Up Your Selifes With Homemade Stickers And Celebrities

Sep 30, 7:17PM

Doublie Feature Crop Your photos are boring. Doublie can fix that. The app lets you add any of 10,000 stickers and celebrity cut-outs to your pics so you can fake a selfie with Beyonce, get a kiss from Obama, or have Miley twerking in the background. You can even make your own stickers of your face or anything else, paste them to a photo, and share them to SMS, Facebook, or anywhere. Doublie isn’t trying… Read More

Tune In To TechCrunch Radio On Sirius XM 102 Indie Tonight

Sep 30, 7:15PM

techcrunch-radio1 It’s Tuesday again, which means that TechCrunch is jumping off of the internet (kind of) and into your ears tonight at 6pm ET/3pm PT. TechCrunch Radio on Sirius XM 102 Indie is this whole new thing we’re doing, and today’s show is set to be our best yet. We’ll be joined by musician, film maker and entrepreneur Jack Conte, and then we’ll head into our rapid-fire… Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Suffering From #GapGate

Sep 30, 7:14PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.07.43 PM Another day, another -Gate. This time the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the latest phablet to enamor the Android crowd, has been reported shipping with a thin gap between the screen and the walls of the case. The issue, reported on iTToday in South Korea, seems to affect a small number of devices. According to the piece, two pieces of paper or a business card can fit snugly into the gap. This… Read More

Watch Jeff Goldblum's GE Link Spot, The Smartest Smart Home Ad Ever

Sep 30, 7:08PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.04.52 PM Hey, who here gets excited about smart lightbulbs? Probably four of you raised your hands, and two of them were me. GE has taken a different approach to selling its new Link connected bulbs, eschewing sales pitches of convenience and connectivity in favor of trotting out a shirtless (and well-preserved) Jeff Goldblum. The celebrated chaos theoretician is doing what’s known as… Read More

Apple's OS X Yosemite Reaches GM Status, Nears Consumer Launch

Sep 30, 6:40PM

os-x-yosemite-macs Apple’s OS X Yosemite operating system is arriving soon, and the fact that the developer preview just reached Golden Master status, alongside a 4th public beta preview update, means we probably don’t have long to wait. Last year, Apple released its Mavericks GM build about three weeks before it released the update to the Mac App Store for everyone to download, so Yosemite is on… Read More

Reddit Plans Its Own Cryptocurrency To Give Back To Its Users After $50 Million Raise

Sep 30, 6:21PM

reddit Reddit, the so-called front page of the internet, has raised $50 million in Series B on a $500 million valuation with intentions to give back 10 percent of the round’s equity to the community. The monster round is led by Sam Altman, CEO of Y Combintaor, with participation from Andreesen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital, as well as individual investors like Peter Thiel, Ron Conway, Jared… Read More

WunWun, The Service For On-Demand Anything, Revamps Logo In Time For San Francisco Launch

Sep 30, 6:00PM

2014.09.26_logo-background While automatic may be better than on-demand, there’s something truly special about being able to type in exactly what you want, press a button, and have it delivered to your door for the exact same price as going to the store yourself. That’s what WunWun has been doing for New Yorkers for the past year, and the on-demand service is now making its way to San Francisco. Read More

Path's Talk App Gets Updated So You Can Send Messages To Places

Sep 30, 6:00PM

blue bottle Path has released a new version of its messaging app that enables users to reach out to businesses via text. Path Talk version 1.1 has added a ‘Places’ tab alongside ‘Messages’ and ‘People’ so that users can ask questions and communicate with nearby businesses directly from within the app. Read More

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