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Thursday, July 28, 2016

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LG Mobile reports $132M loss as flagship G5 gets off to a slow start

Jul 28, 10:32AM

lg-g5 (8 of 14) Flagship phones are often make or break in the mobile industry. Just ask LG. The Korean company’s G5, an ambitious effort at modular devices, continues to weigh on the company’s financial performance this year. Read More

China issues guidelines to legalize ride-hailing apps like Uber and Didi Chuxing

Jul 28, 9:25AM

traffic in china China took a big step forward today after it announced national guidelines to make ride-hailing services like Uber and Didi Chuxing legal in the country from November. Read More

Paidy lands $15M Series B to simplify buying online in Japan

Jul 28, 8:37AM

paidy Paidy, a fintech company that makes it easier to buy online in Japan, has closed a $15 million Series B to grow its userbase and invest in new financial products. Read More

Roomi raises $4 million to help you find a roommate

Jul 28, 8:23AM

Roomi At first glance, Roomi looks like it’s just another rental listing app. But there’s a twist — all of these homes already have tenants. An alternative to Craigslist, Roomi thinks it can find you a better roommate. Are you a gym rat? Do you like to throw parties? The app syncs with Facebook to give you a glimpse of prospective cohabitants. Launched last year, Roomi has over… Read More

Samsung reports highest profit for 2 years thanks to strong Galaxy S7 sales

Jul 28, 5:36AM

samsung galaxy s7 Samsung had already forecast its most profitable quarter for two years, and today it delivered on that promise with its Q2 2016 results. Read More

Crunch Report | Trump Asks Russia to Hack Hillary

Jul 28, 3:10AM

Xiaomi reveals its new Mi Notebook Air, Amazon launches its dedicated Amazon Kickstarter shop, Facebook crushes its Q2 earnings, it might be the end for helmet startup Skully, and Trump asks Russia to help hack Hillary Clinton’s email. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Donald Trump addresses NASA and new media in his first Reddit AMA

Jul 28, 1:11AM

trump-reddit As promised, Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump hit Reddit tonight for a spirited  — though not on the official /IAmA subreddit — AMA. The session was light on policy specifics, but the candidate (also casually referred to as “God Emperor” by some participants), managed to answer 13 questions on topics ranging from NASA (pro) to media bias (against),… Read More

Sales and marketing startup LeadGenius raises $10M

Jul 28, 1:04AM

leadgenius LeadGenius announced today that it has raised $10 million in Series B funding. Formerly known as MobileWorks, LeadGenius helps customers find likely sales leads and reach out to them with automated emails. The company says revenue increased 6x in the past 20 months, with customers including eBay, Box and Weebly. LeadGenius has now raised more than $21 million in funding. The new round was… Read More

How President Obama shaped the future of digital health

Jul 28, 1:00AM

obama A new leader of the free world will soon be voted into office. Shortly thereafter, he or she will begin a minimum four-year journey to steer the country toward prosperity, safety and global leadership. With many changes undoubtedly coming, let’s take a look at the technological impact of one of the biggest initiatives that President Obama has championed: healthcare reform. Read More

Dunkers competes with one million downloads in its first week

Jul 28, 12:02AM

dunkersgif Dunkers, a new game by Colin Lane (known for Wrassling and other fun sporty games), has racked up 1 million downloads since it was released last week. The success in large part is thanks to heavy featuring from Apple; it has been featured more than 150 times worldwide. Currently in iTunes, it sits at No. 1 sports app, No. 4 sports game, No. 8 free game and No. 34 free app overall. The game… Read More

Groupon reports better-than-expected revenue, still not profitable

Jul 27, 10:43PM

Groupon Deal site Groupon saw its shares rising today in after-hours trading, following a better-than-expected second quarter earnings report. Analysts expected the Chicago-based company to report negative earnings per share of $0.02 on revenue on a non-GAAP basis, and $713.8 million in revenue, according to Estimize data. But Groupon beat Wall Street revenue expectations with second… Read More

Security experts have cloned all seven TSA master keys

Jul 27, 10:43PM

tsa-master_keys-travelsentry_xmas-100673377-primary.idge_-906x603@2x Key escrow — the process of keeping a set of keys for yourself “just in case” — has always been the U.S. government’s modus operandi when it comes to security. From the disastrous Clipper chip to today, the government has always wanted a back door into encryption and security. That plan backfired for the TSA. The TSA, as you’ll remember, offers a set of… Read More

Will Facebook be your next call center operator?

Jul 27, 10:00PM

robot-customer-service How would you describe Facebook? Historically, it’s been the social hub of billions of users looking to stay connected with friends and family. Yet in recent years, it’s become more difficult to describe Facebook in a few words — it’s a place for businesses to share info with consumers, advertisers to market to target audiences, media to deliver news and a place to… Read More

LivBlends renames itself Replenish and gives us a first look at its futuristic smoothie machine

Jul 27, 9:51PM

open_unblended_revised_e_deck Nearly two years ago LivBlends was a Y Combinator smoothie delivery startup. The company has evolved since then, raised $3.8 million in seed from various investors and switched its name to Replenish. It’s also moved away from delivery and into manufacturing a line of Keurig-like self-cleaning smoothie machines. Replenish is still in the testing phase of the product, but… Read More

Apple sold its billionth iPhone last week

Jul 27, 9:20PM

billionth_iphone It would have been a nice piece of information to share during yesterday’s earnings report, but Tim Cook and Co. were clearly too preoccupied with service revenues and R&D. And hey, no better way to kick off a midweek meeting than a little positive news — particularly if you can carry some of yesterday’s expectation-beating positivity into the following day to help… Read More

Facebook sees 2 billion searches per day, but it's attacking Twitter not Google

Jul 27, 9:13PM

Facebook Search Facebook wants to be known as a place to search for mentions of current news in hopes of drawing more public chatter that normally ends up on Twitter. While Facebook stumbled with its natural language Graph Search, it refocused on keywords, and is now seeing 2 billion searches per day of its 2.5 trillion posts. That’s compared to 1.5 billion searches per day in July 2015, and 1 billion… Read More

Hyperloop One unveils new manufacturing plant in Nevada

Jul 27, 9:03PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.56.59 PM Hyperloop One is today announcing the opening of its first manufacturing plant. Called Hyperloop One Metalworks, the 105,000 square-foot building in North Las Vegas will be the new professional home of many of the company’s 170 employees, including engineers, machinists and welders. These folks will build and test a number of components for the DevLoop, a full-system prototype of the… Read More

GoPro sales beat investor expectations but are still in steep decline

Jul 27, 8:16PM

GoPro Omni Action-camera maker GoPro reported second quarter earnings after the bell on Wednesday. Shares quickly rose 10 percent in after-hours trading, but then were down 3 percent as investors dug through the earnings release. And then they were back up about 3 percent. The company posted revenue of $220.7 million, above analyst forecasts of $194 million. Adjusted earnings per share was negative… Read More

Facebook crushes Q2 earnings, hits 1.71B users and record share price

Jul 27, 8:08PM

Facebook Users Q2 2016 Coming off an all-time high stock price of $123.34, Facebook in Q2 2016 smashed earnings again. The social network continued steady growth just slightly slower at 3.63% compared to last quarter’s 3.77%, adding 60 million monthly users this quarter to reach 1.71 billion. It scored $6.44 billion in revenue and $0.97 EPS, blowing past estimates of $6.02 billion and $0.82 EPS. This is… Read More

AR in Mercedes-Benz's Rescue Assist app gives first responders an inside look

Jul 27, 7:50PM

Mercedes-Benz Rescue Assist App ;    Mercedes-Benz Rescue Assist App; Mercedez-Benz has been putting QR codes on the B-pillars and inside the fuel door of new cars since November 2013, and those have provided a way for first responders and emergency personnel to quickly get detailed model info about any Mercedes-Benz vehicle involved in an accident using the Rescue Assist mobile app. Now, an update brings 3D imagery, as well as augmented reality, to the… Read More

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