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Monday, March 30, 2015

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Ventoura App Combines P2P Guiding And Traveler Matching

Mar 30, 10:03AM

Ventoura Meet Ventoura: the latest startup seeking its fortune by building a peer-to-peer platform. This one is playing in the travel space, and has just launched an app where travelers can connect with others headed to the same destination so they have some drinking buddies when they land — a la Tinder Passport. Read More

Sony's New Spotify-Powered Music Service Goes Live For PlayStation

Mar 30, 9:39AM

Spotify_20150326154412 If you’re a PlayStation owner who is also a Spotify addict, then there’s good news for you today since Sony and the music streaming service have teamed up to let you listen to your tunes while you game. Read More

LimeRoad, A Fashion Scrapbooking Site Based In India, Scoops Up $30M Series C

Mar 30, 8:40AM

LimeRoad LimeRoad, a New Delhi-based site that lets users create and share collages of fashion product, announced today that it has raised a $30 million series C led by Tiger Global, with participation from Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Matrix Partners India. Read More

Auctionata Raises $45M To Build Out Its Live-Streamed Auction Business

Mar 30, 8:07AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 08.13.59 The tide is rising for live streaming services, and just as this is lifting apps, other kinds of streaming startups are seeing a boost as well. Today, Auctionata, a Berlin startup that broadcasts online live auctions for fine art and collectibles, announced that it raised €42 million ($45 million) in a Series C round of funding from a group investors led by MCI Management… Read More

Gogoro Will Sell Smartscooters For The First Time In Taiwan This Summer

Mar 30, 7:05AM

gogoro left Gogoro, the startup whose battery-powered scooters were one of the highlights of CES in January, announced today that the bikes will go on sale for the first time this summer starting in Taiwan, where it is based. Read More

The VR-Smartwatch Continuum

Mar 30, 5:04AM

ocwatch There’s a lot of enthusiasm at either end of the spectrum for “go big” virtual reality and “go small” smartwatches and other wearable devices. Is the “game-changing” hype of either justified? Or are they overblown? Read More

Unpacking Etsy's S1

Mar 30, 1:00AM

knitmoney Etsy’s S1 filing didn’t disappoint. Etsy is a powerful business with extraordinary network effects. Its customers are extremely loyal, and its committed sellers are earning significant income. But there are legitimate concerns: it is the quintessential case study on the challenge of low margin platforms. Additionally, it faces uphill challenges – a slowing growth curve and… Read More

Chairman Wheeler Predicts FCC Will Beat Legal Challenge To Net Neutrality

Mar 29, 11:41PM

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler Now that the FCC is the subject of several lawsuits, and its leader, Chairman Tom Wheeler, was dragged in front of Congress repeatedly to answer the same battery of inanity, it’s worth checking in to see how the agency is feeling. Is it confident that its recent vote to reclassify broadband under Title II of the Telecommunications Act will hold? Yes, unsurprisingly. Recently, Wheeler gave… Read More

Crossing the Cybersecurity Trust Chasm

Mar 29, 11:00PM

5531511558_9d4ca5e337_o We need to (re)build trust: between the government and the public; between a company and its employees; between a company and its customers; between different private sector companies; and finally between the government and the private sector. Read More

Reimagining Everyday Objects

Mar 29, 10:00PM

spaceblender Can we agree that the term “internet of things” should go away when we’re talking about consumer products? Like the “world wide web” before it, the internet of things phrase is a relic from the past. I don’t need a connected washing machine or internet-enabled color changing LED light bulb and nor does anyone else. “Things” don’t need… Read More

Mobile Messaging Conjures A Commerce Platform

Mar 29, 9:30PM

magic America is finally discovering what Asia has known for years: mobile messaging is a commerce platform. Read More

Meerkat And Periscope Aren't Sure What To Do With Their Hands

Mar 29, 8:11PM

dowithmyhands What is it about us that makes us do weird things on new apps? Just two days into the launch of the new live streaming app Periscope and showing off the contents of our fridge to thousands of strangers around the Internet is a thing. The hashtags #fridgeview and #showusyourfridge regularly pop up during live streaming events on Periscope. This is a phenomenon that does not seem to exist on… Read More

The JOBS Act Is Progress But Much Remains To Be Done

Mar 29, 8:00PM

ribboncutting We’re approaching the third anniversary of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, an omnibus bill of far-reaching financial reforms that was signed into law by President Obama on April 5, 2012. Containing seven Titles, the legislation’s intent was, and is, to create cost-effective access to capital for companies of all sizes. Title II and Title III, the Access to Capital… Read More

Drowning In The Live Streams

Mar 29, 7:56PM

Pushed off Notifications Phones can make us jerks. They let us ignore friends, cancel plans last-minute, and annoy those around us in public. But this month, we got a whole new way to abuse our mobile devices. Unless we can manage how we interrupt each other, it could ruin one of the most promising modern communication mediums: live streaming. Read More

Box CEO Aaron Levie Talks IPO Delay And Growth Strategies

Mar 29, 6:30PM

Aaron Levie, Box CEO, speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin in 2013. Regardless, Levie didn’t have much time to savor the moment. He told TechCrunch in a wide-ranging interview last month that Box has no intention of standing still and he discussed his plans to keep the company growing, while trying to find ways to get more efficient. He also talked about the long road to IPO and what was behind Box’s thinking in delaying it for so long. One of the… Read More

This Guy Remade Super Mario 64's Most Iconic Level In HD And Playable In Your Browser

Mar 29, 5:34PM

smalls On Christmas morning of 1996, the first level of Super Mario 64 was blowing the minds of millions of kids around the world simultaneously. It looks a bit rough around the edges nearly 20 years later — but it’s still truly excellent. And now it’s been remade in glorious HD. Read More

The Most Powerful Force In The Universe

Mar 29, 5:30PM

A_binary_black_hole There was an incredible media glare this week on the Kleiner Perkins sex discrimination trial and its negative outcome for Ellen Pao, but all the news about equality in tech was not nearly as negative. One of the most significant victories for women in tech came this week from Google, where Ruth Porat, the current Chief Financial Officer of Morgan Stanley, accepted an offer to join the… Read More

Pebble Time's $20M Kickstarter Campaign By The Numbers

Mar 29, 5:30PM

pebbletime Pebble went back to crowdfunding site Kickstarter to help fund the Pebble Time, its second major hardware iteration. The company likely could’ve gone with a more traditional product launch, with a brief pre-order window or direct to market availability, but the campaign did break Kickstarter’s all-time records, netting over $20 million ($20,338,986 to be exact) from 78,741… Read More

XO Group CEO Michael Steib Talks About Reinventing A 20-Year Old Media Company

Mar 29, 5:06PM

Mike Steib XO Group isn’t a company where you’d expect big, dramatic changes — after all, it was founded nearly two decades ago (with seed financing from AOL, which now owns TechCrunch), its flagship wedding planning site The Knot launched in 1997, and it went public in 1999. But CEO Michael Steib told me that the company (which also owns pregnancy site The Bump and home decorating site… Read More

How Google, Facebook And Others Pay Their H-1B Employees

Mar 29, 3:00PM

foreignsalary Legislative debate regarding expanding the H-1B visa program is heating up in the U.S. Senate. H-1B visas allow foreign workers—specifically those in technical roles—to legally work in the United States. In lobbying for an expansion of the current H-1B visa program, Google executive Eric Scmidt summarized, “We take very, very smart people, bring them into the country, give them… Read More

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