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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Universal Studios Buys Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs Movie From Sony For A Reported $30M

Nov 25, 4:04AM

sorkin Aaron Sorkin’s much-anticipated Steve Jobs movie is now a Universal Pictures project, after the studio stepped in take over from Sony Pictures which ended its two-year development of the title this month. Read More

Affordable Hearing Aid Maker iHear Raises $5M Series C

Nov 25, 3:43AM

ihear_colors iHear Medical, which makes affordable hearing aids that users can customize at home, has raised $5 million in a Series C round led by Lighthouse Capital, a Shanghai-based venture capital firm that focuses on medical devices. Japanese electronics maker Brother Industries and Ameritas Holding Company also participated. Read More

Why Virtual Reality Is Happening Now

Nov 24, 11:56PM

Oculus Rift South Park Since the Oculus Rift first made waves with its successful Kickstarter, there’s been a consistent line of criticism based in the notion, “why would it work this time?” Read More

Regin Spying Software Has Been Attacking Governments And Corporations Since 2008

Nov 24, 9:45PM

Image (1) trojan.jpg for post 68779 Symantec has found an unusual new threat called Regin aka Backdoor.Regin. The software, which is essentially a very powerful Trojan Horse, appears to have been circulating in the wild since 2008 and has been hitting governmental, industrial, and individual systems with impunity, using sophisticated encryption and targeting systems to spy on targets. The anti-virus company has released a… Read More

Built In Brooklyn: FlyCleaners Saves You A Trip To The Laundromat

Nov 24, 9:41PM

max adler For this episode of Built in Brooklyn, producer Steve Long and I visited the Bushwick garage of FlyCleaners, an on-demand laundry service — and Steve even went for a ride in one of those blue FlyCleaners vans (they’ve become a common sight in Williamsburg, my neighborhood of Brooklyn). With FlyCleaners, instead of having to bring your laundry to the laundromat or dry cleaner, you… Read More

TechCrunch Radio On Sirius XM 102 Indie Is Back

Nov 24, 9:36PM

techcrunch-radio1 TechCrunch Radio is back in full force and that means we need YOU! What is TechCrunch Radio, you ask? Well, it’s an hour of weekly bliss brought to you by myself, John Biggs, and the kind folks at Sirius XM each Tuesday at 6pm ET/3pm PT. We discuss this week’s news, chat with interesting guests, and then get into our weekly startup pitch-off. If you want to listen in, just head over… Read More

Fluc Raises $2.3 Million To Improve The Logistics Of Food Delivery In More Markets

Nov 24, 8:30PM

fluc delivery Fluc raised $2.3 million in seed funding to expand its business and keep moving into new markets. The new financing came from investors that include Sherpa Ventures, WI Harper, Charlie Cheever, Blake Ross, Zhou Hongyi, and other angels. Read More

Pathgather Raises Looks To Bring Social Networking To Learning Management

Nov 24, 7:48PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 2.54.51 PM Companies feeling they aren’t getting enough out of their learning management systems now have a new tool that may help with the recent financing and launch of Pathgather. In the learning management space roughly 61% of companies that use services are looking to change them, according to Eric Duffy, Pathgather’s chief executive officer. “I got started on this on the… Read More

Black Friday Starts Early This Year, With Pre-Thanksgiving Sales Up 19% Over 2013

Nov 24, 7:18PM

online shopping Shutterstock Holiday shopping got an earlier start this year with a number of retailers including Walmart, Target, Amazon, Staples, Lowe’s, Sears and several others launching “pre-Black Friday” deals, or kicking off a week of Black Friday-like sales where select items are deeply discounted. The overall effect has been an early lift in online sales ahead of Thanksgiving. This… Read More

Let's Pivot Again — Handmake Me Is An Ethical Marketplace For Handmade Gifts

Nov 24, 7:12PM

Handmake Me Call it a pivot. Or failing and starting over. But, either way, some of the most successful startups and tech companies have done it. After all, the entrepreneurial road can be a long and winding one. The latest example to cross my in-box is Handmake Me, an “ethical marketplace” born out of multiple pivots by the team behind Hobzy. Specifically, the U.K. startup has re-launched… Read More

Vainglory Review: A Solid MOBA On Your iPhone

Nov 24, 7:10PM

Vainglory Now we’ve had a chance to actually try out Vainglory in real-world settings: on my apartment’s decent Wi-Fi setup and on an actual iPhone 6 Plus. As it turns out, the game is almost entirely successful at transferring to the the smaller form factor, with only a few minor gripes that can be addressed in future updates. Read More

Comcast, Stop Scamming Me So I Can Stop Scamming You

Nov 24, 6:30PM

mutual grift Have you ever heard anyone excited to get Comcast service? Of course not. That’s like being excited for a hernia operation. Here’s my hernia operation: every year or so I have to do a dance with Comcast. You know, feigning the intention to quit their service. The so-called trial period on my TV and Internet package ended, causing my bill to nearly double from $90 a month to $160… Read More

Chrome Will Start Blocking All Remaining NPAPI Plugins In January

Nov 24, 6:08PM

chrome_pin Starting in January 2015, Google’s Chrome browser will block all old-school Netscape Plug-In API (NPAPI) plugins. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise, given that Google started its efforts to remove NPAPI plugins more than a year ago. Over the last year, Google went from recommending that developers move away from this old architecture to actively blocking almost all NPAPI plugins. Read More

Homescreen Is Betaworks' Latest Experiment-Turned-Product

Nov 24, 6:00PM

Screenshot 2014-11-24 12.21.10 When someone picks up their phone to take a peek, I can’t help but take a peek, too. Whether it’s a perfect stranger on the train or the girl I’ve had a crush on for months, I can’t help but look. With the latest product out of betaworks, you can take that curiosity to a whole new level. Read More

Tesla Has Discussed Sharing Electric Car Tech With BMW

Nov 24, 5:52PM

img_9845 A future where the electric car is ubiquitous cannot be built by one company alone, regardless of the hype around Tesla and its progress in consumer automotive space. That’s why it’s exciting to hear from Elon Musk himself about talks between BMW and Tesla, even if they’re only informal, around potential collaboration on battery and charger technology. Musk’s comments… Read More

In Recession's Wake RelianceCM Rebuilds A Tech Brand

Nov 24, 5:30PM

Oregon-Chipset-2 Editor’s Note: Fara Warner is the editorial director for This Built America and Aol Tech, which includes TechCrunch and Engadget. She has worked for the Wall Street Journal and Fast Company and was the 2007-2009 Howard R. Marsh Visiting Professor of Journalism at the University of Michigan. Corvallis, Oregon seems an unlikely high-tech town. Once a center for logging, small produce… Read More

Goldbely Debuts An App That Lets You Order Gourmet, Regional Cuisine From Anywhere In The U.S.

Nov 24, 5:23PM

goldbely-deli Goldbely, the Y Combinator-backed startup that lets you order gourmet foods from around the U.S. is now on mobile. The company just launched its first app with Goldbely for iOS, which also includes a newly added next-day shipping feature for getting its tasty treats more quickly than before – whether that’s a real Philly cheesesteak, deep dish pizza from Chicago, Maryland crab… Read More

The 'Brief History Of Graphics' Video Series Is Your Monday Morning Pong Pick-Me-Up

Nov 24, 5:18PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 12.04.13 PM A video series by Stuart Brown of XboxAhoy has created one of the nicest mini-documentaries I’ve watched in a while. The five-part series that looks at computer graphics from Pong to Galaxian to Street Fighter and beyond. The whole series – complete with Brown’s soothing brogue – is a great look at the history of game graphics and the tools that programmers used to… Read More

Gift Connect Wants To Replace Regular Ads With Gifts From Brands

Nov 24, 5:00PM

gift-connect Because consumers have always been blasted by advertisements in every single corner of their lives, it’s hard to imagine an advertisement as something that would actually provide value. But Gift Connect has imagined such a thing, and has raised $5.1 million in Series B from Hubert Burda Media to make the dream a reality. The company recently pivoted from the brand All Start Deals, which… Read More

Weaved Hauls Your Raspberry Pi Projects Online

Nov 24, 4:37PM

Raspberry Pi Model A+ Playing with Raspberry Pi is a lot of fun, but what happens when you want to get some real work done? While it’s not difficult to make a RaspPi board do cool stuff, getting it to communicate with the wider world is a bit of a challenge. That’s why Ryo Koyama, Mike Johnson, and Doug Olekin made Weaved. While the goal is a bit broad – “Weaved is looking to enable Internet… Read More

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