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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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BlackBerry Wants Startup Hustlers To Buy Its New Touchscreen Smartphone

Mar 03, 9:19AM

Screenshot 2015-03-03 16.11.42 BlackBerry has gone back to making touchscreen phones again after it unveiled the Leap, a device that the company believes will appeal to young people and startup founders, in particular. Read More

Led By iPhone 6, Apple Passed Samsung In Q4 Smartphone Sales, 1.9B Mobiles Sold Overall In 2014

Mar 03, 9:10AM

iphone6_in_situ_02_blue If 2014 goes down as the year when smartphone sales globally passed the 1 billion mark (1.2 billion, to be exact, from a total of 1.9 billion mobile phones overall), Q4 will be the quarter when Samsung lost its footing as the world’s leader in the category for the first time since 2011. Today Gartner published its figures for smartphone sales for the year and final quarter of 2014… Read More

TrulyMadly Is A Tinder-Style Dating App That's Built For India

Mar 03, 7:11AM

Screenshot 2015-03-03 13.38.51 TrulyMadly is a Tinder-like dating app that has adapted to India’s culture to offer different ways to connect, primarily via a trusted source system that helps give peace of mind when chatting to strangers. Read More

Tor Users Must Now Provide A Phone Number To Open A New Twitter Account

Mar 03, 5:56AM

twitter-locked Twitter last week announced plans to begin tracking troublesome users via their mobile phone number. Along those lines, it has begun forcing users of anonymous web browser Tor to provide a number in order to open a new account. Read More

The Stratos Card Aims To Unify Credit Cards, And Can Be In Your Pocket Next Month

Mar 03, 5:00AM

TC_COFFEE Yep, here’s another card that promises to consolidate all your credit cards into one. But unlike the others, the Stratos Card appears to be worth a longer look. Stratos, the company behind the card, has a novel approach and has seemingly worked through all the niggles so far associated with universal credit cards Read More

If Y Combinator Did A Growth Fund, It Would Be Very, Very Late-Stage

Mar 03, 1:31AM

Y_Combinator_Logo_400 For years, Y Combinator has shied away from doing any kind of follow-on funding. That’s out of concern that this would signal risk and ward VCs away from supporting startups that don’t get this seal of approval. However, under the firm’s new leadership with Sam Altman at the helm, it’s possible that Y Combinator will consider doing growth-stage investments, according… Read More

YC-Backed Kickback Offers An Easy Way To Play Minecraft Competitively

Mar 02, 11:22PM

Kickback From Starcraft to League of Legends, the e-sports market has gone through a massive expansion over the last decade in a half. Millions of dollars are now at stake over video games played in front of audiences of thousands, both at live events and in matches broadcast online. Y Combinator-backed Kickback is looking to expand the scope of that market by building competitive ecosystems around… Read More

Asus Republic Of Gamers G751 Review: Portable Gaming, Emphasis On The 'Gaming'

Mar 02, 9:37PM

asus-rog-g751-9 As far as gaming computers go, there are bound to be trade-offs: bigger size means better performance, and more portability is going to naturally lead to compromises when it comes to pure gaming muscle. The Asus Republic of Gamers G751 is a top-tier gaming notebook, but it still falls prey to that essential truth about gaming notebooks, making for an experience that stretches the definition… Read More

This Guy Turned His Drone Into A Star Wars TIE Fighter

Mar 02, 9:37PM

rc Remember that custom Millennium Falcon quadcopter from a few weeks back? It better look out. The Rebel Alliance isn’t the only one with birds in the air anymore. As a followup to his Millennium Falcon project, French RC hobbyist Olivier_C has built a second quadcopter — but this time around, he’s building for the Empire. Read More

New Tinder Charges Whatever It Wants

Mar 02, 9:11PM

tinder2014-10 Tinder’s “Rewind” functionality just went live, finally giving users the ability to go back in time and swipe right instead of left. The “Rewind” feature is included in the premium tier of the service, Tinder Plus, which was unveiled today and costs anywhere between $9.99 and $19.99 in the United States, depending on the age of the user. That’s right.… Read More

Twitter Vets Launch OneShot, An App For Highlighting And Tweeting Screenshots Of Text

Mar 02, 8:04PM

oneshot A pair of Twitter vets today launched a handy mobile application called OneShot that makes it easier to share screenshots of text to Twitter, along with your comment and a link to the page in question. The new app also optionally allows you to crop the image, highlight a selection of text, and even add a brightly colored background to make your screenshot stand out better when displayed in… Read More

Physical Keyboards Are Awesome

Mar 02, 7:46PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.14.00 AM If you visit the main TechCrunch office, you’ll note an open office filled with nerds, about half wearing headphones. Everyone is typing on Apple laptops, either by themselves, plugged into one monitor or several, or essentially ‘docked,’ with the user employing a standalone keyboard and touchpad to interact with the machine. Missing from that mix? Anyone using a fucking iPad… Read More

YC-Backed Valor Water Helps Utilities Keep The Water Running

Mar 02, 7:42PM

valor-water2 Disrupt Battlefield finalist Valor Water is graduating out of Y Combinator just in time to help solve the world’s water crisis. Valor provides a suite of business-intelligence tools for water utilities. In a drought, consumers are encouraged to conserve water and they often do. In California this past December, conservation was up from 10 percent in November to 22 percent in December,… Read More

You Can Now Embed Twitter Video On Your Website

Mar 02, 7:41PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.36.56 PM Twitter has launched an embedding feature for Twitter-hosted videos, letting you put any movies shot using its native video capture and publishing tool on your site, complete with an embed button on Twitter’s on website. Clicking the “Embed Video” option in the “…” expanded options menu from a tweet featuring a native Twitter video will expose a snippet of… Read More

Google Launches New Analytics, Monetization Tools For Android Game Developers

Mar 02, 7:22PM

image00 Google today announced a couple of new tools for game developers on its Android platform. These include new analytics to help developers better understand in-game player behavior, as well as a number of new monetization features through its AdMob platform. Google also launched a new game-centric Nearby Connections API for Android TV, its nascent smart TV platform. Read More

Hello Again, NASDAQ 5,000

Mar 02, 7:01PM

nasdaq-balloon1 Update: The NASDAQ closed at 5,008.10, up 0.9 percent on the day. That the index closed over the 5,000 mark is even more interesting that it managed to break the level during intraday trading.  The NASDAQ Composite index, a barometer of sorts of the technology industry, traded north of the 5,000 mark today. It was the first time the Composite had traded at that level since the late 90s… Read More

Podo's Camera Turns Any Surface Into A Photo Booth

Mar 02, 7:00PM

Podo camera Since smartphones put a decent camera in nearly everyone’s pocket, it’s become the norm to take pictures with friends when going out, because you might as well capture the memory. In some settings, that might mean asking a stranger to take a photo, stretching your arm out to capture several people at once or (gasp!) using a selfie stick. If you’re at a corporate event, you… Read More

Apple Brings Photos App To The OS X Public Beta Program

Mar 02, 6:32PM

photos-os-x Apple has launched the preview software of its upcoming Photos app for OS X in the public beta channel, using its new AppleSeed program that invites members of the general public to test Apple’s major software releases before they become more widely available. The Photos app debuted in the Developer Preview version of OS X back at the beginning of February, and we provided an early look… Read More

Tomorrow Is The Barcelona Meet Up And Pitch-Off!

Mar 02, 5:58PM

tcbcn The Barcelona Meet Up is tomorrow! Huzzah! If you’ve purchased tickets already, good for you. They are a rare commodity. If you haven’t then you’re kind of out of luck because the event is sold out. Remember, you must have an official Eventbrite ticket to join us. If you do not have an Eventbrite ticket you are not registered. If you simply added your name to the original… Read More

Zuck Says "Sure", Facebook Would Love To Work With Google On Global Internet Access

Mar 02, 5:31PM Connecting the world doesn’t have to be a cutthroat competition, Mark Zuckerberg signalled on stage at Mobile World Congress earlier today When asked if Facebook’s access initiative would consider working with Google’s Project Loon, he said “Sure. When we launched the app in Zambia with our operator partner there…one of the apps we launched… Read More

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