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Monday, April 27, 2015

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Only Fifth Of U.S. Apple Watches Shipped Over Launch Weekend, Says Data Firm

Apr 27, 11:48AM

applewatchthumb4 Apple’s debut wearable, the eponymous Apple Watch, started shipping Friday — but according to U.S. online commerce market research firm, Slice Intelligence, the launch weekend saw only around a fifth of U.S. buyers get a delivery from Cupertino. Read More

Glia Raises Cash To Match Consumers And Companies Around Values

Apr 27, 10:30AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 6.55.19 PM It’s with an eye toward that hypersensitive political climate that Barry Klein, a longtime political consultant has raised the first capital to grow Glia. Along with co-founders Chris Rappley, a longtime startup consultant, and Tahlia Sutton, a product development executive, Klein has developed Glia to be an app that blends Yelp and eHarmony, for what Klein calls “values-based… Read More

Engineering Director Lars Rasmussen Leaving Facebook To Co-Found A Music Startup

Apr 27, 10:00AM

10443970_10153165831966264_4878229095593597655_n Facebook at Work, Facebook’s first move to turn its social network into an enterprise tool, has remained in closed beta since its launch in January this year. But as the product continues to inch its way to general availability, it will be doing so without one of its key architects. Lars Rasmussen — Facebook’s engineering director, who helped create and run Facebook… Read More

Alibaba Teams Up With China's Largest Telecom To Sell Smartphones To Rural Customers

Apr 27, 5:56AM

alibaba coffee cup Alibaba has partnered with China’s biggest telecom operator to sell low-cost smartphones to people in rural areas for prices as low as 299 RMB ($48). The deal with China Telecom, which has 186 million users, is part of a two-pronged strategy for the e-commerce giant, which sees smaller cities as key to its growth plans for its e-commerce business and operating system YunOS. A line of… Read More Acquires Payment Service Provider For $7.5M

Apr 27, 4:07AM

Photo by PicJumbo Job marketplace announced today that it has agreed to purchased for $7.5 million in cash. The acquisition was funded by through an placement of $10 million AUD (about $7.8 million) in ordinary shares of to institutional investors. As its name suggests, provides online escrow services for e-commerce sites by holding payments for goods or… Read More

Bitcoin's Q1: Record VC Investment, Falling Prices, And Slow Consumer Adoption

Apr 27, 3:33AM

bitcoin-mountain-rise The bitcoin-watching news service CoinDesk recently released its first quarter look into the cryptocurrency’s performance during the opening months of 2015. Mostly the data is net positive, showing an increase in total wallets, and investment. However, there are a number of included data points that demonstrate slowing growth in key bitcoin, and bitcoin-related areas. The collected… Read More

uBeam's Ultrasound Wireless Charging Is Real, And About To Be Really Funded

Apr 27, 1:45AM

power-cord What if wireless power at a distance actually worked? It does. uBeam invented a way to wirelessly send energy up to 15 feet away with ultrasound. What if you could slap a wireless charging case on your phone and charge it while you move around or use it? uBeam invented that too. While early uBeam prototype were massive, non-portable boxes that merely shot power around, it now has a working… Read More

Internet Privacy Is The Wrong Conversation

Apr 27, 1:00AM

privateeye On April 2, the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook is in hot water with government regulators in six European countries over its practice of tracking users’ movements across the web to sell targeted advertising. The kerfuffle illustrates the bind that the world finds itself in over tracking – the collection and sharing of data on users’ browsing habits to help sites… Read More

The Micro VC Shakeout

Apr 26, 10:00PM

droplets When we started Bullpen Capital in 2011, there were about 30 or so “microVC” or “micro-seed” funds — and we knew them all. Today, four years later, there are likely over 220 micro VC funds and growing. In fact, I joke with my partners that “we will likely get to 400 before we go back to 40.” That line always elicits a nervous laughter, as it captures… Read More

Silicon Valley Can Accelerate Social Impact Globally

Apr 26, 9:00PM

10147539996_aae6fc5ae6_k (1) Silicon Valley’s influence is undeniable but its global impact has always been a passive byproduct of success at home. To make a lasting, material difference, there needs to be a concerted effort to expand its reach in a substantial and sustainable way. For the better part of the last century, the Valley has been a bedrock for technological progress and era-defining industry. From the… Read More

Back To The Future In Enterprise SaaS Selling

Apr 26, 6:00PM

bttf Given the success of Box, it’s hard to imagine that founder Aaron Levie believes he should have done something differently in the company’s early years. However, while speaking to Storm Ventures’ Jason Lemkin at this year’s SaaStr conference, Levie revealed exactly what he would have changed. Although it is somewhat hidden in the rest of the interview, Levie points out… Read More

You Need To Be A Billion Just To Make A Million

Apr 26, 5:40PM

5310895988_fbe55be401_o I always love peering into the world of executive recruiting. As a grad student and as a writer, the thought that there are people out there chasing other people to get them to work at massive wages always seemed to me like a bounty hunter scene out of a strange science fiction movie. Sometimes the wages offered are as much as $1 million; sometimes, that’s not enough. Competition in… Read More

Google Executive Dan Fredinburg Dies In Everest Avalanche After Nepal Earthquake

Apr 26, 1:38PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 13.48.35 Dan Fredinburg, a respected Google executive who headed privacy for Google X and lead its product management team, has died in the avalanche on Mount Everest which was triggered by the huge earthquake in Nepal. The natural disaster has already killed over 2,000 people in the region and devastated infrastructure. Some 18 other climbers have been killed in what is being described as the worst… Read More

Don't Turn Internet Independence Into Government Dependence

Apr 26, 1:00PM

internetfreedom April marks the 20th anniversary of the commercialization of the Internet, ironically, the very same month that the Federal Communications Commission’s new Open Internet regulations were officially published, tossing the Internet into a public utility model characterized by stagnation and ambiguity. The rules kill the “permissionless innovation” they purport to protect by… Read More

Hello?! Nokia Releases Official Statement Denying Reports It Will Return To Mobile Handsets

Apr 26, 11:45AM

dom-joly-phone Nokia sold its handset business to Microsoft last year, but since then rumours have bubbled up now and again that the firm is planning to return to the mobile space. Citing anonymous sources, Re/code recently lit the touch-paper on a round of new stories floating this idea. It reported that the firm was plotting more mobile moves, spearheaded by Nokia Technologies, the division which handles… Read More

Xiaomi Boosts Its Business In India With Strategic Investment From Tata Sons Head

Apr 26, 8:43AM

rata tata xiaomi Xiaomi is making a push to be a local player in India. Days after unveiling its first phone customized to the South Asia country (the impressive $205 Mi 4i), Xiaomi announced that it has taken investment from leading Indian businessman Ratan Tata. Read More

A Journey To Intelligent Design

Apr 26, 4:00AM

image: shutterstock/majcot If you’re looking for zeitgeist Biblical metaphors for the tech sector, you can’t do much better than the Tower of Babel. Human civilization a hundred years after the Flood; monolingual and gathered in a city called Babel. They become possessed with the mission of building a tower to the heavens. Which they begin… Read More

Slightly Slighted, Apple's Diehards Still Do The Launch Day Lineup

Apr 26, 1:30AM

1 While the atmosphere outside the store was generally similar to previous launches, a glaring difference was the fact that I wasn’t waiting outside of an Apple Store. I was sitting on the sidewalk outside of the upscale fashion boutique Maxfield, on trendy Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Read More

What The U.S. Can Learn From Europe's Growing Commercial Drone Industry

Apr 26, 12:00AM

2drones Drones are an auspicious future technology that can service a vast number of professional industries. Businesses around the world are discovering the great benefits that drones can provide. However there is a notable difference in the economic growth of the drone industry in Europe compared to the rest of the world. For example, in Europe, the number of companies deploying drones for… Read More

Tesla's Site And Twitter Account Hacked

Apr 25, 9:42PM

tesla Looks like it’s going to be a rough Saturday for Tesla’s IT department: they’ve just had both their website and Twitter account hijacked. Read More

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