Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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Startups, you must raise this much to join the 1%

May 09, 11:56PM

 Joining the exclusive club of one-percenters is hard, and, by definition, nearly every company fails to gain entry. For founders and investors alike, the heartening thing is that, in most cases, even a small seed and Series A round puts your company in the top half of startups founded in or after 2003. And there’s one good thing about being middle of the pack — you have plenty… Read More

Volans-i shows off its long-range delivery drones in Texas

May 09, 11:40PM

 Whether flying food or medication to customers’ doors, drones for delivery have arrived. Businesses as far-ranging as UPS, Domino’s, Amazon and the hospital group Ticino EOC are testing drones. Still, most drones built for delivery only fly for a short time and distance. Now, a startup called Volans-i has developed long-range drones for business to business, express deliveries. Read More

Apple acquires sleep tracking company Beddit, but its site will stay live

May 09, 11:21PM

 Apple has acquired a sleep tracking hardware and software company, TechCrunch has confirmed. News of the acquisition was first reported by CNBC. In a post on Beddit’s privacy policy page, the company also confirmed that it has been acquired and furthermore that user information “will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Apple Privacy Policy.” Read More

Citing FBI handling of Clinton emails, Donald Trump fires James Comey

May 09, 10:55PM

 President Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey. In his letter to Comey, Trump said the move was recommended by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. According to the White House, the firing is effective immediately, and it’s already searching for a new FBI director. Read More

The real promise of regulatory technology

May 09, 10:30PM

 The future of banking is algorithmic. Bringing together big data and predictive analytics is already enabling financial service providers to make better real-time decisions on loans and other products, with a more flexible, customer-centric user experience. But if banking can be algorithmic, what about financial regulation and supervision? Read More

Don't worry about this court case the FCC is so excited about

May 09, 10:12PM

 Just a quick PSA. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai just issued a statement in support of a federal court agreeing to re-hear a certain case that does, in fact, have a bearing on net neutrality. But while in other situations a triumphant Pai would be a warning to internet advocates, this time it’s okay. Read More

These are the three things one Silicon Valley VC wants to hear on Snap's first earnings call tomorrow

May 09, 10:03PM

 Goodwater Capital has been trying to stake out new territory for itself by publishing a steady stream of research and tools that help inform both competing firms and startup founders. One of those pieces of research was a detailed snapshot of Snap. Armed with fresh survey data, firm co-founder Eric Kim says he’ll be listening for three things on Snap’s first earnings call. Read More

Guesty raises $3M to be a Salesforce for property managers

May 09, 9:50PM

 Companies like Guesty, which just raised $3 million, are building tech to help property managers optimize their listings. Read More

Social music startup Smule raises $54M for Asian expansion

May 09, 9:23PM

 Smule, maker of Sing! Karaoke and other social music apps, announced yesterday that it has raised $54 million in a round led by Chinese company Tencent. Adams Street Partners, Bessemer Ventures, Floodgate, Franklin Templeton and Shasta Ventures also participated in the funding. Reuters reported that the round valued the company at $604 million, setting up Smule to expand in Asia and potentially… Read More

After leaving Accel, Fred Destin is raising seed fund with Twenty Minute VC host Harry Stebbings

May 09, 9:22PM

 In a move that is bound to raise more than a few eyebrows in the London VC community and beyond, TechCrunch has learned that ex-Accel VC Fred Destin is joining forces with Harry Stebbings, the founder and host of the popular “The Twenty Minute VC” podcast. Read More

Axon (formerly Taser) grows like a weed as it refocuses on body cams

May 09, 9:16PM

 Taser’s decision to relaunch itself as Axon and give away thousands of body cameras could have been interpreted either as a growing company looking to expand or a desperate one scrambling for purchase. Fortunately it appears to be the former: Axon is growing and the next year may be even bigger. Read More

Nvidia is surging after its income more than doubled year-over-year

May 09, 8:55PM

 Nvidia’s ballooning GPU business and big bets on divisions like autonomous driving continue to look better and better, with the company’s shares jumping more than 10% after it reported its first-quarter earnings. In the first quarter this year, the company said it brought in $507 million in net income — up from $208 million in the first quarter a year ago. That doubled… Read More

Yelp is getting eviscerated after it toned down its expectations for the year

May 09, 8:34PM

 Yelp shares are down more than 25 percent after the company reported its first-quarter earnings report today, where it reduced its full-year guidance that it set in the previous quarter. Read More

New system can recreate natural rock-climbing walls indoors

May 09, 7:30PM

 Researchers at Dartmouth have created a system that uses 3D modeling, fabrication, and other techniques to recreate popular outdoor rock climbing routes. The system watches climbers as they scale these routes and then recreates the experience with handholds strategically placed to mimic the natural crevices in a rock. From the release: The research team reconstructed the most… Read More

Uber gets sued over lack of services available to people with disabilities

May 09, 7:05PM

 Although Uber has launched a program for people with disabilities to use the car-hailing service, the program is not available in all the markets in which Uber operates. Two people who use wheelchairs have filed a lawsuit against Uber alleging that Uber has violated Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the California Disabled Persons Act and California’s unfair competition law. Read More

Free streaming service Tubi TV grabs $20 million in new funding

May 09, 7:02PM

 San Francisco-based Tubi TV has raised an additional $20 million for its advertising-supported streaming service for TV and movies. Investors in the round are betting on the fact that the next big streaming competitor won’t be a direct rival to Netflix and others with a subscription-based business model, but rather a free service that offers a wide variety of titles for free viewing. Read More

Prevent data breaches, don't just report them

May 09, 7:00PM

A silhouette of a hacker with a black hat in a suit enters a hallway with walls textured with blue internet of things icons 3D illustration cybersecurity concept Public data breach lists are a symptom of a deeper problem: U.S. cybersecurity laws place a disproportionate emphasis on notifying the public after a breach has occurred. While notice always will play a role in remediating harm, policymakers should shift their focus to preventative measures, such as more robust and clearer data security standards and incentives for investments in cybersecurity. Read More

500 Startups closes $15M fund to back founders in the Middle East and North Africa

May 09, 6:45PM

 Fresh off closing a $10 million fund earlier this year for Latin American startups, 500 Startups has pulled together capital for a new $15 million fund that will exclusively target startups in the Middle East and North Africa. Read More

Yahoo cybersecurity lead Bob Lord is speaking at Disrupt NY

May 09, 6:24PM

 I’m very excited to announce that Yahoo’s chief information security officer, Bob Lord, will be joining TechCrunch for a fireside chat at Disrupt NY this year. Join us for this fascinating conversation. Disrupt NY runs May 15 to May 17, and Lord joins a cast of all-star speakers. Read More

The next billion-dollar startup will be in aerospace

May 09, 5:30PM

 On the back of the incredible innovations that have disrupted today’s urban transit systems, with new ride-share models, electric energy and autonomous technologies, urban air mobility is poised for massive growth over the next five years. Read More

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