Thursday, May 4, 2017

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Car2go puts safety in the hands of humans

May 04, 12:05AM

Car2go Mercedes CLA While nearly every car-related company on the planet is integrating sensors and refining algorithms to create safer cars that eliminate human error, car2go is putting safety back into human hands. A pilot program in New York City and Washington, DC will give 1,000 car2go members free online driving courses. Read More

'No smoking gun' in Waymo v. Uber case, but no ruling either — yet

May 03, 11:31PM

 There’s no ruling yet in the closely watched lawsuit between Waymo and Uber, wherein the former alleges the latter stole trade secrets in the process of hiring away engineer Anthony Levandowski. But the judge is openly skeptical of Waymo’s ability to prove that fact, telling the plaintiffs today that “so far you don’t have any smoking gun,” as reported by Reuters. Read More

Apple started a $1 billion fund to create advanced manufacturing jobs in the US

May 03, 11:18PM

 Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed today that the hardware titans have formed a new, $1 billion fund to promote advanced manufacturing jobs in the U.S. Cook said Apple will reveal its first investments from this fund later this month. Read More

Here's Google's official statement on today's fast-spreading phishing attack

May 03, 11:06PM

 Early this afternoon, a new type of phishing attack popped up, targeting Google Docs/Gmail users and spreading like crazy. Well-disguised and infuriatingly subtle, just a click or two (on what was an actual Google-hosted URL, no less) handed some mystery attacker the ability to read your Gmail and forwarded the phishing attack to everyone you’d ever emailed. The attack was simple, but… Read More

Scientists have eliminated HIV in mice using CRISPR

May 03, 10:28PM

 An important breakthrough has been made in the eradication of AIDs. Scientists have found they can successfully snip out the HIV virus from mouse cells using CRISPR/Cas9 technology. Read More

Zuckerberg thinks Facebook was 'late' to competing with Snapchat, is now 'ahead'

May 03, 9:55PM

 Mark Zuckerberg believes Facebook has leapfrogged Snapchat in the race to provide visual communication thanks to the launch of Facebook’s augmented reality Camera Effects platform. Read More

WhatsApp's 'Status' Snapchat clone hits 175M daily users in 10 weeks

May 03, 9:11PM

 WhatsApp’s version of Snapchat Stories is already pulling in around 15 percent of the messaging app’s 1.2 billion users. Mark Zuckerberg today announced that WhatsApp Status now has 175 million daily users after only launching in mid-February. That’s made more impressive because Status lives in a separate tab of WhatsApp, instead of showing up at the top of the home screen. Read More

Shareholders pressure Intel over PAC spending

May 03, 9:00PM

 Intel isn’t the only tech company with a political action committee funneling money into Congress. But some of Intel’s recent donations — including to politicians known for opposing marriage equality like North Carolina Senator Richard Burr and Minnesota Representative Tom Emmer — have alarmed shareholders, who are now proposing a resolution that would force the… Read More

Ultrahaptics raises $23 million for its invisible 'touchless interfaces'

May 03, 8:44PM

 As huge tech companies continue to dump money into VR and AR technology looking to convince us digital objects in front of us are actually real, they’re still having a tough time figuring out how to make them feel real. Ultrahaptics is working on a technology that uses ultrasound waves to construct 3D objects in the air that users can feel. Read More

FBI director Comey backs new Feinstein push for decrypt bill

May 03, 8:42PM

 FBI Director James Comey has hinted at growing consensus between technology companies and intelligence agencies over the controversial issue of how to access encrypted data. He also supported what appears to be a fresh push by Senator Dianne Feinstein to introduce legislation to enable courts to order access to encrypted devices. Read More

Fitbit stock jumps 10% after beating in Q1 with 3 million devices sold

May 03, 8:31PM

 Fitbit shares are up 10 percent on the news that the company beat Wall Street’s expectations. Fitbit today reported a loss of 15 cents per share rather than 18 cents per share. Reported revenue also came in above analysts expectations: $299 versus $280.8. This release shows Fitbit is keeping pace with the market and turning past customers into repeat customers. Read More

Amazon lowers prices for some of its reserved instance types by up to 21%

May 03, 8:30PM

 Amazon’s AWS cloud computing division today once again dropped the prices for some of its reserved instances, as well as its M4 general purpose instances. For some of these reserved instances, prices are dropping by up to 17 percent and for convertible reserved instances with three-year commitments, prices are dropping by 21 percent. While Amazon’s pricing structure… Read More

Tesla's Q1 revenue more than doubles year-over-year as Model 3 plan remains on track

May 03, 8:19PM

Tesla Model S P85D Tesla today re-affirmed that the production of its next car, the Model 3, would begin in July — and that the company had $4 billion in cash-on-hand heading into the second quarter this year. Both of those are going to be critical as Tesla, which reported its first-quarter earnings today, heads into the back half of the year. Read More

Hands-on with Hulu's new Live TV service

May 03, 8:19PM

 Hulu officially announced the launch of its live TV streaming service this morning at its Upfront presentation in New York. The service has a robust channel lineup, cloud DVR and combines Hulu’s existing on-demand library, including its Originals, with streaming TV and on-demand content from its broadcast partners. However, a key part is the revamped, redesigned Hulu experience. Read More

Facebook beats in Q1 with $8.03B revenue, faster growth to 1.94B users

May 03, 8:17PM

 Facebook had another strong quarter, beating estimates to start 2017. It scored $8.03 billion in revenue and $1.04 GAAP actual EPS in Q1 compared to $0.87 EPS estimate. It earned that from 1.94 billion users, up from 1.86 billion last quarter, growing at a faster 4.3 percent compared to 3.91 perecent last quarter. Steady Growth, Strong Profits At this rate Facebook should hit 2 billion… Read More

Square up 7% after surpassing quarterly expectations

May 03, 8:12PM

 Square, the payments company founded and run by Jack Dorsey, released its quarterly financial results for the first quarter after the bell on Wednesday. The company beat expectations, bringing in $462 million in revenue, when investors were forecasting $451 million. This is a 22 percent increase from the same period last year. Read More

PSA: This Google Doc scam is spreading fast and will email everyone you know

May 03, 8:03PM

 A new Google Docs phishing scam just reared its head a few hours ago, and it’s spreading like wildfire. Google appears to be taking action to stop it, but in the meantime: be super, super wary of Google Doc invites for now. If you fall for this one (and plenty of otherwise eagle-eyed people have already), it’ll blast out the bait to everyone on your contact list. Read More

Inside DevMountain's sweet code school

May 03, 7:59PM

 This is the story of how a candy factory by the name of Startup became one of the few accredited code schools for startups 140 years later in the heart of Provo, Utah. Read More

Nav raises $13 million to help small businesses with credit scores

May 03, 7:58PM

 Goldman Sachs is leading a $13 million investment in Nav, a startup that helps small businesses with financial advice and credit scores. Billionaire Steven Cohen’s Point72 Ventures is also investing, along with Clocktower Ventures and the CreditEase Fintech Investment Fund. This follows $25 million that was invested in the company last year, and is considered part of the same Series… Read More

Paperspace launches GPU-powered virtual machines loaded with tools for data scientists

May 03, 6:55PM

 Not many companies would dare to fight with Amazon, Microsoft and Google at the same time, but three-year-old Paperspace thinks it can carve out a cloud computing niche by rolling out the red carpet for data scientists. Today it launched new GPU-powered virtual machines that utilize Nvidia’s Pascal cards. Read More

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