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Avast Free Antivirus

Apr 04, 8:35AM

Lightweight, state-of-the-art protection that won't slow down your PC. Avast Free Antivirus has been redesigned to be easier to use...


Apr 18, 7:19AM

CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system allowing Windows to...

TubeMate YouTube Downloader

Mar 20, 12:40PM

TubeMate YouTube Downloader is an app for downloading YouTube videos directly to your mobile phone. It allows you to have your favorite...

A hidden iOS 10 setting that may mean you may never run out of storage space on your iPhone or iPad again

May 06, 11:00AM

Running out of space on your iPhone or iPad? There's a setting buried in iOS 10 that may put an end to this forever. And if it doesn't work, I'll show you something else you can do instead.

Hundreds of privacy-invading apps are using ultrasonic sounds to track you

May 03, 2:58PM

Apps are using ad-tracking audio signals that your phone can hear, but you can't.

Here's how to fast-charge your smartphone or tablet when you're in a hurry

May 05, 2:40PM

You're leaving in 20 minutes and your smartphone's battery is almost dead. Here's how to get the maximum charge into your device in the least amount of time possible.

Microsoft: The smartphone is dead. You just don't know it

May 05, 2:04PM

The platform to replace the smartphone will be a mixed-reality device like HoloLens, says Microsoft tech guru Alex Kipman.

Windows 10 tip: Keep unwanted software off PCs you support

May 03, 10:00AM

Everyone who does part-time PC support knows the pain of continually having to clean up after a click-happy friend or family member. Here's how to keep that poor soul out of trouble.

The death of the smartphone and the birth of the next big thing

May 03, 12:49PM

The days of the smartphone are drawing to a close: what comes next will disrupt the status quo and change how we use technology.

The new Surface Laptop is no Chromebook

May 03, 7:00PM

And Windows 10 S is no Chrome OS either.

Here's how you can still get a free Windows 10 upgrade

Jan 05, 6:59PM

Microsoft's much-hyped free upgrade offer for Windows 10 ended months ago, right? Maybe not. The GWX tool may be gone, but all the other upgrade tools still work, and the end result is an apparently valid digital license. Here's how to get yours.

Latest Windows 10 'Redstone 3' test build adds container-based browser isolation

May 04, 5:31PM

Microsoft's Windows 10 Redstone 3 test build 16188 includes Windows Defender Application Guard, as well as new PDF annotation and navigation features.

Nissan goes back in time to stop you using your phone behind the wheel

May 03, 10:39AM

The automaker hopes centuries-old technology can be used to solve modern problems.

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