Friday, December 23, 2016

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Russian authorities are trying to unlock iPhone 4S from Russian ambassador's killer

Dec 23, 6:06PM

iphone-4s The off-duty police officer who killed the Russian ambassador in Turkey was shot by Turkish special forces minutes after the crime. He had an iPhone 4S on him, and now, according to MacReports and Habertürk, Turkish authorities asked for Russia’s help to unlock the iPhone. Given that it’s an iPhone 4S and it has a 4-digit passcode, it should be quite easy to unlock the device.… Read More

Here's what Pokémon GO is doing for its Holiday Event

Dec 23, 5:57PM

go-holiday After back-to-back Pokemon GO Halloween and Thanksgiving events, everyone was preeeetty sure Niantic would do something to bring players in through the Winter Holidays — but noone really knew what. Here’s what they’re doing: Read More

Arizona welcomes Uber's autonomy: It's The Daily Crunch

Dec 23, 5:18PM

daily-crunch-2x1 Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday our daily guided tour of the biggest tech stories from the past 24 hours will appear here on To get The Daily Crunch in your inbox every day of the week, sign up here and be sure to take a look at the rest of our newsletters while you’re at it. Uber rage quits California, Pokémon Go hits the Apple Watch hype wall and Super Mario… Read More

Amazon launches its newest private label, Wickedly Prime

Dec 23, 4:30PM

wickedlyprimeheader Amazon’s push into the private-label business continued this month, with the launch of its latest brand, Wickedly Prime. Unlike Amazon’s more recent entries in the private label space, such as Happy Belly, Mama Bear and Presto!, Wickedly Prime is the first brand since the debut of Amazon Elements two years ago to make its affiliation with Amazon known. This represents a… Read More

This battery is powered by bacteria

Dec 23, 4:26PM

129788_web Researchers at Binghamton University in New York have created a “bacteria-powered battery on a single sheet of paper.” The project is aimed at creating batteries for disposable microelectronics that can run for weeks using a little bacteria-rich liquid. “The manufacturing technique reduces fabrication time and cost, and the design could revolutionize the use of bio-batteries as… Read More

Wolfprint 3D raises $500K to bring scanning pods to an airport near you

Dec 23, 3:21PM

luna-20_wireless_wo_logo-906x6042x 3D body scanning isn’t very exciting right now – you can’t really use your scan anywhere except maybe on Thingiverse where people can print you out and create a shrine to you (hint hint!). Wolfprint, however, wants to bring 3D body scanning to the masses by putting their pod-shaped scanners in airports and malls, allowing you to create 3D avatars of yourself for use in… Read More

ABC launches a suite of local news apps for Fire TV

Dec 23, 3:00PM

abclocalapps2 Disney-ABC is going after cord cutters with the launch of a suite of streaming TV apps for the Fire TV, aimed at bringing ABC stations’ local news to those who don’t pay for cable. The company this week launched eight apps that cover all its ABC-owned stations, each delivering local news to that market, along with weather, community news, an evening video digest with the… Read More

The Dodo is alive and well with 1 billion monthly video views

Dec 23, 3:00PM

The Dodo Trump Looks like people really do like animal videos. The team at The Dodo (an online publisher focused on those aforementioned animals) told me their videos were viewed 1 billion times in November. That’s an increase of more than a tenfold from January, when Dodo videos received a mere 80 million views. The Dodo follows a “distributed” media strategy, which means that the majority… Read More

Baidu and KFC's new smart restaurant suggests what to order based on your face

Dec 23, 2:22PM

screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-8-51-14-am Baidu is demonstrating some of its most recent tech advancements in novel ways, including a partnership with KFC China (yes, the fried chicken KFC). The search giant sometimes referred to as the ‘Google of China’ partnered with KFC to open a new “smart restaurant” in Beijing, which employs facial recognition to make recommendations about what customers might order,… Read More

UK's Nutmeg pulls in an extra £12m for its Series D from Taipei's Fubon bank

Dec 23, 1:57PM

nutmeg Hit UK FinTech startup Nutmeg has raked in another $14.6m (£12m) for its Series D round, bringing the total to $51m (£42m). The £12m comes from the Taipei Fubon Bank, a subsidiary of Taiwan’s second largest financial services firm. Last month it announced a £30m raise led by Convoy, Hong Kong’s largest listed independent financial advice firm and existing backers including… Read More

Most Autopilot features could come to Teslas with updated hardware next week

Dec 23, 1:25PM

tesla-s-charging Newer Tesla Model S and Model X owners get a big benefit vs. their predecessors – all the sensors and computing power onboard needed to achieve full self-driving when the software’s ready. But they also had to deal with a temporary inconvenience, since they shipped without the majority of Tesla’s current Autopilot features, which provides advanced semi-autonomous driving for… Read More

Alibaba is back on U.S. blacklist of "notorious marketplaces"

Dec 23, 7:05AM

pirate_3752143560 The USTR dropped its annual blacklist calling out marketplaces that are rife with counterfeit and pirated goods this week. Many of the shopping centers and sites listed in this “Special 301” report were absolutely predictable, like Beijing’s Silk Market, St. Petersburg-based social network, or The Pirate Bay, which was formed by an anti-copyright group in the first… Read More

Jason Kilar on founding Vessel and the wonderful world of customer service

Dec 23, 4:30AM

Vessel co-founders Jason Kilar and Richard Tom Jason Kilar’s interest in customer service was sparked by a visit to Disney World when he was 10 years old. The wonder he felt as he walked underneath the train station and out onto Main Street stays with him to this day. Read More

Crunch Report | Uber Ordered to Stop Self-Driving Pilot in SF

Dec 23, 4:00AM

Uber stops self-driving pilot in SF, sweet Tesla Gigafactory drone footage, VW dreams of a self-driving future and Tesla won’t let autopiloters speed. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

The Canary Flex is a cool little camera with some kinks to work out

Dec 23, 12:44AM

img_1544 The security camera space was different when Canary blew past $1.9 million in pledges on Indiegogo way back in 2013. These days, it’s a packed space with high-profile competition from Nest, Netgear, Blink and Netatmo, to name just a smattering. The original Canary camera was an imperfect but solid debut from the New York-based hardware startup, with good hardware featuring built-in… Read More

Twitter overcharged video advertisers, issues refunds

Dec 23, 12:42AM

twitter-video-chase2 Now it’s Twitter copying Facebook… but in the worst way. Following several embarrassing disclosures of inaccurate metrics by Facebook, today Business Insider’s Alex Heath broke news that Twitter overcharged some advertisers. Between November 7th and December 12th, a source tells BI that video ad buyers were overcharged up to 35 percent. Twitter apparently informed these… Read More

Uber explains why it looks like its app is still tracking your location, long after drop-off

Dec 23, 12:33AM

the_new_uber_app_04 Uber responded today to reports that its app continues to check users’ locations even when they hadn’t used the ride-hailing service for days or weeks. The company explained that the issue is being caused by the iOS operating system itself, not direct tracking by its app. Many users had realized that Uber’s app appeared to have recently checked their location, according… Read More

Facebook kills off exact location sharing in Nearby Friends, adds "Wave"

Dec 22, 11:57PM

facebook-wave Nearby Friends didn’t turn into the Foursquare-killer it could have been, but Facebook is still trying to help people meet up in person… with a few changes. Facebook has removed the precise location-sharing feature from Nearby Friends, which now only lets you opt-in to broadcasting your approximate distance from friends and current neighborhood. Unmapped Previously, you could select… Read More

Autonomous cars seen as smarter than human drivers

Dec 22, 11:18PM

PwC Autonomous Infographic PwC released the results of its latest survey on the future of automotive technology, and it seems Americans are coming around to the idea of autonomous cars, ride hailing and car sharing. So much so that 66 percent of respondents said they think autonomous cars are probably smarter than the average human driver. PwC, a global provider of professional services, directly surveyed 1,584 people… Read More

In 2017, Airbnb needs to grow into your full-fledged travel bookings hub

Dec 22, 11:08PM

Woman Looking Through Window While Traveling In Airplane Airbnb can find you a well-appointed place to crash during your next big trip, but it’d really prefer to hang out every step of the way. To that end, in 2017, we can expect Airbnb to expand its horizons considerably, moving well beyond the vacation rentals that it’s remained synonymous with since launching in 2008. As the company confirmed last month, its plans to expand… Read More

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