Friday, December 9, 2016

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SIXA secures $3.5M as it launches its cloud computer for developers

Dec 09, 5:41PM

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-9-26-06-am The promises of the cloud era have been many, but when it comes to hardware most people have preferred to keep their personal PCs on-hand or on-location. SIXA is aiming to free the PC and move computing to the cloud with its low-latency virtual machines geared towards developers. The recent Y-Combinator grad just closed a $3.5 million round of seed funding led by Tandem Capital. More than… Read More

New Michigan law prepares for autonomous future

Dec 09, 5:36PM

Chevy Tahoe autonomous test rig Michigan Governor Rick Snyder visited the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, MI, which honors the automotive past, to sign a bill that aims to enable the automotive future. The law creates regulations for testing, using, and selling autonomous vehicles in the state and clarifies how these vehicles will be used on public roads. The law specifically allows vehicles that have no human… Read More

Verizon won't push Samsung's Note 7 bricking update

Dec 09, 5:29PM

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Early this morning Samsung announced plans to finally extinguish the on-going fire that is the Note 7 once and for all here in the States by way of a software update that won’t allow the troubled phone to charge at all. Apparently not everyone involved is on-board with the move. Verizon (the parent company to TechCrunch’s parent company) quickly issued a follow up statement, citing… Read More

Gamer chat app Discord hits 25 million users, can now be used in developers' own games

Dec 09, 5:06PM

og_gamebridge Jason Citron, who previously founded and sold the early mobile social gaming network OpenFeint, returned to gaming startups with the launch of Discord in May 2015. This voice and text chat app for gamers – a challenger to incumbents like Skype and Teamspeak – has since grown to 25 million registered users, who are sending 100 million messages per day across its platform.… Read More

Super Mario Run needs a constant internet connection to run

Dec 09, 4:50PM

img_0586 It a bit of news that will surely shift the value proposition of Mario’s long-awaited iPhone debut for legions of underground commuters, Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed this week that Super Mario Run will only work on a device with a constant internet connection. The legendary game creator chalked the decision up to security concerns, fears that an offline mode would make the game unstable… Read More

Occipital shows off a $399 mixed reality headset for iPhone

Dec 09, 4:23PM

dsc_2782 Mobile VR is an Android game but as more and more rumors flourish about the next iPhone some companies are looking to get developers ready to bring iOS users into the world of VR. Occipital announced today that is launching a mixed reality platform built upon its depth-sensing technologies called Bridge. The headset is available for $399 and starts shipping in March, eager developers can get… Read More

Samsung's latest software update stops the Note 7 from charging altogether

Dec 09, 4:12PM

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 As the prolonged garbage fire that is 2016 draws to a close, Samsung seems to finally be putting the final nails in the coffin of the Note 7 saga. Admittedly, the last couple of months have mostly been a few isolated death rattles, but believe it or not there are still some devices in the wild, in spite of the company’s best efforts to get them all back. New numbers posted up today have… Read More

Workplace by Facebook begins to take shape

Dec 09, 4:04PM

Wokplace by Facebook logo. Workplace by Facebook has been in general release for just two months now, but it’s clear that Facebook has big plans for its enterprise social product. Just this week, at TechCrunch Disrupt in London, the company announced a new platform to integrate enterprise applications with Workplace, putting it in direct competition with Slack, the enterprise social darling of the moment. But… Read More

Formation 8 Founder Jim Kim and longtime VC Paul Lee partner on a new fund called Builders

Dec 09, 3:53PM

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-8-24-54-pm Jim Kim, who most recently cofounded the venture firm Formation 8, is launching a brand-new venture firm called Builders that looks to be raising a $200 million fund, judging by a recent SEC filing. His cofounder is Paul Lee, who left the Chicago venture firm Lightbank in 2014 and last year launched a startup studio called Roniin that we wrote about last year. It isn’t a surprise… Read More

Yahoo Answers makes its official mobile debut

Dec 09, 3:52PM

yahoo-answers-now Yahoo Answers has officially launched on mobile. As TechCrunch reported last month, Yahoo’s experimental app code-named Yahoo Hive had been rebranded as Yahoo Answers Now — a move that indicated Yahoo’s plans to bring its desktop Q&A site to the App Store. However, at the time, the app still required an invite in order to test it out — that restriction… Read More

John Glenn

Dec 09, 3:18PM

145210main_image_feature_534_ys_full On February 20, 1962, John Glenn had a problem. Glenn, the first American in orbit, was inside his capsule, the Friendship 7. Mission Control wanted him to take over the capsule’s manual controls. During the effort the automatic systems failed, leaving him in full control of one of the most complex artifacts ever created by humankind. He was alone in space at the helm of a beast that… Read More

Facebook corrects more metrics affecting ad reach, streaming reactions, plus Like & Share counts

Dec 09, 3:01PM

facebook-ads Facebook today announced it’s correcting a few more issues with its metrics in areas like audience estimation for ads, live video reaction counts and its Like and Share buttons. Though the fixes are referencing several of Facebook’s more high-profile products, the issues being addressed aren’t as significant as the ones Facebook identified earlier in 2016, when it discovered… Read More

Our robotic overlords have written us a Christmas Carol!

Dec 09, 2:27PM

giphy A Christmas Story As we roll toward the end of humanity and the moment of robot takeover, it’s important to start learning the songs and customs of our inhumane artificial overlords. Researchers at the University of Toronto, for example, showed an AI a picture of a Christmas tree and asked it to write a song about it. The result? A song that we will soon all be singing as we huddle in the dark while our… Read More

Podotree, Korean chat app Kakao's content business, raises $107M at a $428M valuation

Dec 09, 2:03PM

Korean won Kakao, the Korean mobile and web giant, is beefing up its social media and content businesses after its Podotree affiliate raised 125 billion won (around $107 million). The deal values it at 500 billion won, Kakao confirmed — that’s approximately $428 million. Read More

Google is testing user ratings for movies and TV within search results

Dec 09, 2:00PM

google-shop13 Google is disrupting yet another industry by including light-weight services directly within search results. This time, Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, with Google testing out movie ratings from within search itself. Google confirmed to Search Engine Land that the feature is currently just an experiment, and beyond that, the company has nothing to announce at this time. Unlike other movie and TV… Read More

Vesper grabs $15M to build a durable low-power mic that listens forever

Dec 09, 11:00AM

vm1010-poc-board-2-1024x654 As digital assistants like Siri and Alexa become more intelligent, there’s a growing need for them to always be accessible. Current microphone tech has been too power-hungry to keep permanently enabled. As a result, a new class of products, home assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa-enabled products and Google Home, have arisen as power-connected alternatives. Vesper is aiming to… Read More

Africa's tech hubs

Dec 09, 8:30AM

ihub-pic Innovation hubs have become a mainstay of Africa’s emerging technology ecosystem. Scratch the surface of the continent’s information and communication building blocks and you’ll likely find connections to a tech space. Read More

China's futuristic train that floats above traffic now lies deserted

Dec 09, 2:40AM

QINHUANGDAO, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 07: A Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) runs on tracks on September 7, 2016 in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province of China. Medias reported in April that the Qinhuangdao Municipal Government has signed strategic agreement with TEB Technology Development Co.,Ltd to restore the road after the TEB 1 testing successfully until the deadline on August 31. Reporters witnessed on September 7 that the TEB 1 seems to be still testing. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images) It felt pretty awesome to witness the future of transportation unveiled this summer as China’s Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) took to the urban streets of Qinhuangdao for testing. One would think that after such an accomplishment the vehicle would be put to use as soon as humanly possible. Unfortunately, that is not what’s happening. Read More

Andreessen in hot water for texts he sent Zuckerberg

Dec 09, 2:11AM

marc-andreessen Facebook’s board was sued earlier this year, with investors alleging that their interests were not adequately represented when Zuckerberg was permitted to sell most of his shares and still retain voting control of the company. And now court filings uncovered by Bloomberg show that texts sent by board member Marc Andreessen are being used to suggest that he was protecting Zuckerberg… Read More

Nintendo will pay you up to $20,000 to hack the 3DS

Dec 09, 1:23AM

3ds So you bought a Nintendo 3DS to play some Pokemon Sun… but now your Pokedex is complete and you’ve explored every inch of Alola. Now what? If you’ve got a technical background, you might consider poking around the 3DS itself. There might just be a big ol’ stack of cash in it for you. Nintendo has just launched a bug bounty program by way of HackerOne. Find a bug that… Read More

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