Friday, December 16, 2016

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Facebook admits to another metrics mistake affecting Instant Article publishers

Dec 16, 5:49PM

instant-articles-e28094-poster-frame For a metrics powered company, Facebook is pretty bad at metrics. The company just announced its third metrics-related issue in the past two months with today’s reveal that it also experienced problems providing accurate numbers to publishers on its Instant Articles platform. Instant Articles are those that fast-loading, interactive articles that can be loaded directly in the Facebook… Read More

Anki's Cozmo robot is a surprise hit, temporarily selling out ahead of the holidays

Dec 16, 5:37PM

Cozmo Looks like Anki’s may have a full-fledge holiday hit on its hands. The hardware startup, which first came to prominence when Apple demoed its Drive cars on-stage during a keynote a few years back, went all in on its latest offering Cozmo earlier this year. The plucky little robot is the result of a team of new hires from studios like Pixar and Dreamworks, effectively looking to build… Read More

The top 15 events that happened in space in 2016

Dec 16, 5:31PM

SpaceX Falcon 9 launches from Cape Canaveral with 7,000 pounds of supplies / Image courtesy of SpaceX 2016 was a big year for research and discovery in space. The year started off with Caltech astronomers picking up the presence of a ninth planet while researchers at LIGO were detecting gravitational waves for the first time. NASA’s Juno spacecraft finally arrived in orbit around Jupiter, and astronomers found the closest exoplanet to Earth. Blue Origin showed off their suborbital… Read More

Google joins the open source Cloud Foundry Foundation

Dec 16, 5:22PM

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - SEPTEMBER 02:  The new Google logo is displayed on a sign outside of the Google headquarters on September 2, 2015 in Mountain View, California.  Google has made the most dramatic change to their logo since 1999 and have replaced their signature serif font with a new typeface called Product Sans.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Google is joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation as a Gold member. To be fair, this doesn’t necessarily come as a major surprise, especially given that Google recently hired the foundation’s former CEO Sam Ramji. Other Cloud Foundry Gold-level members include Accenture, Allstate, CenturyLink, Huawai, Phillips and Verizon. It’s worth noting that Google — unlike Cisco,… Read More

Oculus launches social VR hangout "Rooms" and phone calls

Dec 16, 5:00PM

image00 Facebook’s power-play to rule social virtual reality has a boring name: the “Coordinated App Launch API”. Like a VR version of Xbox Live or PlayStation network, it lets you gather with friends in Oculus VR’s new Rooms feature, and then launch together into a developer’s multiplayer game. The Coordinated App Launch API could make Oculus the portal to playing… Read More

Humans can now move complex robot arms just by thinking

Dec 16, 4:55PM

129255_web Most robotic arm systems required a very complex and very invasive brain implant… until now. Researchers at the University of Minnesota have created a new system that requires only a sexy helmet and a bit of thinking, paving the way to truly mind-controlled robotic tools. “This is the first time in the world that people can operate a robotic arm to reach and grasp objects in a… Read More

Nintendo reportedly sold 196,000 NES Classic Edition consoles last month

Dec 16, 4:50PM

9-nes-classic NES Classic demand exceeded Nintendo’s expectations – that much was fairly clear from the fact that it has thus far been nearly impossible to get a system here in the States. The gaming company hasn’t released any specifics surrounding just how many units of the all-in-one emulator it managed to move, so we’ll have to rely on some new numbers coming out of NPD.… Read More

Super Mario Run sees 2.85 million downloads on day one, but half reviews are just one star

Dec 16, 4:46PM

img_1122 Pokémon Go, step aside. In the first 24 hours, Nintendo’s Super Mario Run has beaten the record-breaking Pokémon game in terms of day one downloads. According to data from Apptopia, Super Mario Run saw 2,850,000 downloads in its first day on the App Store, compared with the 900,000 Pokémon Go had pulled in when it was first launched. The numbers indicate not only how much pent-up… Read More

TalkBank lets you chat with your bank

Dec 16, 4:05PM

screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-10-57-02-am As a fan of banks – I like the lollipops they give out – I’m slightly disturbed by services like TalkBank. This Russian company replaces one-on-one teller interaction with a chatbot that can tell you your balance, offer on the spot advice, and even send you cool deals related to your credit cards. Founded by Mikhail Popov, Alexander Popov, and Vladimir Kozhevnikov the company… Read More

To prevent another crash, Facebook's solar drone will get an airbrake

Dec 16, 4:00PM

Facebook's drone Aquila can beam connectivity down to remote areas The right wing of Facebook’s solar-powered drone Aquila failed, causing a crash landing of its first test flight, according to a new report on the incident from the National Transportation Safety Board. In response, Facebook says the next version of its Internet access-spreading drone will have a spoiler or airbrake, and will prioritize safe airspeed over altitude tracking. The crash… Read More

RASA NLU gives developers an open source solution for natural language processing

Dec 16, 3:50PM

Midnight Blue Type Seamless Design For better or worse, 2016 was another year of bots. I probably got more pitches for bot startups than anything else. And yet, bots are far from hitting their stride. If we hope to break beyond the rigid functionality of today’s tools, a prerequisite is going to be giving bot developers a bit more open source love. RASA NLU, a new open source API from… Read More

Encrypted messaging app Wire adds usernames so you can limit what you share with contacts

Dec 16, 3:48PM

Wire messaging app Wire, the Skype co-founder Janus Friis-backed end-to-end encrypted mobile messaging app, has added a username option — allowing people to communicate with others via the app without having to share their mobile phone number or email to do so. Read More

Google Home gets a bunch of new functionality, ranging from Netflix to Domino's Pizza

Dec 16, 3:44PM

google_home_demo-5 Amazon infiltrated the home when no one was looking with a smart assistant loaded on some low-price hardware, and now the competition has a whole lot of catching up to do. In this last push ahead of the holidays, Google is certainly making a valiant effort. The company’s Home hub has been available at retail since October, offering the promise of a whole lot of functionality on the way.… Read More

Amazon Fire TV's new look arrives today

Dec 16, 3:10PM

firetv2 Ready for your Fire TV to get a makeover? Amazon says it will today begin to roll out an update that will bring new user interface, described as a “more cinematic experience” to Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The revamped interface, which makes Fire TV look more like Netflix, was previewed earlier this fall, when Amazon released its latest Fire TV Stick.  Where before, navigation was… Read More

Twitter tests design that ditches retweet icon for "sharing"

Dec 16, 2:04PM

rt-redesign-1 Twitter last year ditched its iconic star button in favor of hearts for favorites, and now it is considering a revamp for its famous retweet button. Read More

London fintech startup Curve brings mobile wallet and all-your-cards-in-one app to Android

Dec 16, 1:22PM

curve-on-android After launching on iOS, all the way back in February, London fintech startup Curve has finally brought its wares to Android. Read More

Mercedes-Benz debuts Croove, its own car-sharing network

Dec 16, 1:03PM

mercedes-benz-next-croove_1280x686-1280x686 It’s become a well-trod refrain, but carmakers are looking at what comes after ownership, and car-sharing between individual owners and renters is one of those models. Mercedes-Benz has begun its own car-share service that adopts that approach – Croove, a platform that has now launched as a pilot in Munich, Germany. Croove is pure peer-to-peer car rental model, where renters use an… Read More

Evernote reverses privacy policy that allows employees to read users' notes

Dec 16, 10:59AM

evernote Evernote has walked back a controversial new privacy policy that allowed its staff to read content created by its users. Read More

2016 isn't done yet as Soylent powder goes back on sale

Dec 16, 10:50AM

soylent-powder It’s nearing the end of the year, but 2016 isn’t finished with us yet: Soylent powder has gone back on sale. Read More

America's problems are Silicon Valley's next investment

Dec 16, 4:30AM

rising-american-flag This week is the perfect opportunity for technology executives and investors to lead an open, public conversation about how we can innovate for all Americans, many of whom feel threatened by automation and technological progress. Read More

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