Saturday, December 3, 2016

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Avast Free Antivirus

Aug 17, 8:02AM

Avast Free Antivirus is happy to provide its users the tools and features they need to keep their PC from getting sick with malware....

Advanced SystemCare Free

Nov 11, 7:02AM

Advanced SystemCare 10 is an easy-to-use yet all-in-one Windows PC optimization utility. It helps clean, optimize, speed up and protect...

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

Mar 18, 2:32PM

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware combines powerful new technologies built to seek out, destroy, and prevent malware infections. Malwarebytes...

Use this Apple tool to check if your iPhone 6S is eligible for a new battery

Dec 01, 6:58PM

If you're having issues with your iPhone 6S randomly shutting off, Apple may replace it for free.

How to automate the enterprise: Your guide to getting started

Nov 01, 4:51PM

A look at the easiest way for businesses to start automating away inefficiencies and saving money.

How robots are filling worker shortages, replacing 'bad' jobs, and making work more rewarding

Nov 01, 4:47PM

>From manufacturing warehouses to dairy farms, robots have become woven into the business workflow. Here are lessons from four companies using blends of human and machine to get work done.

The best Raspberry Pi boards, accessories and alternative boards

Dec 01, 1:59PM

The Raspberry Pi might be the name that springs to mind when people think of single board computers for homebrew projects, but there are other boards out there worth considering. Also added are a selection of accessories to help you make more from your project board. (Updated Dec 1, 2016)

Researchers uncover algorithm which may solve human intelligence

Nov 29, 2:40AM

If we have the algorithm, we also have the key to true artificial intelligence.

Google Earth Timelapse: Now you can see how the planet has changed since 1984

Nov 30, 3:12PM

Each image in Google's new Timelapse frame contains a whopping 3.95 trillion pixels.

Photos: Is this half-ton monster the world's biggest microprocessor?

Dec 02, 1:06PM

Transistors shrinking in line with Moore's Law have given us ever more powerful and smaller computers, as well as today's smartphones. But no one said you need to stick to the idea that processors have to keep getting smaller and faster.

For privacy and security, change these iOS 10 settings right now

Oct 31, 7:22PM

Before you do anything on your new iPhone or iPad, you should lock it down. This is how you do it.

Avalanche botnet network struck down in global operation

Dec 02, 7:52AM

A concerted effort between law enforcement and cybersecurity firms has resulted in the destruction of a major botnet platform.

Western Digital's revamped Raspberry Pi hard drives lineup

Dec 01, 11:16PM

It's never been easier to equip your Raspberry Pi with a hard drive.

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