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Bose gets into the hearing aid headphone business

Dec 12, 5:32PM

testimonial When you’ve got a punny name as good as “Hearphones” (no Google, I did not mean “headphones”) in the chamber, you owe it to the world to deliver product. For Bose, the emerging space of hearing assisting headphones was the perfect place for that fun bit of word play. The company’s newly unveiled earbuds seem to occupy a similar spot as a number of emerging… Read More

Instagram brings live video broadcasts to all U.S. users

Dec 12, 5:30PM

instagram-live Instagram announced its Live video broadcasting features in November, which allow users to show your followers what you’re up to in real-time, and also let users browse for Live videos happening at this very moment as selected by Instagram algorithmically. Now, it’s making these features available to all users in the U.S. over the course of the next few days. The Live features live… Read More

HBO leads the Golden Globes again, as attention for Netflix and Amazon cools

Dec 12, 5:11PM

westworld The top two streaming services won’t be dominating the Golden Globes this year, despite the investments Netflix and Amazon have made into funding their own original content. In fact, Netflix is having a down year – with just five TV nominations, that’s the lowest number of nods it’s received since entering the race three years ago, Variety notes. Amazon also received… Read More

Jay-Z backed JetSmarter raises $105 million to become Uber for private jets

Dec 12, 5:00PM

JetSmarter JetShuttles 2 JetSmarter has raised $105 million in Series C funding, at a $1.5 billion pre-money valuation, to build its marketplace for private jet services according to Sergey Petrossov, the startup’s founder and CEO. The massive funding round will be used primarily for global expansion of JetSmarter in Asia and Latin America, Petrossov said, and increasing the number of routes and… Read More

Dropbox comes to Xbox, so you can stream photos and videos on your TV

Dec 12, 5:00PM

dropbox-tv Dropbox is launching a universal Windows app for Xbox, making it the first cloud storage provider to do so, says Microsoft. The app will allow its users to view and share their files, including photos and videos, from the TV. That means you’ll be able to stream your videos from Dropbox via your Xbox, without having to download a local copy. It also means that you’ll be able to… Read More

The StällDesk türns your boring tablë into an exciting ständing dësk

Dec 12, 4:45PM

scaled-6085 Around the neighborhood they call me a few things. Stinky John is one and Old Rattlepants is another. But what they really love to call me is Johnny Standing Desk. You see I learned the joys of standing desks early and the folks at StällDesk want you to follow in older Rattlepants’ footsteps. The StällDesk is basically an easy-to-assemble booster for your laptop, keyboard, and mouse. I… Read More

Adidas puts a limited number of its 3D printed running shoes up for sale

Dec 12, 4:16PM

credit-femsta Five or so months after showing off its 3D printing running shoes, Adidas is finally ready to put the things on sale – with, naturally, a few key caveats. First, they’re going to run $333. But let’s be honest, if you’ve been seriously eyeing the things since they were announced over the summer, you knew they weren’t going to come cheap. Also unsurprisingly, the… Read More

Facebook rolls out a lightweight web version of its photo-sharing service, Moments

Dec 12, 3:58PM

Facebook Moments When Facebook originally launched its photo-sharing service Moments, the idea was to offer friends and family a better way to send each other photos without having to post them more publicly on the social network itself. The mobile app has since become a moderate success, ranking #171 Overall on the iTunes App Store and #131 Overall on Google Play. Now, Facebook is making Moments a more… Read More

Super Nintendo World theme park at Universal Studios to open in Japan by 2020

Dec 12, 3:53PM

00000488_01 Mario’s got a date with Universal Studios theme parks, and the first concrete one is 2020: That’s the year Nintendo and Universal are targeting for the debut of the first of three Super Nintendo Worlds. The Nintendo themed areas at Universal parks in Orlando, Hollywood and Japan will host attractions, restaurants and shops, and the first will open in Osaka ahead of the Olympic Games… Read More

Big data expert Flavio Villanustre talks about the future of massive data stores

Dec 12, 3:52PM

Flavio Villanustre is an expert in Big Data. He and his team at an offshoot of LexisNexis created a massive open source product aimed at allowing first-timers to spin up huge data stores. The product, called HPCC, is a way to bring parallel computing and strong data processing to big data. The best thing? Flavio is a friendly guy with a lot of ideas about what it will take to bring big data… Read More

Panasonic's new shopping system automatically bags and tallies your bill

Dec 12, 3:28PM

panasonic For some reason I hate everything about grocery shopping, but I must share this hate with others since companies like Amazon, and now Panasonic are throwing a lot of tech at the problem. WSJ reports that Panasonic is working on a checkout setup for convenience stores that will scan items as you place them into your basket, and then automatically bag it all up for you at checkout so that all… Read More

UberPOOL streamlines matchmaking, pickups and driver-side features

Dec 12, 3:00PM

the_new_uber_app_photo_14 Uber is making some changes to how uberPOOL operates under the hood, which are designed to make connecting the dots between riders and drivers easier for a more streamlined experience overall. The changes are mostly hidden from the rider, as they involve backend upgrades in routing and matchmaking, as well as driver-oriented fixes to make it easier to manage driving POOL, but the end result… Read More

CoreOS updates it Tectonic container platform to make updates easy

Dec 12, 2:30PM

Aerial view of container terminal CoreOS today launched an update to its Kubernetes-based Tectonic container management service that makes it easy for its users to enable automatic updates of both Kubernetes itself and the containers it manages. Until now, it was surprisingly hard to keep a Kubernetes cluster updated without downtime. With this new service, which CoreOS calls “self-driving infrastructure,” users… Read More

Netflix lands on Google's Daydream VR

Dec 12, 2:15PM

unnamed Daydream got a long list of new apps and services last week, including HBO Now, but Netflix was listed only as “coming soon.” Now, the Netflix VR app has arrived, as a separate, standalone app that works with Daydream VR headsets, including the Google Daydream View. The VR version of Netflix for Daydream looks very similar to the one that was previously available for… Read More

Blackmore raises $3.5 million to build better eyes for your self-driving car

Dec 12, 2:12PM

self-driving-car-green A Bozeman, Montana startup called Blackmore Sensors and Analytics Inc. has raised $3.5 million to build Lidar systems that can help vehicles see more details about what’s in front of them than existing sensors do today. The company spun out of a research and development firm called Bridger Photonics that developed Lidar systems for micron-precise laser cutting and welding, originally,… Read More

Microsoft Ventures launches new fund for AI startups and backs Element AI incubator

Dec 12, 2:05PM

3D render of a robot trying to solve a wooden cube puzzle Microsoft Ventures today announced two steps that point to how the tech giant’s VC arm wants to get involved in artificial intelligence in a big way. First, it’s now going to pursue investments through a special fund dedicated to AI startups that focus on “inclusive growth and positive impact on society.” Second, it is the first announced backer for Element AI, a… Read More

Atomic AI helps marketers write better

Dec 12, 2:01PM

Photo: Getty Images/Eternity in an Instant/The Image Bank Marketers love to produce “content” (and they also love calling journalism “content,” but that’s a separate issue). There is nothing easy about writing, though, especially when you’re trying to get somebody to buy your product. Atomic.AI from Atomic Reach combines machine learning with real-time writing guidance to help marketers write better texts that… Read More

Microsoft had the best month for consumer Surface sales, partially credits MacBook 'disappointment'

Dec 12, 2:01PM

surface-book-i71 According to Microsoft, November marked the company’s best month for consumer Surface sales by volume (a list that excludes Surface Hub electronic whiteboard). The ever-growing line’s pre-holiday success was no doubt due in no small part to the recent arrival of the refreshed Surface Book and the brand new Surface Studio, the swiveling all-in-one that marks one of the more… Read More

The Galaxy Note 7 is getting a 30-percent charging limit in the UK, not a full bricking (yet)

Dec 12, 2:01PM

Galaxy Note 7 On Friday, Samsung loudly confirmed its plans to push a software update that would kill US-based Note 7s’ ability to charge – effectively rendering them useless when not plugged directly into a power source. It was a more decisive follow up to an earlier update that wouldn’t allow the phone to charge over 60-percent, attempting to wean those last few Note diehards off… Read More

Mojio raises another $7 million for its connected car platform

Dec 12, 2:00PM

motion__the_connected_car_app_by_mojio Vancouver, Canada-based Mojio started out as a connected car gadget and platform that wasn’t unlike Automatic and similar services. That approach didn’t really work out for the company, though, and in late 2015 Mojio pivoted from targeting consumers to going after the B2B2C market with a focus on its platform play. In the process, the company’s founder and CEO Jay Giraud… Read More

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