Saturday, December 17, 2016

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Silicon Valley is a state of mind

Dec 17, 6:00PM

Photo: Getty Images/Carlos Alkmin/Moment “Silicon Valley is a state of mind,” said Ambassador Pedro Borio, Consulate General of Brazil in San Francisco, during a recent address at the annual BayBrazil Conference. Borio spoke of the major growth in ties and similarities between Silicon Valley and Brazil over the last decade, a stormy tide of a national political scandal starting to ease and his prediction that Brazil… Read More

California Attorney General gives Uber notice on self-driving cars in San Francisco

Dec 17, 5:10PM

uber-self-driving-san-francisco-sf The California Department of Motor Vehicles sent Uber a notice asking it to terminate its pilot self-driving car service in San Francisco last week, but Uber has continued to operate its vehicles in spite of that order. Now, the California State Department of Justice has followed up, with an order from the Attorney General’s office that adds some teeth to the DMV’s earlier request.… Read More

Elon Musk might start a literal "boring company" to tunnel under traffic

Dec 17, 4:56PM

9499878360_fbbf82d39f_o Multi-CEO and future builder Elon Musk may have been so frustrated by sitting in traffic that he’s going to start yet another company – a boring one. Yes, boring – as in boring tunnels, using machine diggers to create undercut routes to alleviate surface traffic. Musk tweeted Saturday about being struck by inspiration for this new venture, making a series of… Read More

The top biotech stories of 2016

Dec 17, 4:30PM

elizabeth-holmes3 Biotech has been very hot this year as one of the fastest growing tech sectors as costs have plummeted, allowing innovation to speed up and bring us exciting innovations in health. But it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for investors. The many Theranos scandals became a primer on what not to do when building a billion-dollar biotech startup and then we had exciting IPO’s (and… Read More

Artificial intelligence finds its way into business through sales

Dec 17, 3:38PM

Woman over microchip circuits Artificial intelligence (AI) had a coming out party of sorts in 2016. Even though it has been in development for decades, this year, with the perfect combination of cheap computing power and access to increasing amounts of data, it seems AI’s time has come. Its first foray in business has been directed at making salespeople more efficient at every level of the sales workflow. If… Read More

Crunch Report | Soylent Is Back

Dec 17, 4:00AM

Super Mario Run is the most downloaded app in 24 hours on the App Store, Soylent is back with its reformulation and we now know why Facebook’s drone crashed. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Tesla introduces fee for lazy owners who leave their cars at Supercharger stations

Dec 17, 1:25AM

tesla-supercharger There’s nothing like driving your nearly-empty Tesla up to a Supercharger station for a top-up and finding every spot taken by other cars — probably all charged up and ready to go. Where are their drivers? How dare they? Tesla shares your anger and will soothe it by giving those drivers a different kind of charge. You know, the money kind. Read More

Weekly Roundup: Trump meets with tech leaders, Yahoo suffers another massive hack

Dec 17, 1:00AM

ubercar-11 This week, one could play Super Mario Run on iOS in a self-driving Uber if you lived in San Francisco. You could have also broadcast it live on Instagram or Snapchatted it to a group for the first time. These are the top stories in tech from this week, all in one place. Read More

Google Maps now notes if a location is wheelchair accessible

Dec 17, 12:14AM

google-maps-TC “Can I get in the building?” It might not be a question you find yourself asking regularly — but for the 3 million+ wheelchair users in the U.S., it’s a question that has to be considered. And starting now, it’s one that Google Maps is trying to help answer. “Wheelchair accessible entrance” will now be noted in a location’s… Read More

Uber continues self-driving vehicle testing in SF in defiance of DMV

Dec 17, 12:04AM

uber-small Uber won’t stop operating self-driving vehicles in San Francisco, despite an order from the California Department of Motor Vehicles to do just that. The DMV says Uber needs a permit to test its autonomous vehicles, but Uber argues that its vehicles aren’t autonomous at all and therefore it doesn’t need a permit. “We respectfully disagree with the California Department… Read More

Airbnb authorizes $153 million more funding

Dec 16, 11:39PM

FILE - In this April 19, 2016 file photo, Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky speaks during an announcement in San Francisco. Airbnb on Thursday, Sept. 8  apologized for its slow response to accusations of racism and outlined new policies to combat the problem, including reducing the prominence of photos in the booking process. "We have been slow to address these problems, and for this I am sorry," said Chesky in a message published on the vacation rental website's blog. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File) A new Delaware filing for Airbnb, identified by CB Insights, suggests that the travel service has authorized another $153 million in Series F shares. This implies that they might be raising an extension to their financing $555 million round from a few months back. The filing prices the shares at $105, consistent with the latest round, which was said to be about a $30 billion valuation. Uber is… Read More

TechCrunch's 2016 Gift Guide

Dec 16, 11:31PM

Read More

The relevance of media-streaming startups

Dec 16, 11:00PM

streaming video Times have changed, but public demand for innovative new access to entertainment hasn’t. Internet access and social networks have given consumers more options. Consumers, in turn, have started to play a bigger role in shaping the market. Now that we’re at a point where the entertainment/media market is saturated with streaming offerings, the next logical question is: Where do we… Read More

Motorola's hackathon-winning Moto Mods include a gamepad and skin-care monitor

Dec 16, 10:36PM

hackathonheroimage You’ve got to hand it to Motorola, the smartphone maker does appear committed to its nascent modular smartphone offering. The company launched the Moto Z back in July, alongside four magnetic backings — a projector, a set of JBL speakers, a battery pack and protective casing. Since then, the company has launched a Hasselblad zoom lens, a Mophie-branded battery and a car dock,… Read More

'Rogue One' transports viewers to a bigger Star Wars universe

Dec 16, 10:30PM

Rogue One Jyn Ersa For months, I insisted that I wasn’t going to see Rogue One. I was kind of a whiner about it: Yes, I did see The Force Awakens, and yes, I mostly liked it, but I kept telling friends that I didn’t need to buy a ticket to a new Star Wars movie every year for the rest of my life. I repeated that speech right up until I found out that a certain TechCrunch editor had… Read More

Trivago closes up 8% in public debut

Dec 16, 10:01PM

mo121616_hires-3 Hotel search site Trivago went public on Friday, after separating from Expedia. The company priced its shares at $11 and closed the day at $11.85, up 7.73 percent. But this was after pricing at $11 per share, below the $13 to $15 range that had been forecast. The company raised $287 million in the offering and plans to use the capital to focus on growth and potentially make strategic… Read More

Facebook Messenger strikes at Skype with desktop group voice calling

Dec 16, 9:27PM

facebook-party-call We might finally get to stop asking, “Wait, what’s your Skype name?” thanks to a test of new Facebook group audio calling on desktop. Facebook launched group voice calls on its mobile Messenger app in April, and now it’s working out the kinks to bring the feature to your home and office. It could become a useful alternative to traditional conference calls by… Read More

Managed By Q lands $30 million in Series C funding

Dec 16, 9:10PM

managedbyq1 Managed By Q, a service that automates office management, has raised $30 million in Series C funding, according to SEC filings. Managed By Q started off as a NY-based platform that let office administrators more efficiently deal with the tedious housekeeping of an office, from cleanings to supplies to IT to handy work, all from the web. >From there, office managers and admins can schedule… Read More

Obama defends White House handling of Russian hacking

Dec 16, 8:17PM

russia-hack In his final press conference of the year, President Barack Obama addressed intelligence community assessments that hackers, associated with the Russian government, tampered with the U.S. election in order to sway the victory to Donald Trump. He defended the White House’s handling of the situation. Read More

If only Huawei's handsome, high-tech Honor Magic phone was coming to the US

Dec 16, 8:03PM

huawei-honor-magic-1 Lucky China, always getting the good stuff. First pandas, and now the Huawei Honor Magic. This curvy beauty is packed with interesting tech, from a dual-camera system on the back to an eye-tracking sensor from Tobii on the front — and a whole lot of custom software in between. Read More

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