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Amazon may be listening in on all your conversations in your hotel room

Dec 14, 5:55PM

Wynn Las Vegas The Wynn Las Vegas hotel is adding an Amazon Echo to every one of its 4,748 rooms. A first for a hotel to do and a great way to market both the hotel and the Echo device. However, it also means, should you stay there, you’ll have a built-in surveillance device listening in on all your conversations whenever you are in the room. Call me crazy but there might be a few guests who… Read More

Is the tech world facing an apocalypse under President Trump?

Dec 14, 5:30PM

What can Silicon Valley expect from a Trump administration? According to tech policy expert Larry Downes, predicting this particular future is akin the world’s “worst game” of poker. “Everything is wild”, Downes says, because Trump has said next to nothing about technology. Anything could therefore happen, he suggests. It’s impossible to predict what,… Read More

The $300 New Matter Mod-T is more a toy than a 3D printer (but that's OK)

Dec 14, 5:20PM

scaled-6018 As 3D printing moves from the realm of hackers and hobbyists into the commonplace it’s clear that there is room for a 3D printer for students, kids, and schools. While many in the space are going for that lucrative if price-sensitive market, I think New Matter may have nearly nailed it with their Mod-T. This super-simple printer uses PLA to produce items that are not nearly as polished… Read More

Researchers use machine learning to pull interest signals from readers' brain waves

Dec 14, 4:57PM

Close Up of blue eye with computer circuit board lines, digital composite How will people sift and navigate information intelligently in the future, when there’s even more data being pushed at them? Information overload is a problem we struggle with now, so the need for better ways to filter and triage digital content is only going to step up as the MBs keep piling up. Read More

You can now shop Amazon from the Apple TV

Dec 14, 4:28PM

sc720x405-3 You still can’t watch Amazon Prime Video from your Apple TV, but you can now download an app in order to do some Amazon shopping from your television’s big screen. As to why you’d want to do such a thing, I couldn’t say. Maybe you left your phone in the other room? In any event, Amazon has this week rolled out a new Apple TV application called “Amazon App:… Read More

Kickstarter is open sourcing the code for its Android and iOS apps

Dec 14, 4:01PM

img_1096 Kickstarter is pulling back the curtain on its app development process. This morning, the crowdfunding platform is taking to its engineering blog to announce that it will be open sourcing the code for its native Android and iOS apps, in keeping with the company’s goal of giving startups a bit of a leg up. According to the company, inspiration for the idea arrived around the same time… Read More

Airbus' Vahana VTOL project asks what vehicle makes for the best self-flying taxi

Dec 14, 4:00PM

vahana-watermarked Airbus debuted Project Vahana earlier this year, an ambitious project designed with the specific intent of creating small, efficient vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) craft for use in dense urban environments with a target launch date of 2021. Now, the company is proceeding with its plans, and detailing its Trade Study, the first part of which asks what a functional VTOL that meets… Read More

Google Drive can now help you move to Android from iOS

Dec 14, 3:54PM

androidphone Getting people to leave behind their iPhones and move to Android is something Google has focused on more heavily in recent months. For example, its new Pixel smartphones ship with a “Quick Switch” adapter that let you easily transfer data between your iPhone and your new Pixel phone. For everyone else, Google has just released a tool that turns Google Drive into a useful utility… Read More

Instagram now lets you bookmark posts for later viewing

Dec 14, 3:21PM

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-10-17-32-am Instagram will now let you save your favorite posts from its service for later viewing via a new bookmarking button that appears below the posts in your feed. The idea is that there are times you’ll encounter content you’ll want to revisit – including, perhaps, a product you want to buy from one of Instagram’s advertisers. By tapping the bookmarking button, you’ll… Read More

Newer VC firms are trouncing their predecessors when it comes to diversity

Dec 14, 3:17PM

Photo: Getty Images/FotografiaBasica/iStock Over the last three months, the venture firm Social Capital has worked with the media outlet The Information to put together a look at the most diverse venture firms for the second year in a row. The teams say they gathered more than 6,000 data points about 580 senior investment professionals at the 72 most active U.S. venture firms to draw their conclusions. What they found, broadly… Read More

Logicworks raises $135M for its cloud automation and management platform

Dec 14, 3:00PM

Dataplace, Alblasserdam Cloud automation and managed service provider Logicworks today announced that it has raised a $135 million investment round led by Pamplona Capital. Logicworks’ own management team and its existing shareholders also participated in this round. The company says it’ll use the new influx of capital to fuel its national and international expansion, product development and —… Read More

Twitter now lets you broadcast live video from its mobile apps

Dec 14, 2:49PM

livevideo1 Twitter users will now be able to broadcast live video directly from their mobile apps, thanks to tighter integration with live streaming service Periscope, the companies announced this morning. Through updated iOS and Android applications, rolling out shortly, you’ll be able to tap a “LIVE” button directly from the compose screen where you write tweets, in order to… Read More

Uber's San Francisco self-driving pilot draws criticism from California DMV

Dec 14, 2:46PM

ubercar-5 Uber launched a small fleet of self-driving vehicles in San Francisco on Tuesday, but the second city to host the public test of the ride-hailing company’s work in this area isn’t quite as enthusiastic on the regulator side. California’s DMV, which has a practice of vetting companies testing autonomous driving technology on state roads and then granting permits to those who… Read More

Tech is moving beyond cities to focus on civic engagement in every U.S. county

Dec 14, 2:35PM

3145719177_e7a63acde9_o While gridlock has taken hold in a paralyzed Washington, D.C. mayors across the country are taking a pragmatic approach to solving local problems and its time for tech to reach out to them. “For years now, Washington, D.C., has been paralyzed by partisan gridlock… Rather than complaining, cities have started innovating, and we’ve seen this incredible appetite for ideas… Read More

Amazon starts Prime Air drone delivery trial in the UK — but only with two beta users

Dec 14, 2:26PM

amazon-prime-air_private-trial_ground-high-res Amazon today announced that it has started a small private drone delivery trial in the UK. It’s currently working with only two shoppers who can now order their goods by drone. Over time, Amazon plans to expand this trial to a few dozen — and later to hundreds — of shoppers who live within a few miles of its first Prime Air fulfillment center around Cambridge in the UK.… Read More

These new headphones let you talk to Amazon's Alexa anywhere you go

Dec 14, 2:17PM

tile-3 Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is slowly making its way out into the world, via third-party hardware that’s using Amazon’s developer tools to build it into their own products. That’s the case with OV, new headphones from OnVocal, a company that wants to make speaking to virtual assistants easier from anywhere. The headphones claim the title of the first to include… Read More

Docker open sources critical infrastructure component

Dec 14, 2:08PM

Docker logo Docker announced today that it was open sourcing containerd (pronounced Container D), making a key infrastructure piece of its container platform available for anyone to work on. Containerd, which acts as the core container runtime engine, is a component within Docker that provides “users with an open, stable and extensible base for building non-Docker products and container… Read More

LingoZING is trying to teach new languages through comics pages

Dec 14, 2:03PM

unnamed-1 I’m willing to try pretty much anything at this point, when it comes to learning another language. I took years worth of language classes, downloaded all the latest apps and even bought a Muzzy tape or two off of eBay – all to no avail. That last one in particular didn’t go great. LingoZING is, at its fairly silly name implies, an attempt to find some common ground… Read More

DxO One update will add multi-camera Facebook Live streaming

Dec 14, 2:00PM

dxo-fb-live_header2 The DxO One add-on camera accessory for iPhone really does get better with age; first, it gained remote Wi-Fi control, and now it’s announcing support for Facebook Live streaming directly within its companion iOS app through an update arriving early in 2017. That’s not all, though – it’ll support multi-camera switching for Facebook Live, using the DxO One itself, plus… Read More

Suiteness raises $5M to expand their hotel suite booking platform

Dec 14, 2:00PM

dream-presidential-suite-terrace Suiteness, a YC company that makes it easy to book hotel suites for groups, has raised $5M in Series A funding. The round was led by Bullpen Capital & Global Founders Capital, with participation from HVF (Max Levchin’s personal fund), YC’s Continuity Fund, Kima Ventures and Altair Capital. The company will use this capital to continue its expansion, and has announced 10 new… Read More

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