Tuesday, December 20, 2016

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Sling TV set to debut the AirTV Player, which combines local channels, Sling's service & Netflix

Dec 20, 6:13PM

airtv_device Reports that streaming TV service Sling TV is launching its own TV tuner box are now confirmed, thanks to the appearance of a landing page for the “AirTV Player” which has popped up on Sling TV’s website overnight. The new device promises the ability to receive local TV channels over the air through a digital antenna, combined with Sling TV’s streaming service and… Read More

Oracle senior staffer resigns after CEO joins Trump transition team

Dec 20, 6:12PM

Safra Catz, co-chief executive officer of Oracle Corp., gestures as she speaks during the Oracle OpenWorld 2014 conference in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014. Catz made her first remarks as Oracle co-CEO at the conference when she introduced Intel Corp. President Renee James, who also spoke. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images A senior staff member of Oracle Corp., George A. Polisner, has resigned after the enterprise tech titan’s co-CEO, Safra Catz, joined the Trump transition team and stated her enthusiasm for the president elect. As we reported last week, Trump recently convened a meeting of tech leaders and his children at Trump Tower in New York. Prior to the meeting Catz issued a public statement… Read More

Facebook's Instant Verification app login platform replaces two-factor where SMS fails

Dec 20, 6:02PM

facebook-account-kit Two-factor authentication via SMS code can be a huge headache if you’re somewhere that you can’t receive text messages, whether that’s a remote location or on a plane. So Facebook invented a new Android feature for its Facebook Login Account Kit third-party app login platform that lets developers easily verify the identity of returning users who signed up with a phone… Read More

Amazon's EC2 Container Service adds support for Windows Containers

Dec 20, 5:54PM

Container With the launch of Windows Server 2016 three months ago, Microsoft gave its users the ability to use the Docker engine to run containers on Windows server. This meant developers could now package their Windows executables into containers and run them on Windows Server (though obviously not on Linux machines), using the same Docker engine and commands they were already used to. Today, AWS… Read More

LG's MacBook Pro-focused 5K display goes on sale

Dec 20, 5:44PM

s-aolcdn It won’t arrive until well after the holiday, sure, but that fancy 27-inch display LG created for the new MacBook Pros is now officially available on Apple’s site. The new monitor, which was launched alongside a 4K model back in October during the MacBook Touch Bar event, marked a new approach for Apple, which has customarily created its own hardware for such occasions. The LG… Read More

Personalization company Dynamic Yield raises $22M and adds Baidu as an investor

Dec 20, 5:42PM

Dynamic Yield Dynamic Yield, a company offering tools to help online businesses deliver personalized experiences, has raised $22 million in series C funding. CEO Liad Agmon told me that he started Dynamic Yield (in 2011) because even existing personalization tools tended to be “point solutions for solving tactical problems.” With Dynamic Yield, on the other hand, Agmon wanted to deliver a… Read More

Watch Mark Zuckerberg's Morgan Freeman-voiced Jarvis AI in action

Dec 20, 5:38PM

zuckerberg-jarvis-ai Mark Zuckberberg has posted a new video of his homemade Jarvis AI assistant in action. The Facebook CEO detailed his progress with this project in a longer text post on Monday, but Tuesday’s video gives a better idea of how it actually works for Zuckerberg, his wife Priscilla Chan and their child, Max. The platform looks like a fairly capable voice-powered command center for the home in… Read More

Prisma launches a social feed to see if style can transfer into a platform

Dec 20, 5:30PM

Prisma Prisma, the app that popularized style transfer to apply art-esque filters to photos and videos after launching this summer, is finally attempting to turn itself into more than just a cool tool. In a big update being released today for its iOS and Android apps it’s adding it’s own social stream with a focus on location-based sharing. Read More

Transit app begins crowdsourcing data to provide accurate, real-time info

Dec 20, 5:22PM

1cxza4qr8yhtzj8yjy9spxa If you’ve ever used transit directions from any app, you’ll know that sometimes their estimates of how long a trip can take will be wildly inaccurate. That’s true for Transit, too – one of the best transit apps available, but Transit at least wants to do something about it, using crowdsourced data from its users to provide more accurate real-time info about how long… Read More

LaunchDarkly gets $8.7M to get access to the right features in front of right users

Dec 20, 5:00PM

The space shuttle Discovery lifts off April 5, 2010 at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Discovery will carry a multi-purpose logistics module filled with science racks for the laboratories aboard the International Space station.  (Photo: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images) LaunchDarkly originally launched to nail a big pain point for developers that has been a luxury at larger companies for a while — soft-launching features and new code for a small set of users seamlessly and being able to quickly roll them back. But since the company launched and last raised $2.6 million in June, CEO Edith Harbaugh and the team have found a new audience for that: the… Read More

Instagram Stories launches overlaid Stickers for locations, emoji, and seasons

Dec 20, 5:00PM

instagram-stickers Instagram is launching its answer to Snapchat geofilters, offering a way to spice up your photos and videos with Stickers that display basic location names, time, weather, and emoji. There’s also limited-time seasonal graphics like Christmas trees and Hanukkah menorahs, and a holiday candy cane paint brush. Instagram is also launching Story saving for downloading your last 24-hours of… Read More

Magna taps Innoviz for LiDAR to add to its autonomous driving system

Dec 20, 4:55PM

innovizone Global automaker supply leader Magna International is teaming up with LiDAR-maker Innoviz to help fill out its sensor fusion picture for self-driving vehicles, the companies announced Tuesday. The addition of Innoviz’s LiDAR sensor means Magna’s suite now includes carmakers, ultrasonic and RADAR fusion sensing capabilities, which essentially covers the range of available sensing… Read More

Nintendo Switch could more than double its graphics power when docked

Dec 20, 4:30PM

switch Nintendo is doing something interesting with its next console, the Switch, which is targeting a March 2017 release window. The Switch will be able to operate as a mobile game device, using its built-in 720p display, but it can also work as a home console when docked to a device that connects to your TV at home. New details have emerged based on developer hardware that suggest the Switch could… Read More

Super Mario Run sees 37 million downloads, $14 million in revenue in first 3 days

Dec 20, 4:09PM

super-mario-run Nintendo’s investors haven’t been happy with the performance of the new iPhone game, “Super Mario Run,” which has led to falling share prices over concerns with the game’s payment model. However, the game has still eked out a respectable share of downloads and revenue, according to new data from app intelligence firm App Annie. Looking back at the game’s… Read More

HTC is launching something just after CES

Dec 20, 4:04PM

HTC Mixed Reality There’s probably something to be said for skipping CES altogether – or at the very least, saving your big news for another week. After all, there’s no better week of the year to get completely buried beneath an avalanche of product announcements. HTC’s apparently not waiting long, however. The Taiwanese hardware maker is apparently planning to announce something big… Read More

EFF urges companies to prepare for more surveillance and censorship

Dec 20, 3:42PM

defend-encryption-cyan-1 The Electronic Frontier Foundation – a group of tech pioneers trying to keep the Internet open and free – have published an open letter to tech companies pleading them to prepare for an era of increased Internet surveillance and censorship. The EFF is citing statements by Trump and his advisors regarding Internet control, net neutrality, and freedom of speech and the press. They… Read More

Good luck getting an Amazon Echo for the holidays if you haven't already ordered

Dec 20, 3:35PM

Amazon Echo Dot You’re no doubt familiar with the correlation between snoozing and losing. The law seems to be in full effect for Amazon’s wildly popular Echo offerings in these final few days ahead of the holidays. The Alexa-hosting connected home line looks is pretty much out of stock across the board through Amazon’s site – the Echo, the Echo Dot and Tap are all listed as being back… Read More

The U.S. Navy is using drone boat swarms to keep harbors safe

Dec 20, 3:28PM

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-10-26-50-am The U.S. Navy is testing a team of drone boats to protect harbors here and abroad. The boats, which are basically autonomous versions of the Rigid Hull Inflatable, are connected to a AI routing system called CARACaS. In original 2014 tests the boats worked separately to protect ships in a harbor and the new routing system now allows them to swarm as a team to surround and neutralize threats.… Read More

First Round pushes the holiday video meme to the max

Dec 20, 3:00PM

First Round Capital has become known for many things in its 12-year-history, like the high marks it receives from founders; the smart content it produces; and the newer annual, “state of startups” reports it publishes. The early-stage venture firm also reliably puts together one of the more memorable video cards every December, one that it uses to showcase all of the founders to… Read More

TPG is raising $2 billion for a social impact fund called Rise

Dec 20, 2:51PM

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-9-47-59-am Bill McGlashan, who oversees TPG Growth — the growth investing platform of the global firm TPG — is reportedly fundraising right now for a $2 billion vehicle called Rise that will seek both financial and social returns. He tells Dealbook the fund was inspired by bets TPG Growth has already made, including in a cellphone tower company in Myanmar called Apollo Towers that helped… Read More

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