Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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4K movies come to the Google Play Movies & TV app

Dec 06, 5:30PM

It may be getting a late start, compared with streaming services from Amazon and Netflix, but today Google Play Movies & TV is adding 4K movies to its content library. Google says there are now over 125 movies in 4K resolution, using VP9, available for purchase via its web or mobile storefront. These can be streamed via a Chromecast Ultra, Sony Bravia Android TV, or Xiaomi Mi Box 3.… Read More

What's next for tech companies in the Brexit debate

Dec 06, 5:18PM

steve-hilton-crowdpac-and-daniel-korski2 Crowdpac’s Steve Hilton, a passionate advocate of Brexit, has few points of agreement with Daniel Korski, a former advisor to David Cameron and an organizer of the Remain campaign. But the two could agree on at least one thing — the U.K. is headed for a so-called hard Brexit that will have negative ramifications for the technology and business sectors. “My sense is that they… Read More

Zenly lays out its plan to become a must-have social media app

Dec 06, 5:15PM

antonine-martin-zenly6 French-based location sharing app Zenly hopes to be the next Snapchat and co-founder Antoine Martin came onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt London to talk about how it plans to get there. The original idea came from Foursquare check-ins but Zenly allows users to check-in and share their location with friends and family. Martin spent two to three years with ex-Google and Apple engineers perfecting… Read More

Arago's AI can now beat some human players at complex civ strategy games

Dec 06, 5:13PM

hiro-freeciv Arago’s flagship HIRO AI product plays Freeciv, a free civilization building simulation that’s based on the popular and long-lived Sid Meier’s Civilization series of games – and it’s getting more skilled. Freeciv is a complex, sprawling game with a huge number of possible strategies that can lead to success, especially when playing against unpredictable human… Read More

Windows 10 Creators update loads up on features for IT

Dec 06, 5:00PM

can_9787 Microsoft announced a slew of goodies today for its upcoming Windows 10 Creators update, designed to please IT admins and simplify management of Windows 10 inside large enterprises. Microsoft has been trying to get enterprise companies — you know the ones with lots of users — to make the switch to Windows 10. They claim, even before this announcement, the number of… Read More

Pepo, Jason Goldberg's social media app, raises $2.35M from his old Fab.com backers

Dec 06, 4:37PM

jason-goldberg-pepo2 Jason Goldberg — a founder that may be as well known for his high-profile startups (Fab.com, Fabulis, Jobster) as his failures and pivots (Hem, Fab.com, Fabulis, Jobster) — earlier this year stepped up to the batting plate once again with Pepo, a group social messaging app that lets you post, read and interact with content based on specific interests. Today, he’s… Read More

Netflix rolls out video previews worldwide, but only on its TV app

Dec 06, 4:34PM

netflix-tv Netflix is rolling out a new user interface for its app for televisions and streaming media players which will now include video previews, instead of still images. The previews will appear when you’re browsing through the library looking for something to watch, and pause on a specific title. Video previews are something Netflix began testing more broadly earlier this year, so… Read More

European Commission clears the way for Microsoft-LinkedIn deal

Dec 06, 4:14PM

microsoft linkedin Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn looks like it’s ready to go. The company’s Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith just announced that the deal has been cleared by the European Commission — the last regulator that needed to sign off on the deal. “As a result, we’ve now obtained all of the regulatory approvals needed to complete the acquisition,… Read More

Musical.ly defends its handling of young users, as it races past 40M MAUs

Dec 06, 4:12PM

alex-zhu-musical-ly4 The CEO of Musical.ly, the lip syncing app that’s become a major with youngster worldwide, has defended the way it manages its users, some of whom are younger than 13 years, while also revealing that the service now has over 40 million monthly active users. Read More

Samsung scores an 8-0 Supreme Court ruling in Apple patent case

Dec 06, 4:03PM

samsung galaxy s7 This morning’s Supreme Court ruling was nothing if not decisive. The nation’s highest court handed down an 8-0 ruling in favor of the South Korean smartphone maker in its on-going legal battle against its chief competitor. The case, which dates back to 2011, centers around design patents. Apple sued the phone maker over hardware and software design, including, notably, the use of… Read More

Google updates its search app, makes your personalized feed the main screen

Dec 06, 4:00PM

google-android-app Google’s flagship mobile application is getting a big makeover today, with a focus on making it easier to separate the things you need to know about – like upcoming appointments or flights -from the things you’re interested in, like news, sports, and entertainment. The app still maintains its previous card-style design, but it now offers two different sections to better… Read More

Workplace by Facebook seeks work life balance

Dec 06, 3:47PM

julien-codornious-facebook5 Workplace by Facebook officially launched six weeks ago and director Julien Codorniou came onstage at Disrupt London today to talk about how the platform is responding to and building features to reduce interruption at work. Workplace is both a desktop and mobile app much like Facebook, but for your colleagues to socialize and communicate. The platform sports the same features as its friends… Read More

Longtime VC Michael Goguen slapped with an even stranger lawsuit

Dec 06, 3:35PM

Michael-Goguen-sequoia Michael Goguen — a longtime venture capitalist whose career at Sequoia Capital ended earlier this year after he was sued in a salacious breach of contract suit that accused him of sexually mistreating a woman named Amber Baptiste and then refusing to honor a financial arrangement they made afterward — has been hit with yet another strange lawsuit. But this one has a surprise… Read More

Sonos Spotify app support is now live for all

Dec 06, 3:23PM

spotifyonsonos_full Just over a month after making it available to a select number of users through public beta, long-awaited third-party app support for Spotify is officially official. The feature, which was first announced in August, brings the native Spotify experience to the streaming music hardware – a much requested feature in light of the somewhat awkward work around that accessed the music library… Read More

Facebook Workplace announces enterprise collaboration app platform

Dec 06, 3:17PM

facebook-workplace Facebook will compete directly with Slack through a full-fledged new collaboration app platform built atop its pay-per-user enterprise communication product Workplace. Exclusively announced on stage today at TechCrunch Disrupt London, the Facebook Workplace platform will support integration with apps for CRM, file sharing, email, calendars and more. By allowing clients’ IT teams to… Read More

Google says it will hit 100% renewable energy by 2017

Dec 06, 3:13PM

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-3-09-33-pm Green energy projects for data centers and other facilities are goals for a lot of tech companies, but one of the largest – Google – now says it’s going to tip the scale at 100% renewable energy powering its entire global operations by 2017. Google notes this will include both its data centers and its corporate offices. How’d it get here? Google kicked off its… Read More

Instagram fights abuse with comment disabling and liking

Dec 06, 3:00PM

instagram-cleans-up Twitter’s sluggish approach to combating harassment looks even slower today as Instagram pushed its third round of safety features this quarter. The company announced this morning three new features aimed at giving Instagram users more control over their accounts and the way they interact with others on the service. This includes the ability to turn off comments on individual posts,… Read More

One Drop's smart glucose monitoring hardware gets a green light from the FDA

Dec 06, 3:00PM

unspecified Last summer, One Drop raised $8 million in Series A funding for its diabetes management app. At the time, the company said the money would go, in part, to developing hardware designed specifically for its mobile health software. The result is the Chrome, a glucose monitoring system that, well, looks pretty slick, so far as glucose monitoring systems go. It’s a four-piece set that… Read More

Citymapper will start monetizing in 2017

Dec 06, 2:59PM

azmat-yusuf-citymapper Citymapper founder and CEO Azmat Yusuf took the stage today at TechCrunch Disrupt London to talk about the future of cities and Citymapper. Now that the startup works in dozens of cities, it plans to start monetizing in 2017. While Citymapper is a mobile star in Europe and most people living in big cities are using it every day to use public transportation, it has been a long ride. Originally,… Read More

Anti-aging pill startup Elysium Health inks at least $20 million in Series B funding

Dec 06, 2:10PM

elysium health Elysium Health markets a pill formulated with ingredients it says will keep you feeling young and, according to a source close to the matter and documents obtained by TechCrunch, the startup has closed on $20 million in Series B financing at what we’re told is a $157 million valuation, some from an ARCH Venture Partners investor. Reached for comment, Elysium suggested that our… Read More

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