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I have a lot of feelings about the new 'Ghost in the Shell' movie

Mar 30, 11:11PM

Ghost in The Shell Will you enjoy the new version of Ghost in the Shell? Depends on what you want when you go to the movies. If, like me, you’re mostly hoping to see something new, well, you’re in for a treat: This is one of the best-looking science fiction films in years. Yes, many of the shots were clearly inspired by the Japanese film, but director Rupert Sanders and his team have translated… Read More

Uber's Anthony Levandowski invokes Fifth Amendment rights in Waymo suit

Mar 30, 11:04PM

 Uber executive and Otto co-founder Anthony Levandowski is asserting his Fifth Amendment rights in regard to a lawsuit filed by Waymo against Uber, which accuses the company and Levandowski of stealing technology related to autonomous vehicles from the Google self-driving car project prior to his departure. A lawyer for Levandowski told the court that the engineer would exercise his Fifth… Read More

SpyBiotech, which makes a 'superglue' for vaccines, raises £4M from GV and Oxford

Mar 30, 11:02PM

 The startup bug has hit the world of biotechnology, and the latest victim is a business that is building a “super glue” — coincidentally, for bug-combatting vaccines. SpyBiotech — a startup spun out of Oxford University that has developed way to bond antigens to viruses and other particles to make vaccines — has announced £4 million ($5 million) in funding… Read More

SpaceX's reused Falcon 9 rocket nails the landing for a second time

Mar 30, 10:42PM

 SpaceX has completed the other key ingredient of its historic flight today, recovering its Falcon 9 rocket via its floating drone barge. This is a huge accomplishment because it already did this once before – with the same rocket, on the same barge, when it landed last year following a successful launch during a resupply mission to the International Space Station. The recovery of the… Read More

Blue Apron could deliver an IPO in 2017, but should it?

Mar 30, 10:32PM

 Meal kit makers Blue Apron may be preparing to file for a 2017 IPO, according to Reuters. The report says that the food startup has hired bankers from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup to this end. The whole thing has stirred up quite the conversation over here at TechCrunch, and we’ve been arguing amongst ourselves about the likelihood that the Blue Apron IPO happens soon, or… Read More

SpaceX successfully re-launches an orbital Falcon 9 rocket for the first time

Mar 30, 10:32PM

 SpaceX has succeeded in re-launching one of its Falcon 9 rockets for the first time ever, an undertaking that saw the first ever reflight of an entire orbital class rocket ever, by anyone. The achievement is a key ingredient in SpaceX’s long-term business plan for making rocket launches more affordable and accessible to corporate and government customers, fundamentally changing the… Read More

Booze investors favor apps, gadgets and biotech

Mar 30, 10:13PM

 Archaeological records show humans have been making alcohol since at least 7000 BC. We figured out wine more than 6,000 years ago. By the time the ancient Egyptians entered the scene, brewers were making at least 17 types of beer. Nonetheless, it appears we are not done innovating: Booze-related startups continued to rack up funding in the past year. Read More

Watch SpaceX's first launch with a reused Falcon 9 rocket right here

Mar 30, 10:10PM

 SpaceX is launching a Falcon 9 rocket at 6:27 PM EDT (3:27 PM PDT) today, provided all goes to plan. The company has launched many Falcon 9 rockets in the past, but this time is a bit different – the rocket in this case has already been launched once before, and will now carry a payload for commercial client SES for its second go-around. You can watch the whole thing unfold above… Read More

With $500K in financing, The Perspective wants to unite a divided media world

Mar 30, 9:47PM

 How did a former comedy writer and marketing executive wind up tackling the thorny problem of our politically fragmented modern society? For Daniel Ravner, the 41-year-old founder of The Perspective, the answer was in the last election. The concept is relatively simple — basically create a media and opinion site that is predicated on the now-quaint notion of the fairness doctrine. Read More

CRV puts advanced bioengineering in its shopping basket

Mar 30, 8:57PM

 CRV, an early-stage venture firm that made headlines last year for its stance on then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign, is looking to get out a new (non-political) message: It’s diving more deeply into the business of AI-driven biotech. Read More

Baidu's AI team taught a virtual agent just like a human would their baby

Mar 30, 8:52PM

 Baidu’s artificial intelligence research team has achieved a significant milestone: teaching a virtual agent ‘living’ in a 2D environment how to navigate its world using natural language commands, by first teaching it language through positive and negative reinforcement. The especially exciting thing, according to the scientists, is that the agent ended up developing a… Read More

Embattled Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey leaves Facebook

Mar 30, 8:44PM

 Palmer Luckey is out at Facebook. The Oculus co-founder, who helped kickstart the recent VR craze with a prototype headset built out of his parents’ garage, has left the company after a year that heralded the launch of the consumer Oculus Rift but also a number of lawsuits and a pro-Trump meme scandal. Read More

RydenGo gets ready to take on Lyft and Uber

Mar 30, 8:31PM

 RydenGo is cooking up a new model for ride hailing. Rather than taking a commission, RydenGo will charge drivers a flat $20 per month subscription fee. The driver keeps the fare they charge and any tips they earn. Read More

Roboteam is building a 10,000-strong robot army for your home

Mar 30, 7:44PM

 At this very moment, there’s someone working away in a factory somewhere in Shenzhen or at a manufacturing plant in Israel, or maybe even a facility in Gaithersburg, Md., prepping the assembly of one of the 10,000 robots that a small Israeli company wants to bring into the world this November. Read More

The enterprise strikes back

Mar 30, 7:37PM

Light saber over NY Stock Exchange. You might have missed it amidst Snap’s noisy consumer debut, but enterprise-facing IPOs put points on the board during the first quarter of 2017, even more than their consumer-focused siblings. In fact, the group may be set to dominate the year’s offerings. For startups working to sell to large corporations, their investors and their tens of thousands of employees, it’s… Read More

Clinton and Rubio allegedly targeted by Russian hackers

Mar 30, 7:16PM

 Sen. Marco Rubio announced during a Senate Select Intelligence Committee hearing today that members of his former presidential campaign were targeted by hackers from IP addresses located in Russia. Thomas Rid, a professor at King’s College, also testified at the hearing that Russian attacks on the Clinton campaign were more widespread than previously known. Read More

Google bets on AI in Canada with Google Brain Toronto and Vector Institute investment

Mar 30, 5:07PM

 Google is contributing to the $150 million going into The Vector Institute, a new initiative housed at the University of Toronto, guided by chief scientific adviser Geoffrey Hinton. The Institute is getting started today, with significant investment from the governments of Canada and the province of Ontario. Google’s contribution is around $5 million, but it’s likely the future of… Read More

Dropbox reportedly secures a $600 million credit line

Mar 30, 4:54PM

 Preteen unicorn Dropbox needs some cash real quick, so the company just secured a $600 million credit line according to a new Bloomberg report. This could be the company’s last “funding” round before its initial public offering. According to Bloomberg, Dropbox is thinking about going public before the end of the year. According to what we’ve heard, the timeline… Read More

Scheduled is a new app that lets you schedule your text messages

Mar 30, 4:52PM

 Want to remember to tell a friend happy birthday, good luck or congratulations? Had a follow-up question for a client that just occurred to you at 1 AM? Want to write a heartfelt thank you to be texted at a later date? Unfortunately, neither SMS nor most messaging apps – including iMessage – allow you to draft a text in advance and schedule it to be sent out on a later date. But… Read More

The TC Trivia Throwdown is next week in NYC!

Mar 30, 4:42PM

 Not gonna lie: I love trivia. I’m a huge fan of any competitive activity, but trivia is definitely in my top three. If you don’t believe me, just check my DVR — it’s essentially this season of Survivor and dozens of episodes of Jeopardy. So I’m thrilled to spread the word about our upcoming TC Takes Manhattan event, which includes the Trivia Throwdown with… Read More

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