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3 habits of successful language learners

Mar 05, 7:00PM

Wall of hieroglyphics Roughly 1.2 billion people worldwide are currently learning a foreign language. If you are one of them, this article is for you. Whether you are learning to improve your job prospects, do better in school, get ready for a trip abroad or even just for fun, there are three common habits that all successful language learners share. Read More

Fresh with cash, Anand Sharma's Gyroscope is building the backend to the journey of you

Mar 05, 5:43PM

screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-7-24-40-pm Gyroscope founder Anand Sharma seems pretty content when we meet up for a walk to The Mill, a hip cafe known for its $4 toast in San Francisco’s NOPA neighborhood. It’s a rare sunny day in the city and his startup is growing. His self-tracking platform with a sleek UI has added a genetics and step tracking component and soon blood tracking. He’s also closed on a small sum… Read More

Trying out Prisma's new photo filter store

Mar 05, 5:25PM

Prisma store Photo filter app Prisma released an update this week giving users a new way to browse all the different styles available. And for select users, there’s also a way to create styles of their own. While it’s calling the new interface a “store,” the Prisma isn’t actually charge you for filters. Instead, it says the store is a new way to browse styles, particularly… Read More

Hollywood producers and executives: what do they know? Do they know things? Let's find out!

Mar 05, 2:00PM

hollywoo-ottoman-bojack Did you watch the Oscars? Did you care about the Oscars? Statistically, if you’re American, you cared 25% less than 10-15 years ago. US movie theaters sold 5.5 tickets per capita to the American public in 2002, a number which has since declined to 4.1 in 2016. The overall box office looks healthy, thanks to ticket price inflation, but behind the headline numbers, Hollywood is not what was. Read More

Secure messaging startup Symphony looks to expand the industries playing in its orchestra

Mar 05, 12:30PM

5443976216_4940858c84_b The secure communications technology company, Symphony, is expanding its customer base. Read More

Researcher finds bug that allowed free Uber rides

Mar 04, 11:10PM

Photo: Richard Boll/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images Uber has patched a bug in its code that allowed a researcher — and anyone else who might’ve discovered the problem — to hail Uber rides without paying for them. Anand Prakash, a security researcher, discovered the bug in August and received permission from Uber to test it in the U.S. and India. He was able to successfully exploit the bug, getting free rides in… Read More

As Snap ascended, these rival apps faltered

Mar 04, 10:30PM

Photo #: 259232  Date Taken:  11-26-1952  Description: 3-D Movie Viewers. Formally-attired audience sporting 3-D glasses during opening night screening of film "Bwana Devil," the 1st full-length  color 3-D (aka "Natural Vision") motion picture, at Paramount Theater.  City: HOLLYWOOD  State: CA  Country: US  Photographer: J. R. EYERMAN/TimePix VCs have invested hundreds of millions in messaging companies that either haven’t raised a round for the past couple years, have folded, or don’t show evidence of expanding much beyond a niche user base. It’s probably too soon to write off many as failed investments. But it is safe to say these are not companies generating a lot of buzz in startup circles. Read More

Why newspaper subscriptions are on the rise

Mar 04, 10:00PM

Newsboy wearing flat hat holding newspaper and shouting to sell.Megaphone in right hand, and newspapers in left hand.Model is wearing red suspenders.The image was shot with Hasselblad H4D So much for the death of the newspaper industry. A recent study found that more than 169 million U.S. adults read newspapers every month, in print, online or mobile. That’s almost 70 percent of the population. Why are readers and publishers alike embracing paid subscriptions for content services over ad-based business models? Read More

Facebook tests reactions and Dislike button (!) on messages

Mar 04, 6:39PM

messenger-reactions Facebook finally has a Dislike button, but it’s not where you’d expect. How do you reply to a specific message in a rapid-fire chat thread? Facebook wants you to attach emojis to your friends’ messages the same way you do with News Feed posts.     TechCrunch reader Hoan Do sent us a tip that Facebook Messenger is showing some users a Reactions option. When you… Read More

Why we're ditching Demo Days

Mar 04, 6:00PM

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Demo Days are not the best way to help most entrepreneurs get the funding they need. And in the long run, they are not helpful for investors, or the broader ecosystem — in fact, they aggravate blind spots that investors already face. We need to rethink how we innovate, not just what type of innovation we’re looking for. Read More

Stanford student launches on-demand startup for 'emergency' items like deodorant and hangover cures

Mar 04, 5:37PM

jetpack Imagine you’ve come down with a cold while you’re away on a trip. You don’t necessarily want to buy a box of Kleenex, a full pack of Sudafed (or whatever decongestant you’re into) knowing that you have all these supplies at home, but just not currently with you. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could just bring you a sample size of tissue, a couple of Sudafeds and… Read More

Meet the tiny phone company that's making modularity sustainable

Mar 04, 4:00PM

fairphone-mwc-2017-8 With retro phone brands Nokia and Blackberry remerging at Mobile World Congress this year you’d be forgiven for thinking Mistress Fortune was up to her old wheel-spinning tricks again. And as old tech becomes tech news again, it’s a sign — say some — that smartphone innovation is on the scrap heap. But a commoditized smartphone market offers fresh opportunities if you… Read More

In the new age of ubiquitous connectivity the message is the medium

Mar 04, 3:30PM

Man watching video on monitors In the new internet age, contextual content is king and no single platform wears a crown. Read More

For trans people in tech, it's complicated when the industry suddenly cares

Mar 04, 2:30PM

8206734246_75149a2eb2_b When Yelp added a way for its trans and gender non-conforming users to find safe restrooms, it felt like a mixed blessing for a community that’s used to being ignored. Over time, Yelp’s feature will provide a robust database of public bathrooms — the kind the transgender community has been building for itself for years. While just about everyone can agree that having… Read More

Crunch Report | NBCUniversal Invests $500 Million in Snap

Mar 04, 4:00AM

NBCUniversal invests $500 million in Snap, Jeff Bezos has plans for a Moon expedition, Uber plans to turn its app into a content marketplace and more Uber troubles. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Mixed reality arcades are the next big market opportunity — but not for VCs

Mar 04, 12:00AM

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 15:  Attendees participate in VR virtual reality during E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 at Los Angeles Convention Center on June 14, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/WireImage) Mixed reality arcades can be a huge boon for VR adoption, and I’m confident there will be profitable ventures created in these immersive arcade experiences. But the path to profitability will be a long one. Because VCs typically shy away from capex-intensive industries, I don’t see VCs as the right backers to see these exciting experiences to market. Read More

Amazon shuts down its cable store, probably because ISPs are awful

Mar 03, 11:42PM

amazon-cable-store Remember that time when Amazon decided it wanted to sell you internet service and cable TV? Well, that’s done now. Yep, Amazon’s “Cable Store” is no more. As you may recall, around a year ago, the online retailer launched a “cable store” website where it began reselling a variety of Comcast’s services, including its internet, TV and phone bundles. The… Read More

Uber's VP of product and growth has left the company

Mar 03, 10:31PM

BEIJING, CHINA - 2016/10/08: UBER art station in Beijing CBD.  There are 8 UBER art stations in Beijing, each with a sculpture made by some of China's promising modern designers, provided especially for the carpooling riders and drivers to gather and find each other easily. (Photo by Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images) Ed Baker, Uber’s VP of product and growth, has resigned from Uber, Recode first reported. Uber declined to comment on the story but TechCrunch has confirmed that Baker has left the company, and that Daniel Graf, Uber’s head of marketplace, will be the interim head of product and marketplace. “I have always wanted to apply my experience in technology and growth to the… Read More

How hackers turned a Cape Cod fishing guide's site into a host for e-commerce fraud

Mar 03, 10:00PM

Eric Stapelfeld, the fishing guide Cape Cod fishing guide Eric Stapelfeld trusted me to look after his website the same way that I trust him to find fish. Until a few weeks ago, I believed I had the easier part of the bargain. After all, what’s hard about maintaining a simple WordPress site with a phone number and lots of striped bass pictures? As it turns out, everything is hard, really hard, when hackers go to work on… Read More

The 8 virtual reality films I can't wait to experience at Tribeca Film Fest 2017

Mar 03, 9:43PM

c6azaiqxqaez6lo With virtual reality, Hollywood and Silicon Valley have never been more closely aligned in their desire to push the boundaries of how people emotionally interact with technology. Video games may be drawing in a huge deal of interest but there are also an army of filmmakers and creatives looking at how they can use VR to draw viewers in and experience something breath-taking. Today, Tribeca… Read More

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