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Zero Motorcycles CTO Abe Askenazi on the future of two-wheeled EV's

Mar 23, 10:49PM

 Electric cars and buses have already begun to take over the world, as evidenced by daily sightings of EV brands like Tesla, Prius, Bolt and Proterra on US roads. But two-wheeled EV’s are still a rare sight. The motorcycle industry has been much slower to put out all-electric and hybrid models relative to peers in automotive. Big brands like Harley, Honda and Ducati don’t have EV… Read More

Post Intelligence says it can make your tweets better

Mar 23, 10:42PM

Post Intelligence robot Social media can be hard. I’m not speaking hypothetically here. There have definitely been days where I’ve thought, Shoot, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted on Instagram or Twitter — and then completely failed to post anyway because I had nothing to say. Maybe I would’ve done better if I’d used Post Intelligence. I’ve seen plenty of… Read More

Theranos is offering investors Elizabeth Holmes' shares if they promise not to sue

Mar 23, 10:33PM

 One way Theranos is hoping to stay afloat is by offering double the shares — including some of founder Elizabeth Holmes own shares — to investors if they promise not to sue. Theranos is knee-deep in an avalanche of lawsuits from investors and consumers of its blood testing products after it was discovered the tests had an accuracy problem and didn’t meet with the companies… Read More

Senators reintroduce a bill to improve cybersecurity in cars

Mar 23, 9:18PM

Kia Motors autonomous driving technologies Senators Ed Markey of Massachusetts and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut have reintroduced the Security and Privacy in Your Car (SPY Car) Act of 2017. The SPY Car Act places the onus for automotive cybersecurity and privacy standards on the shoulders of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Trade Commission. Read More

Online ticket marketplace Vivid Seats is looking to sell for $1.5 billion

Mar 23, 8:48PM

 Online secondary ticket marketplace Vivid Seats is looking for a buyer and they’re hoping to fetch a price of about $1.5 billion, TechCrunch has learned. According to multiple sources, private equity firm Vista Equity Partners is working with Morgan Stanley to unload Vivid, which could net a tidy profit for the firm a little over a year after acquiring the business for about $850 million. Read More

MIT researchers take a cue from color-changing beetles in quest to 3D print robot skin

Mar 23, 8:35PM

 When Subramanian Sundaram’s team hit a roadblock in its quest to build a 3D-printed robot, it turned, as roboticists often do, to nature. The team of MIT researchers drew inspiration for the latest step in the process from the golden tortoise beetle — a North America beetle species with a unique form of camouflage. Read More

The FCC is talking about everything but the imminent repeal of its internet privacy rules

Mar 23, 7:55PM

 It was a productive meeting at the FCC: Chairman Pai talked about putting pressure on phone scammers, preventing phone smuggling in prisons and improving mobile service. But one thing he didn’t want to talk about was the vote taking place in the Senate that very moment that would overturn privacy rules bigger and more important than anything on the agenda. Read More

How Everette Taylor went from a homeless college dropout to chief marketing officer at Skurt

Mar 23, 7:30PM

 There are roughly 58,000 homeless students on college campuses in the United States (according to the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth [NAEHCY] and Free Application for Federal Student Aid [FAFSA]). That number could actually be much higher, given students’ reluctance to disclose any issues with their housing. That same dynamic is also in play… Read More

Startups downplay tobacco as they talk up cannabis

Mar 23, 7:15PM

 Shops patronized by pot smokers have a long tradition of labeling their pipes and vaporizers “for tobacco use only.” But startups developing smoking and vaping gear are basically asking customers to put their weed in it. Self-described cannabis product companies are raising capital in droves, while funding for startups in the e-cigarette space has all but, well, vaporized. Not a… Read More

Acer's S 13 makes the case for the inexpensive ultrabook worth having

Mar 23, 7:03PM

 Acer has made a lot of ultrabooks, but the only one worth mentioning is the current S 13. Priced aggressively even for the “high-end” model, as configured, it sports a slim profile, backlit keys and a Core i7 processor. Acer is taking the perks of owning a pricier machine and making them more accessible, creating an ultrabook that’s a good value without a ton of compromises. Read More

Samsung is aiming to widen access to contactless payments

Mar 23, 6:24PM

 While Samsung’s most high profile contactless payment push is the eponymous Samsung Pay — aka its mobile payments product, which competes with the likes of Apple Pay and Android Pay — the company is today bigging up another approach it’s backing, with the not so catchy name of Contactless Companion Platform (CCP). Read More

Revolut launches a premium subscription and starts raising a new round

Mar 23, 6:19PM

 Fintech startup Revolut has been a free service and that’s not going to change. But the company is adding a premium tier with more features for £6.99/€8.50/$8.50 per month in 42 European countries. If you sign up to the new “Premium Account,” you’ll receive a MasterCard with a new design. There are three different options and I love pink so I think they look… Read More

Zenreach raises $30M to help businesses boost their marketing with free Wi-Fi

Mar 23, 6:15PM

Jack Abraham Zenreach is announcing that it has raised $30 million in Series C funding. Founder and CEO Jack Abraham said that Zenreach is “bringing the online and offline world together.” Specifically, businesses that use Zenreach can offer their customers free Wi-Fi. All the customer needs to do is register using their email address, phone number or Facebook account. Read More

Alaska Airlines is killing off Virgin America and Richard Branson says it's OK to cry

Mar 23, 5:46PM

 Alaska Airlines has announced they are killing off the Virgin America brand sometime in 2019. Sad? Angry? You’re not alone. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin America, just penned a love letter saying “tears were shed today” and memorializing all the great things Virgin America had accomplished before the merger. In a blog post announcing the decision, Alaska took four… Read More

YouTube's automatic captioning system can now describe sound effects

Mar 23, 5:40PM

 YouTube has long had an automatic captioning system that, thanks to Google’s machine learning advances in recent years, has gotten pretty good at automatically transcribing spoken words in a video. As the company announced today, its technology is now able to take this a step further by also captioning some of the ambient sounds like [LAUGHTER], [APPLAUSE] and [MUSIC]. For now, the… Read More

Senate votes to allow ISPs to collect personal data without permission

Mar 23, 5:36PM

 The broadband privacy rules created by the FCC last year and vigorously debated last night are in danger after the Senate voted to repeal them this morning. Among other things, the rules required ISPs to obtain consumers’ permission in order to use certain sensitive data like browsing history that they obtain through their service. Read More

CoreOS extends its Tectonic Kubernetes service to Azure and OpenStack

Mar 23, 5:00PM

 While CoreOS is probably still best known for its Linux distribution, that was only the company’s gateway drug to a wider range of services. Tectonic, the company’s service for running Kubernetes-based container deployments in the enterprise, now sits at the core of its business. Until now, Tectonic could only be used for installing and managing Kubernetes on bare-metal and… Read More

Hulu's trailer for The Handmaid's Tale is appropriately chilling

Mar 23, 4:47PM

 Hulu’s original series The Handmaid’s Tale, which debuts on April 26, is based on Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel, which is a work of fiction. Try to keep that in mind as you listen to the opening lines of narration in this first full-length trailer, which sound worryingly documentarian. The trailer gives a quick-cut synopsis of the world’s quick progress from… Read More

Soundcloud confirms new $70M credit line after failing to close $100M round

Mar 23, 4:45PM

 Soundcloud — the popular, but unprofitable platform that lets creators post and share music and other audio files — may have been unsuccessful (so far) in closing a new $100 million round of funding, but it’s not running out of money soon. The company has secured a $70 million round of debt funding from three new investors — Ares Capital, Kreos Capital, and… Read More

CALA's app fits designer clothing to your body using iPhone photos

Mar 23, 4:45PM

 A new startup called CALA aims to make it easier for new designers to break into the fashion business by offering everything needed to run their e-commerce operations – from production to delivery. In addition, CALA’s new mobile app where this apparel is sold is upending the traditional way garment sizes are created and fitted by way of 3D body scanning technology. The result… Read More

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