Monday, March 20, 2017

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Formlabs retires the Form 1+ printer

Mar 20, 10:09PM

 Formlabs’ Form 1 Kickstarter project was the first stereo lithography printer that ended up on peoples’ radars. Its successor, the Form 1+, looked identical but had upgraded internals for increased speed and reliability. Following Formlabs’ $35 million raise last year, the company has focused its attention on its more professional-grade Form 2 printer instead. Read More

US authorities ban electronics larger than a phone from flights from 13 countries

Mar 20, 9:25PM

 According to numerous reports, U.S. authorities today alerted a number of Middle Eastern and African airlines that starting soon, their passengers will have to check any electronic items larger than a cell phone. That means passengers on these flights will have to put their laptops, tablets, Kindles and portable game consoles into their checked baggage. Read More

Foursquare is launching an analytics platform to help retailers understand foot traffic

Mar 20, 7:57PM

 While Foursquare started as a social check-in app, the company has always said there is a bigger picture — mainly related to unique ways of leveraging its database of check-ins at nearly 100 million public places. Today the company is announcing Foursquare Analytics, a foot-traffic dashboard for brands and retailers. Read More

FBI director fact-checks Trump's tweets

Mar 20, 7:21PM

 A Congressional committee is grilling FBI director James Comey and NSA chief Admiral Mike Rogers on a Russian-led cyber campaign to influence the 2016 election, but representatives’ questions have veered from political hacking into debates about prosecuting journalists for publishing leaked documents and, of course, questions about President Trump’s Twitter habits. Read More

Thirsting for a new media empire, Beautycon raises $9 million

Mar 20, 6:57PM

 With $9 million in new funding, Beautycon is ready for its closeup. Read More

Google Maps lets you record your parking location, time left at the meter

Mar 20, 6:56PM

 Google Maps has just added a handy feature that will help users remember where they parked. This appears as a new menu option when you tap the blue dot, and will place a “P” icon on the map so you can find your way back to your spot. While remembering your parking location is something Apple Maps has done since the launch of iOS 10, Google’s implementation is a bit more… Read More

You can now save your Instagram Live streams to your camera roll

Mar 20, 6:01PM

 One of the unique things about Instagram Live is that the videos have always disappeared. After your live stream is over the content is deleted forever — unlike Facebook Live or Periscope, which save your video so audiences can view it after the fact. Until now. Read More

The 'Terminator' of startups says he's seeing two to four wind-downs a week

Mar 20, 5:46PM

 Marty Pichinson and the firm he co-founded specialize in selling off the assets of startups when they fail. He’s been given every kind of death-related moniker as a result, from the Terminator to the Undertaker. Pichinson doesn’t mind any of them, as long as they help keep Sherwood at the top of its game. We chatted with Pichinson to ask what he’s seeing in the current market. Read More

Japanese Kendama game gets a digital upgrade and a Kickstarter campaign

Mar 20, 5:30PM

 Like all good games, Kendama is easy-ish to learn and frustrating as all ever-loving £%&*@£^% to master. What’s a poor entrepreneur to do when a game hasn’t changed for 400 years? Rename it Dendama, add a boat-load of electronics, invent a slew of multiplayer games and launch a Kickstarter campaign, of course. Read More

WebMD taps Apple's ResearchKit for study on factors contributing to healthy pregnancies

Mar 20, 5:21PM

 There are still a lot of unknowns in the medical world when it comes to pregnancy — including which factors lead to carrying a healthy fetus to term. WebMD and Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI) have launched a new investigative study and are teaming up with Apple’s ResearchKit to recruit participants to look at what contributes to a healthy pregnancy. Read More

Y Combinator's quest for diversity

Mar 20, 4:48PM

 Entrepreneurs, investors, press and other tech enthusiasts are flocking to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View later today to take part in yet another Y Combinator Demo Day. Diversity hasn’t always been a priority at YC, but its president Sam Altman has been relatively vocal about diversity and the accelerator’s push to increase it in recent years. In YC’s Winter… Read More

Fam raises $1.8 million for its iMessage-based group video chat app

Mar 20, 4:40PM

 The iMessage App Store may have its struggles, but one app aimed at bringing group video chat into the iMessage experience is reportedly taking off. Smack, the company behind the video chat app called Fam, has raised $1.8 million in funding for its Top 25 Social Networking app on the App Store that allows groups to chat with one another via iMessage with just a few taps. Read More

SirionLabs establishes US foothold to scale its NLP contract management software

Mar 20, 4:27PM

 SirionLabs, a startup providing vendor management software to enterprises, is adding a U.S. headquarters to its footprint. The company was initially founded in India and has raised $16.95 million from Sequoia Capital India, Canopy Ventures and Qualgro VC to extract data from contracts to ensure transparency and accountability. The establishment of a U.S. presence represents a strategic… Read More

Mass Effect: Andromeda offers plenty of gameplay depth despite some faults

Mar 20, 4:01PM

 Mass Effect is a video game series that attracts ardent fans and invokes emotional reactions from those fans via its storytelling decisions. The franchise builds on the legacy BioWare built with its stewardship of the Star Wars universe with the Knights of the Old Republic, but offers truly unique science-fiction storytelling in expansive action RPG games. Read More

Akeneo grabs $13 million for its CRM of products

Mar 20, 3:15PM

 French startup Akeneo just raised a $13 million Series B round led by Partech Ventures, with existing investor Alven Capital also participating. Akeneo is a product information management (PIM) service to manage all information about your products in your stores, online and in your good-old paper catalogs. Read More

FBI confirms that it is investigating link between Russia and Trump campaign

Mar 20, 3:13PM

 Today in a hearing with the House Select Intelligence Committee, FBI Director James Comey confirmed that his agency is in fact investigating ties between Russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the Trump campaign. Read More

MakerBot says its new print process reduces times and costs by around 30 percent

Mar 20, 3:00PM

 MakerBot’s MinFill arrived quietly last night as a firmware upgrade for existing customers, and the company is already calling it a “big benchmark in speed and widespread adoption of 3D printing.” Many are understandably a bit cautious around such grandiose proclamations, particularly when it comes to something as unabashedly unsexy as infill. Read More

IBM head of design wields $100M and 1,300 designers to bring design back to IBM

Mar 20, 3:00PM

 Phil Gilbert is the GM and head of design at IBM, leading an organization of over 1,300 designers. In this episode, he discusses creating IBM’s proprietary design thinking methodology, their own design school for new graduates, and what he’s going to do with the $100 million that IBM has entrusted to him to bring design back to its roots. Read More

Ebay takes on Amazon with guaranteed 3-day delivery on 20 million items

Mar 20, 2:51PM

 In response to the growing threat of Amazon and its annual Prime membership program, eBay announced a new program that will offer online shoppers guaranteed three-day delivery on 20 million eligible products — “millions” of which that will also include free shipping. “Guaranteed Delivery” will roll out in the U.S. starting this summer. Read More

Let's meet in Boulder next week

Mar 20, 2:48PM

 I’ll be in Boulder for a few weeks and would love to hear some pitches and maybe give out some tables for Disrupt. I’ll be holding a micro-meetup at Boomtown on Broadway in Boulder, Colorado on Wednesday, March 29th at 7pm. Read More

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