Thursday, March 9, 2017

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Google's Cloud Platform improves its free tier and adds always-free compute and storage services

Mar 09, 9:56PM

 Google quietly launched an improved always-free tier and trial program for its Cloud Platform today. The free tier, which now offers enough power to run a small app in Google’s cloud, is offered in addition to an expanded free trial program (yep – that’s all a bit confusing). This free trial gives you $300 in credits that you can use over the course of twelve… Read More

Astro raises an $8 million Series A for its AI-powered email solution for teams

Mar 09, 9:53PM

 On the surface, Astro, launching its public beta today, is a nifty but not completely necessary email client that combines machine intelligence and a bot interface to improve workflows and increase the signal to noise ratio of mail for power users. But the real story is that the startup, backed with a new $8 million Series A led by Redpoint, is gearing up to pitch enterprises on… Read More

The Kairos Society, an organization for young entrepreneurs, has raised its own venture fund

Mar 09, 9:42PM

Kairos Society Summit The Kairos Society isn’t just trying to bring the next generation of entrepreneurs together — it’s investing in their companies, too. The organization today announced a seed fund called Kairos Society Ventures, and the portfolio already includes Abaris (which offers a private-sector alternative to social security), Brazilian education startup Me Salva, Colombian… Read More

Full coverage from Google Next 2017

Mar 09, 9:19PM

  Read More

Snap opens second Spectacles pop-up shop in Venice, LA

Mar 09, 8:31PM

 Snap today took another step on its quest to truly become the “camera company” it says it is. Following the November 21st launch and subsequent February 2oth close of its NYC pop-up shop, it’s now opening a temporary store on the Venice boardwalk near its Los Angeles headquarters. Of course, would-be camera sunglasses buyers don’t have to trek to a physical location… Read More

Google's Compute Engine now offers machines with up to 64 CPU cores, 416GB of RAM

Mar 09, 8:31PM

 Google is doubling the maximum number of CPU cores developers can use with a single virtual machine on its Compute Engine service from 32 to 64. These high-power machines are now available in beta across all of Google’s standard configurations and as custom machine types, which allow you to select exactly how many cores and memory you want. If you opt to use 64 cores in… Read More

Twitter tests a feature that warns users of profiles with 'potentially sensitive content'

Mar 09, 7:52PM

 Twitter confirmed it’s testing a new feature that flags users’ profiles as potentially including “sensitive content.” When you click on one of these profiles from a link on Twitter, or if you visit the profile’s web page directly, you won’t be immediately shown the users’ tweets. Instead, a warning message displays, reading “Caution: This… Read More

At least Facebook's unfair Instant Articles now let sites show more ads

Mar 09, 7:27PM

 Facebook’s Instant Articles were always a bad deal for news outlets. While quick to load so they drove more readers, the hosted-on-Facebook mobile web format sterilized the design of publishers and severely limited how many ads and other business-critical units they could display. Publishers need paying subscribers, event attendees and loyal daily readers, but they traded those for… Read More

Google makes it easier for companies to transfer data to its cloud

Mar 09, 7:19PM

 On stage today at Google’s Cloud Next conference, the company announced a series of new tools to assist users with data preparation and integration. The updates bolster both the power and agility of Google Cloud for businesses. The first of these releases is the new private beta of Google Cloud Dataprep. Dataprep makes the data preparation process more visual. The tool includes… Read More

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are expecting another baby girl

Mar 09, 7:18PM

 Mark Zuckerberg is sure to get a ridiculous amount of likes for his latest post. The Facebook founder, now 32, posted this morning on his Facebook profile page he and wife Priscilla Chan are expecting a second daughter. No names have surfaced yet for the baby but this is very good news for the couple as they had some difficulty getting pregnant the first time. Zuckerberg wrote about the… Read More

Names and definitions of leaked CIA hacking tools

Mar 09, 6:42PM

 The WikiLeaks-hosted “Vault7” collection of documents allegedly leaked from within the CIA’s Computer Operations Group is a messy mix of jargon, incomplete info, and broken links. It’s quite difficult to find a basic description of many of the terms used, even using the search function. So for your convenience I’ve gone through the whole pile of docs and listed… Read More

Google's Jamboard will cost $5,000, plus an annual management fee

Mar 09, 6:30PM

 Google’s delivering on its promise of keeping its interactive whiteboard under $6,000. Priced at $4,999, the Jamboard is just a hair more expensive than the 55-inch version of Cisco’s Sparkboard and considerably less so than the $8,999 Surface Hub, which was both the first of the trio to be announced and first to market when it started shipping last March. Google’s 55-inch… Read More

Google adds add-on support to Gmail

Mar 09, 6:30PM

 Here’s some welcome news for Gmail users: Google is adding support for third-party add-ons that can integrate directly into the service. There are plenty of services that add functionality to Gmail already, of course, but they typically do that through a browser extension. With this new capability, which Google announced at its Cloud Next conference in San Francisco today, users will be… Read More

Google updates Drive with a focus on its business users

Mar 09, 6:30PM

 Google today announced a number of major updates to Drive, its online file storage service, which all aim to make it more useful for the company’s business and enterprise users. In addition, the company announced that Drive now has 800 million daily active users, which probably makes it the largest online file storage service in the market today. Read More

Google acquires AppBridge to help enterprises move their files to its cloud services

Mar 09, 6:30PM

 Google today announced it has acquired AppBridge, a company that specializes in helping businesses move their files and data into the Google Cloud platform. Using AppBridge, businesses can move their on-premise data to Google Drive, but the service also offers connectors for moving to Google’s platform data, email and files from, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and similar services. Read More

New version of Google App Engine supports all programming languages

Mar 09, 6:30PM

 Google announced that an entirely overhauled version of App Engine was generally available as of today. It made the announcement at Google Cloud Next being held this week in San Francisco. App Engine is Google’s platform-as-a-service for building application backends without having to worry about maintaining a complex infrastructure. The big news is that App Engine now supports any… Read More

Simplifeye gets $3 million to make wearables part of your doctor's workflow

Mar 09, 6:30PM

 New York-based Simplifeye thinks it can improve the productivity of the people who work in your doctor’s or dentist’s office, by making patient information more easily available. The twist? It’s doing so by putting that information on wearables like the Apple Watch. Read More

Google goes after Slack and splits Hangouts into Chat and Meet

Mar 09, 6:30PM

 Google’s messaging strategy can be confusing, but if there’s one thing that’s clear after today’s Cloud Next keynote, it’s that the company is doubling down on the idea that Hangouts is its enterprise product and Allo/Duo are its consumer communications apps. Read More

Google in the cloud

Mar 09, 6:30PM

 This is a pivotal week for Google Cloud Platform. As it hosts its annual Google Cloud Next Conference in San Francisco, it will offer the usual lineup of speakers, customer testimonials and product announcements one would expect at this type of event, but the broader and more challenging task is showing the world that it is ready to take on the enterprise. Read More

Google integrates Firebase deeper into its Cloud Platform

Mar 09, 6:20PM

 Firebase, the mobile app development platform Google acquired in 2014, is getting a major update at the Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco today. The general theme here is that Firebase is moving closer to the Google Cloud platform. It’s adding support for Google Cloud Functions, for example, and is getting support for all the storage options the Google Cloud Platform now offers. Read More

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