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Avast Free Antivirus

Feb 07, 4:31AM

Lightweight, state-of-the-art protection that won't slow down your PC. Avast Free Antivirus has been redesigned to be easier to use...


Feb 15, 5:36AM

CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system allowing Windows to...

Advanced SystemCare Free

Mar 09, 7:33AM

Advanced SystemCare 10 is an easy-to-use yet all-in-one Windows PC optimization utility. It helps clean, optimize, speed up and protect...

Using iOS 10's Magnifier app

Mar 11, 11:44AM

This feature transforms your iPhone into a portable magnifying glass and telescope.

5 best waterproof and water-resistant phones

Mar 09, 9:26PM

Live without fear: These phones you can drop in the sink or pool.

US military leak exposes 'holy grail' of security clearance files

Mar 13, 11:59AM

Exclusive: These security clearance applications contain sensitive personal information, and are highly valuable to foreign adversaries seeking to undermine US national security.

Supercharge Windows 10: Replacement apps that blow away standard Windows programs

Mar 08, 3:56PM

Windows 10 comes with a whole bunch of helpful apps. Unfortunately, some of them aren't as powerful as you might like. Fear not, for we have 15 power tools that will help you supercharge your Windows install.

Phishing: Would you fall for one of these scam emails?

Mar 13, 2:06PM

There's still plenty more phish in the sea, as workers can't stop clicking on scam emails. Would these ones trick you?

An insecure mess: How flawed JavaScript is turning web into a hacker's playground

Mar 10, 1:07PM

Researchers say tens of thousands of sites are using JavaScript libraries that are years old and contain publicly known vulnerabilities.

Activate your iPhone's hidden magnifying glass feature

Mar 11, 2:00PM

This feature transforms your iPhone into a portable magnifying glass and telescope.

Could and should Microsoft buy Citrix?

Mar 13, 8:50PM

Cloud and virtualization vendor Citrix is said to be seeking buyers, yet again. Might long-time Microsoft partner be a bidder for all or parts of the company?

Here's why you must back up your iPhone and iPad before upgrading to iOS 10.3

Mar 10, 12:30PM

iOS 10.3 is expected to land before March is out, and it's vital that you have an effective backup mechanism in place for your iPhone before you upgrade.

How zombie cameras took down Netflix... and an entire country's internet

Mar 01, 4:52PM

Here's how the Internet of Things botnet went from being Minecraft server nuisances to a billion dollar threat that disabled a country's internet infrastructure

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