Friday, March 10, 2017

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Verizon Ventures and R/GA partner to launch a digital media "venture studio"

Mar 10, 10:08PM

 Verizon Ventures and R/GA are announcing a new program called the Verizon Media Tech Venture Studio. Stephen Plumlee, R/GA’s global COO and managing partner of R/GA Ventures, explained that the interactive agency’s “venture studios” started out similar to other startup accelerator programs, but they’ve expanded to provide access to “financial capital… Read More

Hulu's new live TV service scores A&E's channels, loses Viacom

Mar 10, 9:09PM

 Hulu’s forthcoming live TV streaming service is starting to shape up. Today, the company announced it scored a deal with A&E Networks, which will bring six more channels to the core package, including A&E, History, Lifetime, LMN, FYI, and Viceland. The deal follows others Hulu has made with CBS, 21st Century Fox, and Disney which, combined, add 40 networks to its service,… Read More

Waymo files for an injunction against Uber's use of its self-driving tech

Mar 10, 9:03PM

 Waymo has taken the next step in its suit against Uber, which it says took confidential proprietary information regarding how to make its custom-built LiDAR components for use in Uber’s autonomous driving technology. The suit alleges that Otto founder Anthony Levandowski took the information while employed at Waymo when it was still Google’s self-driving car project, and now Waymo… Read More

How The Last Mile helped Kenyatta Leal walk from prison in San Quentin to a job in tech

Mar 10, 8:30PM

 Prison spending is 5x more than Higher Education and ~10% of the US prison population is in California. Part of the reason why people return to prison after they are released is because of they have no access to education while they’re incarcerated. On today’s Breaking Into Startups Episode, we talk about an educational program that is paving the road to success called, The… Read More

Banned crime reporting app Vigilante returns as Citizen, says its 'report incident' feature will be pulled

Mar 10, 7:40PM

 Remember Vigilante? The controversial crime reporting app was kicked out of the App Store in November shortly after its release because Apple believed it encouraged private citizens to engage in, well…vigilantism. Now the app is back, under different branding. The new “Citizen” app, operating in New York City, will send you real-time crime reports based on 911 calls as well… Read More

Google partners with VCs to host its own machine learning startup competition

Mar 10, 7:11PM

 On the heels of acquiring data science community Kaggle, Google is launching a machine learning competition of its own for startups. Google is targeting early-stage companies taking an innovative approach to machine learning. The competition is being run in partnership with seven venture capital firms. Read More

Oculus introduces Facebook live streaming, Oculus Voice in new update

Mar 10, 6:29PM

 Explaining what VR is like can be a pretty daunting task. Today, Facebook and Oculus are making it a bit easier to share VR experiences with your friends and family. Read More

Planet's new Explorer Beta lets anyone time travel through geospatial images

Mar 10, 6:00PM

 Planet, the global imaging company that recently acquired Google’s Terra Bella satellite imaging business, is introducing a new tool called Planet Explorer Beta that allows its users to view how its image captures of Earth from space change over time. It’s available to the public without a login, which means petty much anyone can check out what a particular spot on the planet… Read More

That time Facebook went too far

Mar 10, 6:00PM

 Facebook’s attempts to clone Snapchat know no limit. The social networking giant is in the enviable position of owning a number of the world’s most used internet services and applications. Facebook the social network is closing in on two billion registered users — a level of global reach that is unprecedented in history — while its Messenger app counts one billion… Read More

NFL's Drew Brees backs Waitr to make takeout easy in anytown USA

Mar 10, 5:38PM

 Food delivery startups abound in the U.S., but few of them deliver to customers in “second cities” and smaller towns. From early pioneers like Grubhub to newer services like DoorDash, food delivery businesses have tended to focus on urban areas with a high concentration of restaurants and people who frequently order takeout. Now, New Orleans Saints Quarterback, philanthropist… Read More

Tesla's Kauai solar storage facility offers a glimpse of the company's future

Mar 10, 5:00PM

 Tesla’s solar installation on the Hawaiian island of Kauai is not just a product launch of the company – it’s the first real proof the company’s offering up that its acquisition of SolarCity is not only smart, but necessary. Necessary, because it will help Tesla achieve its grand vision of making solar (and other renewable) energy a practical and cost-effective option… Read More

Twitch to relaunch Curse, acquired last year, as the more social Twitch Desktop App

Mar 10, 4:45PM

 Hot on the heels of rolling out its own version of Twitter, called Pulse, video game streaming site Twitch today announced its new desktop application, Twitch Desktop App. Twitch says the app will include community servers, voice and video messaging and game content distribution. Read More

Facebook scores a deal to live stream Major League Soccer matches

Mar 10, 3:59PM

 Facebook has scored a significant deal that will allow it to stream at least 22 live Major League Soccer matches on its social network. Through a collaboration with both MLS and Univision Deportes, Facebook gained the rights to stream the 2017 MLS regular-season matches in English, as well as enhance the video content with various interactive elements. Read More

PassivDom is a Zombie-proof "autonomous 3D-printed mobile house"

Mar 10, 3:41PM

 It’s rare that I quote a company’s marketing tagline outright, but PassivDom, makers of an “autonomous 3D-printed mobile house,” sounds pretty darn rad. The Ukrainian company wants to create mobile homes that can be made anywhere and are completely self-powered. Max Gerbut, a Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences of physics of the solid state, built the houses in the Ukraine and… Read More

The New York Micro-Meetup is Monday

Mar 10, 2:44PM

 In preparation for Disrupt New York in May I’m going to hold a few pitching workshops in New York for you all. We’ll listen to and critique 8 pitches on March 13th at 7pm at the Knotel space at 22 West 38th Street, 4th Floor. This is an informal pitch-off, but the two best teams will get two tickets to Disrupt New York and the undying admiration of millions of people (actually… Read More

Bolt Threads debuts its first product, a $314 tie made from spiderwebs

Mar 10, 2:00PM

 It may not look like a bunch of cobwebs, but the tie you see above was spun from the same material spiders spin out from their behinds. The difference is this thread was mass produced from fermented microbial poop instead, and it’s the first product out from materials science startup Bolt Threads. Read More

Job Today inks $35M media-for-equity deal with European broadcasters

Mar 10, 12:44PM

 Job finder app, JobToday, has inked a new media for equity deal worth $35 million. Read More

UK broadband giant BT agrees to legal separation from pipes-controller, Openreach

Mar 10, 10:48AM

 Startups in the U.K. will be hoping for better performance from the local broadband market after telecoms regulator Ofcom agreed to a deal with the country’s largest broadband provider, BT, to legally separate Openreach: aka the division of BT that builds and maintains the broadband infrastructure. Read More

Regulators clamp down on UberX in Hong Kong and Thailand

Mar 10, 10:35AM

 Uber’s crisis PR activities have returned to relative normality in Asia after the U.S. firm ran into fresh issues with government regulators in two countries this week: Hong Kong and Thailand. The ridesharing giant has been fighting some serious corporate fires in the U.S. lately but it is back to basics as UberX drivers in the two countries come under fire for operating in legal grey areas. Read More

Chinese dating app Momo sees record revenue growth thanks to live streaming

Mar 10, 7:34AM

American dollars falling in the sky Momo, China’s top location-based social networking app, has continued its impressive user growth from last year and added solid financial figures to back it up, according to its most recent earnings report. The company, which was previously backed by Alibaba, went public when it listed on Nasdaq in December 2014. Read More

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