Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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There's a simple solution to tech's gender imbalance… Hire more damn women

Mar 08, 9:36PM

 On March 8th, International Women’s Day, start a conversation with your colleagues about what it would take to just simply interview more women. Insist on absolutely hiring the best AND get more diverse talent in your interview pool. Just as you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, you miss 100% of the opportunities to address inequality by not insisting on getting women into… Read More

Tech reacts to 'A Day Without a Woman'

Mar 08, 9:18PM

 International Women’s Day dates back to a protest staged in New York City in 1908. But this year the annual event is the subject of renewed attention. The holiday that was born out of a call for better working conditions and the right to vote has taken on a new sense of urgency for many in the wake of November’s election. A number of women’s rights organizations that have… Read More

Tesla's Kauai solar facility will offset 1.6M gallons of fuel use per year

Mar 08, 8:46PM

 Tesla’s Kauai solar power facility is officially open for business as of Friday, with a 13 MW SolarCity solar farm installation providing power to a Powerpack storage facility with 52 MWh of total capacity. The beauty of the new facility is that it can capture energy from the sun during peak daytime production hours, and then keep that power ready for peak consumption hours at night. Read More

Soon's event-finding app is a social calendar for the mobile generation

Mar 08, 8:20PM

 Facebook’s Events feature is fairly good at recommending the sort of real-world meetups and activities you may be interested in, but there’s a whole host of other “events” you could be missing out on — like TV show premieres, live broadcasts, pre-orders for a hotly anticipated device, Twitch streams and more. A new app called Soon, from Lowercase Capital… Read More

Udacity adds robotics and digital marketing Nanodegree programs, 21 new hiring partners

Mar 08, 7:45PM

 Today at the inaugural Udacity Intersect conference, the online education startup announced new robotics and digital marketing variants of its popular Nanodegrees — an effort to expand its corpus of  21st century skills-based courses. In addition to the new degrees, Udacity is adding 21 new hiring partners spanning the automotive, defense, tech, hardware and telecommunications industries. Read More

Storing data in a single atom proved possible by IBM researchers

Mar 08, 7:23PM

 The fundamental components of computers are becoming small enough that they are pressing against the boundaries of the familiar world of Newtonian physics. And nowhere is the scale and precision of operation on better display than in hard disk drives, where a trillion bits may fit in a square inch. But IBM has outdone them all by reading and writing data to a single atom. Read More

Pinterest acquires Jelly, the crowdsourced Q&A startup from Biz Stone

Mar 08, 7:18PM

 Pinterest has made another acquisition that could point to another way that it plans to increase interaction on its visual-search-and-discovery platform: It has acquired Jelly, the startup co-founded by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and Ben Finkel in 2014 as a “human-powered search engine” — essentially an app that let people ask questions and get crowdsourced replies from… Read More

Google confirms its acquisition of data science community Kaggle

Mar 08, 7:11PM

 Google today said it is acquiring Kaggle, an online service that hosts data science and machine learning competitions, confirming what sources told us when we reported the acquisition yesterday. The company made the announcement at its Google Cloud Next conference this morning in San Francisco, while not disclosing the terms of the acquisition. But it’s not all that surprising that… Read More

AccelFoods fund for food and beverage innovators reaches $35 million

Mar 08, 6:53PM

 AccelFoods, an accelerator and fund that backs innovative food and beverage companies, has added $15 million to its second fund, according to founding partners Jordan Gaspar and Lauren Jupiter. AccelFoods has backed brands making products that range from edgy to adorable. Examples are Exo, which makes protein supplements and bars from crickets (yes the insects); Four Sigmatic, which uses… Read More

Google's new machine learning API recognizes objects in videos

Mar 08, 6:51PM

 At its Cloud Next conference in San Francisco, Google today announced the launch of a new machine learning API for automatically recognizing objects in videos and making them searchable. The new Video Intelligence API will allow developers to build applications that can automatically extract entities from a video. Until now, most similar image recognition APIs available in the cloud only… Read More

Rackspace now offers managed services for Google's Cloud Platform

Mar 08, 6:30PM

 Rackspace today announced it’s expanding its managed service portfolio to include support for the Google Cloud Platform. Until now, the company only supported clients who wanted to use Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or OpenStack cloud. Now, Google and Rackspace are collaborating on the new managed services offering, which is scheduled to launch later this year (with the exact… Read More

Pax is a smart tip jar for rideshare drivers

Mar 08, 6:15PM

 A while back, I reminded people that they should tip their Uber drivers. But a common response was essentially, “I’d like to tip, but half the point of Uber is not having to carry cash. And there’s no option in the app. So how do I do it?” Well, perhaps with Pax, a little seatback system made to do nothing but accept tips, cash or card. Read More

Google announces significant partnership with SAP at Google Cloud Next Conference

Mar 08, 6:06PM

 Google announced onstage today at Google Cloud Next a partnership with SAP to deliver SAP HANA, the company’s in-memory database on Google Cloud Platform. It’s a big deal for a number of reasons. First of all, it gives Google a major enterprise customer for its cloud platform, something that it’s trying to promote in big way. Secondly, it gives them an established… Read More

The Macallan x Urwerk Flask is $2,000 worth of high-tech boozing

Mar 08, 6:00PM

 In the annals of mechanical gadgets it doesn’t get much simpler than a flask. You open the top, pour booze in and close the top. Then you drink. But what if you could put two boozes into your flask? And what if you had a mechanical indicator to tell what kind of booze you were drinking? Read More

Facebook debuts its first dedicated virtual reality app, Facebook 360

Mar 08, 6:00PM

 Facebook has devoted major resources and billions of dollars to virtual reality, but there has been a pretty clear line between what happens in the main Facebook app and what happens on the Oculus Rift and Gear VR. Today, Facebook is intertwining the real and virtual worlds of Facebook a bit by launching its first dedicated app, Facebook 360. The app will serve as a hub for the 360 video… Read More

Tutoring startup Toot launches into twin policy storms around education and immigration

Mar 08, 5:51PM

 Earlier this week, as President Donald Trump was readying his second attempt to block immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries, two entrepreneurs — a refugee from Iran and the daughter of an Iranian immigrant, were laying the groundwork for the launch of their business aiming to transform educational access. The dichotomy between the founders of Toot, who are trying to expand access… Read More

Watch Google Cloud Next developer conference live right here

Mar 08, 5:08PM

 If you can’t stop dreaming about NoSQL databases, Google’s Cloud Next conference is the closest thing to heaven that you’ll find today. At 9 AM PT/12 PM ET/5 PM GMT, some of the brightest minds in cloud computing are going to introduce the upcoming features of Google Cloud. Along with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Google is building the infrastructure of the web. Read More

Startup megacampus Station F will offer 120 perks, starting with Airbnb

Mar 08, 5:08PM

 Airbnb co-founder and CTO Nathan Blecharczyk was in Paris today to announce a neat little perk for future residents of Station F. Based in Paris, the huge Station F building is going to have 3,000 desks for tech companies of all kinds. It wants to become the biggest startup campus in the world. And Airbnb is going to offer some free credit. Read More

Latch tools up with second smart access product for offices, apartment blocks

Mar 08, 5:06PM

 New York-based smart lock maker Latch, which targets the enterprise market, selling its locks plus a subscription digital entry management service to building owners wanting to offer value-add services to their tenants, is announcing its second product. Read More

FundersClub experiments with the full-service online VC model at scale

Mar 08, 5:00PM

 Slowly disproving stereotypes, the online VC has established itself as a viable tool for tech finance. But while the model has made money for investors, the industry still faces perceptions of selling money for money’s sake, without much care for the nuanced entrepreneur-investor relationship. FundersClub, one of the earliest and most active online funds, is building out its own… Read More

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