Friday, July 28, 2017

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Xiaomi secures $1B loan to expand its international presence and offline retail footprint

Jul 28, 3:51AM

 Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has secured a $1 billion loan in order to develop its international focus and build out its offline sales presence. The company revealed today that it has secured a three-year syndicated loan agreement from 18 banks across Europe, Middle East, India, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley served as joint global coordinator, with Bank… Read More

SpaceX's very first Falcon Heavy launch set for this November

Jul 28, 3:00AM

 Falcon Heavy, the high-capacity rocket created by SpaceX designed for bringing very large loads to orbit and beyond, will get its first launch this coming November, according to SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk. Musk shared the news on Instagram on Thursday, posting an image of a concept depiction of the rocket’s launch alongside the target date. The Falcon Heavy uses the combined power… Read More

Crunch Report | Jeff Bezos Becomes World's Richest Person*

Jul 28, 3:00AM

Jeff Bezos becomes the richest man on earth, CEO of Kickstarter is looking to step down this year, Apple is discontinuing the iPod Shuffle and Nano and Cristiano Ronaldo is getting more involved in tech. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Meg Whitman says she's not going to Uber

Jul 28, 2:24AM

 Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman wants everyone to know that’s not going to Uber. Bloomberg and Recode had reported that she was on the short list for the CEO spot, but she took to Twitter to make it clear that it’s not happening. In a three-part tweet, she concluded that the “rumors” have “become a distraction,” so she wants everyone to know… Read More

Redfin real estate site prices IPO at $15, valuing company at $1.2 billion

Jul 28, 1:57AM

 Redfin, the real estate site based in Seattle, has finally raised its IPO. Founded in 2004, this was 13 years in the making. Despite an ugly patent lawsuit from a former co-founder over one of Redfin’s pending patent applications — one filed just this Monday — the company priced above the $12 to $14 range, at $15 per share, a number that values the company at $1.2 billion.… Read More

Mattress startup Purple merges with NY shell company in $1.1 billion deal

Jul 28, 1:40AM

 Purple, a Utah-based mattress startup announced today it will merge with Global Partner Acquisition Corp (GPAC) in a deal that would value the company at $1.1 billion. Purple was already well on its way to that valuation when we got to take a sneak peek at operations at the company’s headquarters in the small town of Alpine, Utah and its giant factory an hour away in rural… Read More

AltspaceVR social app is shutting down

Jul 28, 1:33AM

 Social VR app AltspaceVR is shutting down its main service after running out of cash, saying it “can’t afford to keep the virtual lights on anymore.” The app was one of the first VR social experiences to gain traction and was available across a variety of platforms. In a blog post titled “A Very Sad Goodbye,” the company detailed that the social VR community will… Read More

Facebook's Instant Articles restore subscription options they previously stripped

Jul 28, 1:07AM

 Facebook has announced that news sites which rely on paid subscriptions, limiting readers to a certain number of articles per week, will now be able to do so through Instant Articles. The company has spent the last two years promoting these Facebook-hosted versions of articles, which unfortunately lacked this rather critical ability. Google’s AMP and Apple News have supported it for a while. Read More buys Wink, the smart home hub previously owned by Flextronics and Quirky

Jul 28, 12:38AM

 Wink — the smart home hub and platform originally incubated inside the failed connected object maker Quirky, and then acquired by Flextronics (now known as Flex) as part-payment for Quirky’s debts — has moved on to its third owner., the “lifestyle technology company” owned by musician and entrepreneur, has acquired the company for an… Read More

Dropbox is reportedly inching closer to a potential IPO

Jul 27, 11:20PM

 Dropbox may be taking another step in its very slow shuffle toward an IPO, and is now working with Goldman Sachs to prepare documents that could be filed as soon as this year, according to a report by Bloomberg. The company is expected to hire Goldman Sachs as the lead advisor of the IPO process, according to the report. Read More

Amazon launches 'The Hub', parcel delivery lockers for apartment buildings

Jul 27, 11:15PM

 Amazon may be getting ever deeper into a range of virtual products like media content and cloud services, but it is also continuing to add more features to lock down the bread and butter of its business: its e-commerce marketplace and the vast logistics operation that underpins it. Today, Amazon quietly unveiled a new service called The Hub, lockers designed to be installed in multi-tenant… Read More

Google's cord cutter app YouTube TV reaches 2 million downloads

Jul 27, 11:09PM

 Approximately 2 million people have installed the YouTube TV app, Google’s live TV service aimed at a younger generation of cord cutters, as well as those who never signed up for traditional pay TV in the first place. That download figure comes from app store analytics firms Sensor Tower and App Annie, which both also noted that installs are evenly split between iOS and Android devices. Read More

The evolution of the iPod

Jul 27, 9:53PM

 Earlier today, Apple announced that it’s finally discontinuing the iPod nano and shuffle once and for all, making the touch the last iPod standing. Instead of simply mourning the loss of the devices, let’s celebrate the rich and full existences they led before shuffling off this mortal coil into the cold, unforgiving world of eBay auctions. Read More

When your fear is my opportunity

Jul 27, 9:51PM

 I’m not saying the people around me here at Black Hat are malicious, or that the threats aren’t real. I’m saying that the industry, and everyone it, is strongly incentivized to make its customers and the wider world as frightened as possible, and people tend to follow the path of most incentivization, consciously or not, reluctantly or not. The security industry is the… Read More

It looks like Amazon would be losing a lot of money if not for AWS

Jul 27, 9:26PM

 Amazon reported its second-quarter earnings today, and it was a bit of a whiff — and a bummer for Jeff Bezos, who is now no longer the solar system’s richest human and has been relegated to the unfortunate position of second-richest human. Read More

High Times weed magazine goes public but ditches IPO

Jul 27, 9:12PM

 IPO? How about HighPO? The 43-year-old marijuana media brand High Times has found a shortcut to going public: It sold itself to an already public shell company, of which High Times share holders then got an 83 percent stake. Read More

Jeff Bezos' brief stint as world's richest human ends with Amazon's second-quarter whiff

Jul 27, 8:19PM

 Amazon reported its earnings today, wherein a whiff in earnings sent the stock down around 3 percent and brought CEO Jeff Bezos back to reality as the, once again, second-richest human in the known solar system. In all seriousness though, the company appears to once again be squeezing out a very small profit on top of its mammoth retail operations. Read More

Intel beats earnings expectations as it manages to maintain growth in its Data Center Group

Jul 27, 8:14PM

 Intel declared $14.8 billion in revenue this afternoon and earnings per share of 72 cents. This represents a solid beat as analysts had expected revenues of $14.41 billion and EPS of 68 cents. The company’s  stock finished up 22 cents and 0.63 percent to $34.97 per share in regular trading. In the moments after the company released its earnings, Intel’s stock shot up 3.43 percent. Read More

Someone made the 'Take On Me' music video come to life with AR and it's glorious

Jul 27, 8:02PM

 Pack it on up, everyone — someone just won ARKit. We’ve seen lots of fun stuff made with ARKit already, but this one… this one is something special. Read More

The AR thirst is real, please @ me

Jul 27, 7:48PM

 Game developer Chip Sineni of TRIXI studios created a clever AR experiment based on A-Ha’s seminal video for Take On Me. It is pretty fun. It’s also garnering a lot of attention from some very specific folks. I have been talking to a lot of people about AR over the past few months and there is a definable excitement around it. I’m bullish as hell about AR, which I’ve… Read More

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