Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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IBM expands its cloud footprint with new data centers in London, Sydney and San Jose

Jul 19, 4:01AM

 IBM reported its quarterly earnings this week and while the company’s overall results were once again disappointing, cloud revenue was up 15 percent year-over-year and accounted for $3.9 billion in revenue. It’s no surprise then that IBM is doubling down on its cloud strategy and to keep its momentum going, the company today announced the launch of four new data centers for its… Read More

Blippar introduces 'Halos' facial recognition feature on its mobile app

Jul 19, 4:00AM

 In the next several months, phone-based augmented reality is going to become quite a bit more visible for consumers as tech titans like Apple and Google launch new AR platforms, but startups won’t let the big public companies have all the fun. Blippar has been in the augmented reality field since before Google Glass. “When we just started probably one out of a thousand people knew… Read More

Crunch Report | Google Glass for the Enterprise

Jul 19, 3:00AM

Google Glass is relaunching but this time for the enterprise, Game of Thrones breaks HBO streaming records, Amazon and Tinder both now have a “stories” feature and Embark has taken over. All this on Crunch Report! Read More

Apple's Greater China business now has its own managing director for the first time

Jul 19, 2:21AM

 Apple has appointed Isabel Ge Mahe as its first vice president and managing director of its business in Greater China. China-born Ge Mahe is tasked with managing Apple’s China business, and she will report into CEO Tim Cook and COO Jeff Williams when she takes up the role, which is based out of Shanghai, “later this summer.” Ge Mahe is currently located in California,… Read More

ReWalk Robotics shows off a soft exosuit designed to bring mobility to stroke patients

Jul 18, 10:04PM

 ReWalk has been talking up its upcoming “soft exoskeleton” since January. The company finally took the system out for a spin in the daylight, showing what it’s capable of at a robotics event held on the MIT campus this weekend. The version on display is a prototype, but all the functionality is in place, using a motorized pulley system to bring mobility to legs. Read More

Facebook fights fake news spread via modified link previews

Jul 18, 9:44PM

 Until now, any Facebook Page that posted a link could change the headline, body text and image that appeared in the News Feed preview. To combat false news without stifling responsible publications, Facebook is now starting to disable the ability of all Pages to edit the previews of the links they post in the Page composer or API, with an exemption for some original publishers. Read More

The four waves of augmented reality (that Apple owns)

Jul 18, 9:00PM

 It’s been said that augmented/virtual reality is the fourth wave of consumer technology, and that AR could become much bigger than VR. But AR itself is not one giant wave, it’s a set of four big ones: mobile AR software, mobile AR hardware, tethered smartglasses and standalone smartglasses. These four waves could drive AR to more than a billion users and $83 billion by 2021. Read More

Desktop Metal gets $115 million in funding to deliver metal 3D printing for manufacturing

Jul 18, 6:45PM

 Desktop Metal has already earned a number of fans with its 3D printed metal technology — Lowe’s, Caterpillar and BMW were all among its earliest clients. As first noted by CNBC, the Massachusetts-based startup is also getting some healthy monetary support, adding $115 million of venture funds to its coffers this week. The Series D features a number of high profile names, including… Read More

Adobe launches redesigned Lightroom for Android

Jul 18, 5:43PM

 Adobe launched an update for its Lightroom photo management and editing apps on iOS and Android today. The iOS app for iPhone and iPad is getting a few new features, including support for Adobe’s selective brush, a new details tab and an interface update for the iPad version. That’s all pretty nice, but the biggest news here is that Adobe also completely redesigned the Android app… Read More

Naked Hub emerges as WeWork's main competitor in Asia

Jul 18, 5:38PM

 Hours after WeWork announced plans to move into Japan, one of the U.S. co-working giant’s chief rivals made a move to increase the competition in Asia. Naked Hub, which was born out of China-based luxury resort company Naked Group, today announced a merger deal with JustCo, a fast-expanding co-working firm located in Singapore. It also revealed that it is working to finalize a $200… Read More

Apple now allows customer support reps to respond to your App Store reviews

Jul 18, 5:30PM

 Earlier this year, Apple finally introduced the ability for app developers to respond to customer reviews – a feature Google had in place for several years. Now, Apple is expanding this feature with the launch of a new “Customer Support” role available now in the iTunes Connect portal. This gives developers who have larger teams the ability to give others permission to respond… Read More

Google launches new security features to protect users from unverified apps

Jul 18, 5:00PM

 Google has been steadily adding new security features for its G Suite users over the course of the last few months, including new anti-phishing tools and OAuth apps whitelisting, as well as an enhanced app review process. Today, it’s adding another layer on top of this with the launch of a new “unverified app” screen for new web applications and Apps Scripts. This new screen… Read More

Technical recruiting platform Triplebyte opens for business in New York

Jul 18, 5:00PM

 Triplebyte wants to make it easier for tech companies to hire engineers by pre-screening them for technical ability and even flying qualified candidates to the Bay Area for in-person interviews with prospective employers. After two years, the recruiting startup is ready to enter its second regional market in New York, while also beginning to serve a new vertical in the finance industry. Read More

Report confirms Brexit's boomerang logic on data protection

Jul 18, 4:41PM

 A U.K. parliamentary committee report backs the view that Brexit cannot constitute a “clean break” in data protection law terms with the European Union. Au contraire. The U.K. will likely have to continue mirroring EU data protection rules encore et encore… Read More

Uber faces another lawsuit due to a lack of wheelchair-accessible rides

Jul 18, 4:21PM

 The Brooklyn Center for Independence for the Disabled, along with other disability rights groups, is suing Uber, alleging Uber is in violation of New York City human rights laws because it doesn’t have enough wheelchair-accessible cars available to people who need them. Read More

Amazon launches Spark, a shoppable feed of stories and photos aimed at Prime members

Jul 18, 4:09PM

 Amazon today is launching Amazon Spark, a new feature aimed at improving product discovery, which is seemingly inspired by Instagram and its use of shoppable photos. Similarly, Amazon Spark users are encouraged to post stories, ideas and images of products they love, which others can react to with comments and “smiles” – Amazon’s own version of the Like or Favorite… Read More

Google Analytics adds voice-based navigation

Jul 18, 4:00PM

Google Analytics If you’ve got a question about your website or app data, you’ll soon be able to ask Google Analytics directly. In other words, if you’re wondering “What’s the trend of mobile versus desktop traffic last week?” or “How many new users did we have yesterday?” or “What were our top countries last month?” you won’t have to figure out… Read More

Snapchat adds multi-Snap recording and a color changing Tint Brush

Jul 18, 4:00PM

 Snapchat has a couple of new features rolling out Tuesday, including the ability to record multiple 10 second Snaps continuously, and a new “Tint Brush” that allows you to selectively color specific objects or areas of your snaps. The Multi-Snap recording feature is coming to iOS first, with a rollout planned soon for Android, and the Tint Brush feature is launching on both iOS… Read More

'Game of Thrones' premiere breaks HBO streaming records

Jul 18, 3:56PM

 The anticipated season 7 premiere of HBO’s flagship series “Game of Thrones” set a number of new records for the network on Sunday night, including again setting the record for the most-watched premiere in HBO’s history for any series, the company reports. But the show achieved another milestone as well – due to the popularity of HBO’s streaming apps HBO GO… Read More

Literacy XPRIZE starts field tests of semifinalist apps in LA, Philadelphia and Dallas

Jul 18, 3:51PM

 Literacy is a serious problem all over the world — even in our little utopia. While a touch-up of our education and support systems would probably be the best fix in the long term, we all know that’s not likely. So in the meantime we have creative private attempts to alleviate the issue: Today, a $7 million XPRIZE for literacy-improving apps enters the field-testing phase. Read More

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