Monday, July 10, 2017

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Four volunteers will live in a sealed lab for 200 days as China preps for its first manned moon mission

Jul 10, 4:03AM

 Four volunteers at China’s top aeronautics university will live in a sealed laboratory for 200 days without any outside interaction as the country prepares to send its first manned mission to the moon. According to the People’s Daily (one of the Chinese Communist Party’s official newspapers), the group started their stint on Sunday in the 160-square-meter lab at the… Read More

Converging consumer values in China and the U.S. are creating millennials without borders

Jul 10, 1:30AM

 Marketers love slicing and dicing by region: APAC, NorAm, LatAm, MENA, ANZ, etc.  But what if the best way to slice is no longer by geography, but by age? Marketers may need to geo-locate for one-off campaigns, but as technology adoption influences our daily routines, forward-thinking entrepreneurs and investors can look to how generations across geographies are more similar than different… Read More

Trump discussed forming "impenetrable" cyber security unit with Russia

Jul 09, 5:49PM

 In a series of tweets on Sunday, U.S. President Trump recapped his lengthy meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday. Apparently, the two world leaders discussed collaborating on cybersecurity together. Putin & I discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded.. — Donald J. Trump… Read More

With autonomy, commercial real-estate could go mobile

Jul 09, 4:30PM

 The coming years could see the next great land rush across the US and many other countries worldwide, but it might not even involve land. Instead, the next trend for savvy investors could be fleets of autonomous vehicles. A previous article posited the idea that the retail industry may be about to experience its greatest disruption since the rise of online shopping. In a market that’s… Read More

This FlyTrex drone can deliver beer (and anything else under 6lbs)

Jul 09, 4:02PM

A future in which drones deliver our goods is not far off. Giants like Amazon are working on drone delivery, and once regulatory hurdles are overcome, the rest of the market will want to compete. That’s where FlyTrex comes in. We visited the company, based in Tel Aviv, which is an end-to-end product that offers hardware and software so businesses can deliver their goods via drone. The… Read More

The 'Beat Shazam' TV show allows viewers to play along at home

Jul 09, 4:00PM

Beat Shazam, hosted by Jamie Foxx Beat Shazam is one of those TV game shows that you don’t just watch — you can play along at home, using the Shazam app. In fact, the company recently added the ability to sync your gameplay to recorded footage of the show. Let’s back up a second, for people who haven’t watched: Beat Shazam is hosted by Jamie Foxx and premiered on May 25, on Fox. During each episode… Read More

Take a look at the very first production Tesla Model 3

Jul 09, 1:22PM

 It’s here: The first ever production Model 3 has rolled off Tesla’s assembly line and into the possession of its owner – Elon Musk. The founder and CEO tweeted pictures of the new vehicle, which he only got because the actual first pre-order customer gifted Musk his place in the queue as a birthday present. Alongside the pics, Musk tweeted an interesting bit of trivia about… Read More

Why so costly?

Jul 09, 1:00PM

 Technology makes things better. Not morally, of course: military technology kills and maims people more efficiently, surveillance technology invades privacy more pervasively, and so forth. But improved technology leads to more output from less input for any system. Almost a tautology, right? I mean, that’s the whole point. So why, in our technology-laced world, do certain domains keep… Read More

Google Maps now lets users add wheelchair accessibility details for locations

Jul 08, 9:33PM

 Back in December, Google finally added accessibility details to Maps. It was a long awaited addition, but an extremely welcome one for the more than three million people in the U.S. who require wheelchair accessibility. As we noted at the time, however, the available information still left a lot to be desired. Maps has currently collected accessibility data for almost seven million places,… Read More

Why SAFE notes are not safe for entrepreneurs

Jul 08, 6:00PM

 The shortcomings of SAFE notes are coming home to roost; ironically, entrepreneurs are paying the price. Y Combinator invented the notes with a noble goal: “we intend the SAFE to remain fair to both investors and founders.” But many SAFE notes that entrepreneurs are quick to issue now have a nasty bite: much more dilution than the issuers thought when they signed those documents. Read More

Here's how to get a refund if you registered your drone with the FAA

Jul 08, 4:44PM

 If you’ve been following the drone registration saga in the United States, you may remember that in May a Federal Appeals Court struck down the FAA’s drone registration requirement. The registration requirement, which mandated hobbyists pay $5 and submit their personal information into an FAA database and attach a registration number to their drone, was relatively mild. However… Read More

These South Bay and Peninsula cities are raking in venture capital

Jul 08, 4:00PM

 Though the region known as Silicon Valley covers dozens of municipalities, a few cities get outsized attention in tech circles. Everyone knows Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Jose and San Francisco as hotbeds for startup innovation. But they’re not the only ones. Less-talked-about cities in the region are also raking in funding. Read More

Google is funding the creation of software that writes local news stories

Jul 08, 3:50PM

 Google’s Digital News Initiative has committed £622,000 ($805,000) to fund an automated news writing initiative for UK-based news agency, The Press Association. The money will help pay for the creation of Radar (Reporters And Data And Robots), snappily named software designed to generate upwards 30,000 local news stories a month. The Press Association has enlisted UK-based news startup… Read More

Inside Station F, the startup megacampus that just opened in Paris

Jul 08, 8:17AM

 Station F is the world’s biggest startup campus. Thousands of entrepreneurs are currently moving into the new building here in Paris. But if you’re still wondering what it actually looks like, we visited Station F and interviewed the two persons behind it — Roxanne Varza and Xavier Niel. Station F is a massive building that has been completely renovated and now features… Read More

Crunch Report | Launches Panda

Jul 08, 3:00AM launches its new product (Panda), Roche buys mySugr app and Tesla’s making the largest battery storage facility. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Waymo drops most patent claims in Uber self-driving car lawsuit

Jul 07, 11:50PM

 There were a few big breaks in the case between Waymo and Uber over self-driving car technology today. As a result, the scope of the case is starting to come into focus as both companies prepare for a trial set to begin in October. Read More

Amazon wasn't the only company that tried to buy Whole Foods

Jul 07, 9:50PM

 A new filing confirms that there were other suitors trying to buy Whole Foods, but that Amazon put pressure on Whole Foods not to talk to them. The document cites a “Company X” that expressed interest in having exploratory conversations in mid-April, but did not make a formal offer. Read More

Fake news is a war effort humans need to lead

Jul 07, 9:00PM

 Of all the challenges we face in 2017 and beyond, “fake news” has certainly made its way to the top of the list. Can technology solve this issue head-on? In short, my answer is no. Technology will play a role in the fake news fight, but ultimately, humans created fake news — and it it will take human intervention to stop it. Read More

'Chinafrica' is a macro megatrend set to impact everything from Silicon Valley to Wall Street

Jul 07, 8:00PM

 While VCs and startup founders often are the earliest to know about cutting-edge technological advances bubbling from the bottom up (while public-market hedge fund and global macro investors find out about them only later), they often are the last to know about global macro forces that may impact them. Read More

In NASA speech, Mike Pence shoots for the Moon (and Mars)

Jul 07, 7:57PM

 Taking a break from touching pieces of sophisticated technology labeled “do not touch” in a Kennedy Center clean room, Vice President Mike Pence made a speech to NASA yesterday that further signaled the Trump administration’s apparent enthusiasm toward space exploration. The one where Vice President Mike Pence visits the Orion clean room… Read More

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