Friday, July 7, 2017

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Crunch Report | QVC Acquires HSN for $2.1 Billion

Jul 07, 3:00AM

QVC acquires HSN for 2.1 billion, RED is working on a smartphone, SoundCloud loses its San Francisco and London offices and Microsoft is laying off thousands of people. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

How Carnegie Mellon's snake robot became the multi-legged snake monster

Jul 06, 11:33PM

 The snake has long been one of the most compelling demos out of Carnegie Mellon’s robotics lab. Inspired by the reptile of the same name, its long, skinny build makes it perfect for squeezing into tight spaces, guided by the camera embedded in its head. It can wind around rubble and coil around and climb poles — all in all, a pretty impressive piece of engineering. Read More

Jawbone is being liquidated as its CEO launches a related health startup

Jul 06, 11:01PM

 The slow and painful demise of Jawbone is finally coming to an end, as yet another effort to rejuvenate the business is beginning under a familiar name. After a multi-year struggle to maintain relevance in the consumer wearable market, Jawbone is now liquidating — and some of the driving forces behind the original company are forming a new business called Jawbone Health Hub. Read More

Qualcomm lashes back at Apple, seeking import ban on iPhones that allegedly violate key patents

Jul 06, 9:15PM

 The white glove legal battle between two of the most important companies in mobile technologies is getting a lot hotter. Today, Qualcomm levied accusations against Apple suggesting that the Cupertino tech giant was infringing on six patents that aided iPhone battery life. Qualcomm wants U.S. trade regulators to ban imports of the affected iPhone models. “Apple continues to use… Read More

Make your Nokia 3310 great again with a special $2,500 Putin-Trump gold and titanium edition

Jul 06, 9:11PM

 It’s time for the big G-20 summit in Hamburg, and Russian phone customizers Caviar are commemorating the occasion with a very special Nokia 3310 (the new one). Encased in the best metals, titanium and gold, the back features a touching double profile of Trump and Putin. Only 149,000 rubles, or about $2,500. Read More

MIT researchers used a $150 Microsoft Kinect to 3D scan a giant T. rex skull

Jul 06, 9:00PM

 MIT’s Camera Culture group has been able to successfully capture a high-resolution 3D scan of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull using about $150 worth of equipment and some free software. The skull, which belongs to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, was discovered in 1990 and is the largest and most complete T. rex skull yet found. Read More

Meet me in St. Louis

Jul 06, 7:18PM

 Hey St. Louis, come hang out tonight. I’m going to be passing through “the Gateway to the West” today and thought it’d be great to meet any and all of y’all who might want to come out and say hello. Read More

An 'Uber for garbage' picks up steam, and $11.7 million in Series A funding

Jul 06, 7:17PM

 Sometimes, it seems like every possible on-demand service that could be created has already come along — and, in some cases, gone away. But Recycle Track Systems (RTS), a two-year-old, New York-based waste and recycling management technology company, serves to remind that there remain plenty of opportunities for startups looking to turn our smartphones into lucrative businesses. Read More

RED launches pre-orders of bizarre $1,600 titanium 'holographic' smartphone

Jul 06, 6:12PM

 Camera companies have had to adapt their business models quickly over the past decade to account for the rise of smartphone cameras. Part of that has involved some interesting developments on the high end. RED has built incredibly high-powered cameras that have become the darling of many in the film industry; now they’re setting their sights on the smartphone market with what seems to be… Read More

The Nintendo Switch Online phone app finally launches on July 21st alongside Splatoon 2

Jul 06, 6:05PM

 The Nintendo Switch online app finally has a confirmed release date: July 21st. The app is designed as an extension (and requirement) for using Switch online services, with game-specific features that increase your engagement in the iOS/Android app. Read More

Facetune maker's newest app, Enlight Photofox, is a powerful image editor

Jul 06, 6:00PM

 Lightricks, the maker of the popular selfie-correcting app Facetune, is debuting a new photo-editing app today called Enlight Photofox. This is the second time that Lightricks has launched the next generation of an existing app as an entirely new, standalone application — a strategy that’s still somewhat rare on today’s App Store, outside of sequels to games. Read More

Tech's term sheets of harassment

Jul 06, 6:00PM

 It’s important that we acknowledge that the type of behavior we are reading, talking and tweeting about has been enabled. Read More

Microsoft confirms layoff reports, reorganization expected to impact thousands

Jul 06, 5:33PM

 After a week of reports, Microsoft has confirmed its restructuring plans. As we previously reported, the moves are expected to impact thousands at the company as it works to reorganize its sales team. Subsequent numbers have put the headcount at anywhere between “up to 3,000”  to closer to 5,000. For its part, Microsoft is refusing to cite specific numbers. Read More

Prisma's next AI project is a fun selfie sticker maker called Sticky

Jul 06, 5:30PM

 Meet Sticky, the next app from the startup behind Prisma, which turns selfies into stylized and/or animated stickers for sharing to your social feeds. Sticky is launching today on iOS, with an Android version due in a week or two.  Read More

Flux: Robot Queen Helen Greiner on robots, drones and the self-aware Roomba

Jul 06, 5:03PM

 In an interview for Flux, I sat down with Helen Greiner, the co-founder of iRobot. We got into how founders should think about timing a market, navigating user adoption cycles and iterating on product. In 2008, Helen made the jump from terrestrial to aerial robotics, founding drone company CyPhy Works to focus on applications including public safety, construction and agriculture. Read More

G Suite admins can now whitelist connected apps

Jul 06, 5:00PM

 Google is launching a new feature for IT admins today that will make it easier for them to allow employees to use third-party apps in combination with its G Suite productivity tools. Like similar services, Google uses the OAuth standard to allow users of third-party apps (think email apps or calendaring services) to access their company data. While Google offers plenty of tools to avoid… Read More

Uber tipping is rolling out to 121 U.S. and Canadian markets today

Jul 06, 5:00PM

 Uber’s decision to bring tipping to its app is one of the most notable recent reversals of policy in tech, and now the tipping feature is actually going live in 121 cities across North America, including the biggest markets in the U.S. and Canada like New York, San Francisco, L.A., and Toronto. When Uber announced that tipping was being added to its rider app, it went live in Seattle… Read More

Amazon isn't developing its own wines…yet

Jul 06, 4:35PM

 According to numerous reports out this morning, Amazon entered the wine business with its own label in partnership with Oregon’s King Estate Winery, which has launched a direct-to-Amazon wine label called “Next.” But that’s not actually the case, as it turns out. Amazon confirmed with TechCrunch that Next wines are not owned by, nor were they developed in partnership… Read More

Sony's Playstation Now streaming service now includes PS4 games

Jul 06, 4:35PM

 Game subscription services now look like they’re here to stay, and Sony’s Playstation Now just got an exciting update: The first PS4 games on the service are now available to play. The debut list includes 24 games that originally came out on PS4, bringing PS Now to the contemporary console era of games releases for the first time. The games list includes quite a few smaller… Read More

Google shows off Blocks, a 3D modeling tool made for VR

Jul 06, 4:29PM

 Google wants to simplify content creation in VR so that people have more pretty things to look at and build. The company’s VR painting app Tilt Brush has been one of their most-finessed successes and today Google is launching a new app that allows users to create 3D objects using tools built especially for the virtual reality medium. Blocks, which is available now for free for the HTC… Read More

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