Thursday, July 6, 2017

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Crunch Report | Vantiv Buys Worldpay for $10 Billion

Jul 06, 3:00AM

Dave McClure steps down from 500 Startups, Vantiv buys Worldpay for $10 billion, Baidu’s self-driving platform and Baidu teams up with Nvidia. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Chinese bike-sharing startup Ofo raises $700M led by Alibaba

Jul 06, 2:47AM

 Ofo, one of China’s two billion-dollar-valued bike-sharing companies, has announced that it raised a $700 million Series E funding round which is led by e-commerce giant Alibaba, Hony Capital and CITIC Private Equity. Existing backers including ride-sharing firm Didi and DST Global also took part. This is the first time Alibaba has officially thrown its lot into China’s… Read More

SpaceX successfully launches third Falcon 9 in under 2 weeks

Jul 05, 11:44PM

 SpaceX launched yet another Falcon 9 successfully today, for a mission from its LC-39A launch facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The launch is the third in under two weeks for SpaceX, since it completed successful missions on both June 23 and June 25. The Intelsat 35e mission today involved launching an orbital communications satellite built by Boeing for SpaceX… Read More

WTF is a particle collider?

Jul 05, 11:37PM

 How do things work? To find out, we observe them and we take them apart. But not everything is easily observed, and until recently some things couldn’t be taken apart. Read More

Watch SpaceX's Intelsat 35e launch live right here

Jul 05, 11:18PM

 SpaceX has another window to attempt its Intelsat 35e launch today starting at 7:38 PM EDT (4:28 PM PDT). This is the third attempt for the launch for client Intelsat, after it was aborted once on July 2 and then again on July 3, due to automated countdown clock stoppage with 10 seconds remaining prior to launch. SpaceX took July 4 to fully investigate the cause and review its systems, and it… Read More

The TechCrunch Podcast: E-bikes and the slow-burn disruption of cities

Jul 05, 11:00PM

 Cities are becoming more crowded, people are buying more cars and mass transit is reaching capacity. At some point, there will be no room to move. That’s where bikes come in. Even better, that’s where e-bikes come in. Read More

Fingervision is robot skin made from cheap, off-the-shelf components

Jul 05, 10:48PM

 Fingervision isn’t much to look at. At first glance, it appears as though someone MacGyvered a GoPro case out of some clear food wrap and bits of plastic, attaching the creation to the end of a $25,000 industrial robot — and honestly, that’s not all that far from the truth. The system is cheap by design, making what it can do all the more remarkable. Read More

5 years after the Higgs boson, the Large Hadron Collider is just getting started

Jul 05, 10:30PM

 It’s been five years since physicists at CERN reported that they had observed a particle “consistent with the long-sought Higgs boson.” The discovery capped decades of theory and was an important triumph for the Large Hadron Collider, the means by which the elusive particle was found. But they didn’t close up shop and go home after that — the LHC is just getting up… Read More

Tesla drops 7% after Goldman Sachs says the stock is worth $180

Jul 05, 9:22PM

 If you follow Tesla’s performance in public markets you’re no doubt aware of the ongoing bull versus bear battle between analysts who follow the company. While analysts from major investment banks typically disagree on future price targets for stocks, it’s much rarer for analysts to be totally split on if a company’s stock will go up or down. Read More

Torc Robotics unveils self-driving system for consumer cars

Jul 05, 9:00PM

 Another entrant has joined the field of those offering self-driving tech to consumer car makers — but this one likely has a bit more experience than most. Torc Robotics has been working on autonomous vehicle tech since 2007, and has applied autonomy in a range of commercial, industrial and military applications. Now Torc is setting its sights on the consumer car market. Read More

Here's where you're most likely to randomly run into a unicorn in the US

Jul 05, 9:00PM

 Where’s the best place to start a startup? It’s a perennial and somewhat intractable question entrepreneurs love to ask. And before you get your hopes up, we’ll start by saying there is no one right answer to this question. Like much in the world of startups and venture capital, it depends on a number of factors. But what we can tell is that networks matter. Read More

DeepMind's first international AI research office lands in Alberta

Jul 05, 8:40PM

 Alphabet’s DeepMind is expanding beyond its U.K. home, with a new international office based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The research-focused office is being set up in close partnership with the University of Alberta, and will be led by UAlberta academics Rich Sutton, Michael Bowling and Patrick Pilarski. Read More

Blue Apron falls 9% on fourth day as a public company

Jul 05, 8:01PM

 Blue Apron sends you the ingredients to help you cook delicious meals, but some investors are considering its shares unsavory. The meal kit delivery company, which went public on the New York Stock Exchange last week, has had a rough debut on the stock market. After significantly lowering its IPO price range, the company priced its IPO at $10 per share. The stock closed Wednesday below $9. Read More

The need for industry-wide investor/founder sexual harassment policy

Jul 05, 7:53PM

 Startup founders deserve formal protection from sexual harassment by investors. Yet despite the clear power imbalance between these groups, traditional harassment law does not adequately shield founders because they are not technically employees of the venture capitalists. To fill this gap, VC firms should adopt formal investor/founder sexual harassment policies that can be enforced. Read More

A template for investor/founder sexual harassment policy

Jul 05, 7:49PM

 Venture capitalists need to adopt formal policies to protect startup founders from sexual harassment, assault, and discrimination throughout the fundraising process. The policy template below was created to facilitate the creation of comprehensive, enforceable investor/founder sexual harassment policies. It also seeks to lower the barrier so more people can courageously speak up against… Read More

Honest financing as a path to economic mobility and social justice

Jul 05, 7:30PM

 Societal health can be assessed by a handful of factors: economic mobility (is the current generation earning more than their parents did?), upward mobility (the rate of which an individual can improve their own socioeconomic status), productivity (how efficiently one can earn income) and lastly, whether they have sufficient access to the resources and tools required to advance one’s… Read More

Obama Foundation issues a call for better digital citizenship

Jul 05, 7:02PM

 In one of its first public statements since its launch, the Obama Foundation is issuing a call to examine the concept of digital citizenship. Digital engagement and being a good digital citizen were focal points of the Obama Administration — and it appears to be one of the early centers of interest for the former president in his private function as a global citizen. Speaking earlier… Read More

Solve escorts you through the airport like a VIP

Jul 05, 7:01PM

 The walk sprint from your arrival gate to customs is no fun. As a traveler you usually have no idea how long the customs line is going to be, and you could end up being stuck waiting for hours depending on the airport and time of day. But now there’s an (easily accessible) solution. Meet Solve, the startup that finds you a concierge to meet you at your arrival gate and escort you… Read More

MIT's new 3D chip design could be the key to powerful edge computing

Jul 05, 6:25PM

 MIT researchers have developed a new 3D chip fabrication method that uses carbon nanotubes and resistive random-access memory (RRAM) cells together to create a combined nanoelectronic processor design that supports complex, 3D architecture – where traditional silicon-based chip fabrication works with 2D structures only. The 3D design is possible because these carbon nanotube circuits… Read More

Make Hollywood-quality animations at low-budget prices with this motion capture suit

Jul 05, 6:21PM

 You might be familiar with the industry-standard green man MoCap suit many Hollywood studios use to capture the movement of objects or people for movies and games. Rokoko’s new Smartsuit Pro produces the same quality animations but sells for a fraction of the price, at $2,500, enabling indie filmmakers to get the same high-quality results. Read More

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