Saturday, July 8, 2017

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Crunch Report | Launches Panda

Jul 08, 3:00AM launches its new product (Panda), Roche buys mySugr app and Tesla’s making the largest battery storage facility. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Waymo drops most patent claims in Uber self-driving car lawsuit

Jul 07, 11:50PM

 There were a few big breaks in the case between Waymo and Uber over self-driving car technology today. As a result, the scope of the case is starting to come into focus as both companies prepare for a trial set to begin in October. Read More

Amazon wasn't the only company that tried to buy Whole Foods

Jul 07, 9:50PM

 A new filing confirms that there were other suitors trying to buy Whole Foods, but that Amazon put pressure on Whole Foods not to talk to them. The document cites a “Company X” that expressed interest in having exploratory conversations in mid-April, but did not make a formal offer. Read More

Fake news is a war effort humans need to lead

Jul 07, 9:00PM

 Of all the challenges we face in 2017 and beyond, “fake news” has certainly made its way to the top of the list. Can technology solve this issue head-on? In short, my answer is no. Technology will play a role in the fake news fight, but ultimately, humans created fake news — and it it will take human intervention to stop it. Read More

'Chinafrica' is a macro megatrend set to impact everything from Silicon Valley to Wall Street

Jul 07, 8:00PM

 While VCs and startup founders often are the earliest to know about cutting-edge technological advances bubbling from the bottom up (while public-market hedge fund and global macro investors find out about them only later), they often are the last to know about global macro forces that may impact them. Read More

In NASA speech, Mike Pence shoots for the Moon (and Mars)

Jul 07, 7:57PM

 Taking a break from touching pieces of sophisticated technology labeled “do not touch” in a Kennedy Center clean room, Vice President Mike Pence made a speech to NASA yesterday that further signaled the Trump administration’s apparent enthusiasm toward space exploration. The one where Vice President Mike Pence visits the Orion clean room… Read More

Nielsen: on-demand audio streaming hits record high, is up 62.4% over last year

Jul 07, 7:33PM

 A new report from Nielsen out this week paints a picture of the booming on-demand audio streaming business, pointing to a significant increase in consumers’ use of streaming services and record numbers of streams being served. According to the mid-year report, which focuses only on the U.S. market, on-demand audio streams surpassed the 7 billion figure for the first time ever during March… Read More

Nuclear facility hacks remain fairly superficial for now, say DHS and FBI

Jul 07, 6:46PM

 While U.S. nuclear and energy facilities are increasingly aware of the cyberthreats to their systems, we can expect to see more hacks testing the limits of critical infrastructure systems, both in the U.S. and abroad. Read More

What it's like to drive a car while it's being hacked

Jul 07, 5:46PM

Ever been driving a car when both the brake and the gas pedal failed, and the dashboard go nuts? I just have, and it isn’t fun. What are we going to do when our cars are targets for hackers? The problem with most modern cars is that to offer many more kinds of services (live traffic data for sat navs, etc.) they need to be connected. Once that happens then they are, by definition, hackable. Read More

YC-backed Vidcode raises $1.5M to teach teens to code using Snapchat filters, videos, memes and more

Jul 07, 4:50PM

 Vidcode, a Y Combinator-backed startup focused on teaching teens how to code, has raised $1.5 million in seed funding for its curriculum. While there are a number of learn-to-code platforms out there today, Vidcode’s approach is to make coding more interesting to teens by connecting it to their existing interests – like Snapchat filters and memes – while also allowing… Read More

Hear about China's growing influence on startups at Disrupt SF 2017

Jul 07, 4:45PM

 The tech communities in China and the U.S. are now talking to each other more than ever. Some of the most ambitious deals involve both American and Chinese founders and investors. TechCrunch has noticed this cross-pollination effect, and we feel Disrupt should reflect this trend. That’s why we’re so excited to host some of the best Chinese companies and investors at Disrupt SF… Read More

Diabetes platform mySugr exits to Roche for as much as $100M

Jul 07, 4:36PM

 mySugr, a popular digital diabetes management platform which emerged from Austria a few years ago, has been acquired by health giant Roche. It now becomes the heart of Roche Diabetes Care’s new patient-centered digital health services. Roche plans to maintain its acquisition as an open and independent platform for health insurance companies, medical technology companies, and… Read More

Ashton Kutcher plans to host an open dialogue on gender equality

Jul 07, 4:32PM

 Actor and startup investor Ashton Kutcher is gearing up to host a “live open dialog about gender equality in the work place and in tech in general.” He plans to host it with fellow Sound Ventures partner Effie Epstein via Facebook on either Monday or Tuesday of next week, according to his post. Read More

One week left to apply to Startup Battlefield SF 2017

Jul 07, 3:40PM

 Time waits for no entrepreneur, and you have exactly one week left to submit your application to the Startup Battlefield taking place at Disrupt San Francisco 2017. The event takes place September 18-20 at Pier 48, and there’s no better way to launch your early-stage startup. The clock is ticking. Put down the Red Bull, take a break from coding and apply today. Read More raises $11 million for a premium home automation system with a smarter AI

Jul 07, 3:00PM

 One of the promises of voice-based computing is the ability to make home automation simpler – something that major tech companies, including Amazon, Apple and Google, are now tackling with their own voice assistants and smart speakers. But their solutions are still somewhat clunky, both in terms of the software interface for configuring your smart home and the voice commands you use to… Read More

ShareIQ helps brands track their product images across the web

Jul 07, 1:23PM

 As more and more product images get shared on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, ShareIQ says it can help brands understand what’s going on. Founder and CEO Brian Killen used to work as the head of strategy at marketing company Acxiom, and he recalled being told by a retail marketing executive, “I see my pictures all over Pinterest and websites and all over the globe,… Read More

Equity podcast: 500 Startups scandals, disappointing IPOs and the end of Jawbone

Jul 07, 1:10PM

 Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital podcast, where we dig into the hype, the dollars and, recently, the down exits. This week was a fun one. Matthew Lynley is out on vacation, so TechCrunch’s own Megan Rose Dickey (the current host of Bullish and general badass) joined Katie Roof and myself — Alex Wilhelm — to dive into the news of the week. Read More launches an $88 universal car interface called Panda

Jul 07, 1:00PM

 George Hotz is fidgeting in his living room, wearing dark shades and a giant comma on his t-shirt as he shows me his company’s latest product, an $88 universal car interface called Panda. Hotz both lives and works in a residential San Francisco neighborhood with a team of 20-somethings who are helping him build, the self-driving car startup Hotz founded to take on Tesla. Read More

Tesla will build world's largest battery storage facility for Australian wind farm

Jul 07, 12:23PM

 Tesla will up its game in the renewable energy storage market with the largest lithium-ion battery storage facility in the world, to be built for Australia’s Hornsdale Wind Farm. The facility will use Tesla’s commercial battery storage Powerpack modules, which will store energy generated from the farm’s turbines during peak generation hours and make it available when the… Read More

CMU researchers create a huge dome that can read body language

Jul 07, 8:09AM

 The Panoptic Studio is a new body scanner created by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University that will be used to understand body language in real situations. The scanner, which looks like something Doc Brown would stick Marty in to prevent him from committing fratricide, creates hundreds of videos of participants inside the massive dome interacting, talking, and arguing. The team has… Read More

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