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Crunch Report | Fastest Drone Ever World Record Set

Jul 15, 3:00AM

The world record for the fastest drone is set, an artificial heart is 3D printed and luxury phone maker Vertu shuts down. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Is Amazon working on a new messaging app called Anytime?

Jul 14, 11:10PM

 Messaging apps today are one of the most popular ways consumers communicate today, not just with each other but, increasingly, with businesses and services. Now there are signs that we could see another big player enter the messaging fray, alongside more established services from Facebook, Snapchat, Wechat and more. Amazon appears to be sounding out the market on a new service called Anytime,… Read More

This 32-year-old state senator is trying to get patent trolls out of Massachusetts

Jul 14, 11:07PM

 When the internet security company Cloudflare decided to engage in all-out war with what it calls a “dangerous new breed of patent troll,” it found a receptive audience with Eric Lesser, who became the youngest state senator in Massachusetts when elected to office in 2014. Senator Lesser, now a 32-year-old in his second two-year-term, was in the same Harvard fraternity as Facebook… Read More

Microsoft's Path Guide is an unconventional approach to indoor navigation

Jul 14, 10:48PM

 Indoor mapping is one of those problems that seems to only have solutions that involve a great deal of money and infrastructure: beacons, lasers, emitters, scanners… who wants to install those in malls across the world? Microsoft Research has produced an indoor navigation app that keeps things simple, using existing sensors and the fact that people already go most of the places you want… Read More

Scout It Out is a New York marketplace for arts spaces

Jul 14, 9:30PM

 Anyone who’s tried to do anything artistic in New York City knows that one of the toughest things to do is find a space to make the things they want to make or do the things they want to do. (Hello 2001-era-would-be-found-sculptor-me). Well, a new service called Scout It Out has launched in the city that never sleeps to provide would-be artists, directors, actors, interpretive dancers… Read More

Light starts shipping the L16, its 16-camera pocket DSLR challenger

Jul 14, 9:13PM

 Light’s L16 was a radical design concept when it was originally introduced in October, 2015 — but the concept has become a reality, as the company is now shipping the first production units to its pre-order customers. Read More

Google's life sciences unit is releasing 20 million bacteria-infected mosquitoes in Fresno

Jul 14, 8:04PM

 Verily, the life science’s arm of Google’s parent company Alphabet, has hatched a plan to release about 20 million lab-made, bacteria-infected mosquitoes upon Fresno, California — and that’s a good thing! Read More

AdQuick raises $1.1M to bring online tools to outdoor advertising

Jul 14, 7:57PM

billboard AdQuick is looking to make billboard advertising easier and more transparent. AdQuick founder Matthew O’Connor said he ran into the billboard ad world repeatedly while working at startups, including Instacart. Each time, he found himself “perplexed at why it’s so hard to find and buy outdoor advertising.” Read More

BetterWorks and CEO sued by ex-employee for alleged sexually suggestive assault

Jul 14, 7:53PM

 Beatrice Kim is suing her former employer, BetterWorks, and its CEO Kris Duggan for allegedly assaulting her in a sexual manner during a company retreat. The lawsuit also implicates the startup’s regional VP Matt Hart and VP of People Operations Tamara Cooksey for allowing sexual harassment in the workplace and not taking action after the alleged assault was reported. Read More

Warner Music Group buys concert discovery service Songkick

Jul 14, 7:34PM

 Warner Music Group announced today it’s acquiring the selected assets of the music platform Songkick, including its app for finding concerts and the company’s trademark. The deal will not include Songkick’s ticketing business, however, nor the pending litigation Songkick has against Live Nation and Ticketmaster. Songkick has been involved in a lawsuit against the major… Read More

'Quora for cancer' startup theMednet raises $1.3 million in seed funding

Jul 14, 6:51PM

 TheMednet launched out of Y Combinator earlier this year to bring physicians a sophisticated platform for finding the best in treatment research, starting with cancer. It has now raised $1.5 million in seed funding to help it reach even more of those physicians. Read More

Facebook tests a GIF maker on iOS

Jul 14, 6:40PM

 Facebook confirmed it has begun testing a new GIF maker in the camera feature of the main Facebook mobile application. The feature, which is available with the tap of a button at the top of the screen, lets you shoot footage that you can then save in GIF format to your device’s photo gallery, post to your Facebook profile, or add to your Facebook Story. The addition was first spotted… Read More

Uber acqui-hires social app studio Swipe Labs

Jul 14, 5:53PM

 Why would Uber buy a team that builds Snapchat competitors? To make its driver app feel more human. Uber has acqui-hired Swipe Labs, the social product studio run by Marwan Roushdy. He and a selection of engineers from the dozen-person startup will join Uber to work on the driver experience within the driver earnings team. A source from the venture capital industry described the deal to… Read More

Facebook's new "Explore Feed" makes its way to the app's main navigation

Jul 14, 5:49PM

 Earlier this year, Facebook was spotted testing a new type of News Feed – one that designed to help you discover content across the social network, beyond posts from friends and Pages you already follow. During tests, the feed was available through the Facebook app underneath a “rocket ship” icon – something that seemed to confuse users, who didn’t understand… Read More

Border agents can't lawfully search data stored in the cloud

Jul 14, 5:48PM

 Storing dating in the cloud isn’t always the safest means of locking it down, but avoiding local storage could benefit anyone concerned for their privacy while crossing U.S. borders. In a letter addressed to Senator Ron Wyden, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency clarified that its policy allowing warrantless border searches is restricted to locally stored data only. Read More

The Canvas autonomous cart can ferry goods around chaotic factory floors

Jul 14, 5:34PM

 Most Econ 101 classes start with an explanation of fixed and marginal cost in the context of factories. The factory is the principal fixed cost — expensive and permanent. Canvas wants to smash this assumption of expensive, inflexible, factories by replacing infrastructure with autonomous vehicles designed to shuffle goods around factory floors. Read More

Audm turns long-form print journalism into professionally narrated digital audio

Jul 14, 5:27PM

 Services like Instapaper and Pocket are often used by consumers to save longer news articles they don’t have time to immediately read, and both services offer some form of narration for people pressed for time. However, a startup called Audm believes that there’s a better way to turn long-form journalism into audio content that’s actually enjoyable to listen to – by… Read More

Watch this racing drone set the Guinness World Record for fastest drone

Jul 14, 5:07PM

 A 1.76 pound drone can now move faster than a Tesla at top speed in Ludicrous Mode. Yesterday, the Drone Racing League set the Guinness World Record for fastest drone, or the category of “fastest ground speed by a battery-powered remote-controlled quadcopter.”  Called the DRL Racer X, the drone can fly at a top speed of 179.6 MPH. The test was done in a field outside of New York… Read More

Uber rival Grab is reportedly raising up to $2 billion from SoftBank and Didi

Jul 14, 4:40PM

 Grab, the Uber rival in Southeast Asia that operates across seven countries, is reportedly in talks to raise up to $2 billion from Japan-based SoftBank and China-based Didi Chuxing, The Wall Street Journal reports, citing sources. The funding would reportedly value Grab at more than $5 billion, which would make it the most valuable startup in Southeast Asia. Read More

MeWe builds a bridge between government and business

Jul 14, 4:30PM

 Manik Suri, a former D.E. Shaw hedge fund wunderkind, has been wrestling with how best to help government put compliance policy into practice. Suri’s public service included a stint on the White House National Economic Council, where he saw how difficult it was for government agencies to ensure proper oversight. MeWe, the “TurboTax for compliance,” was born out of his… Read More

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