Thursday, April 27, 2017

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Luxe to end door-to-door valet service in San Francisco at the end of May

Apr 27, 12:35AM

Luxe, the company that promised to make parking in busy cities less awful with an app that summoned blue-jacketed valets to your location, seems to be moving away from its initial vision — at least in San Francisco. SF users began receiving emails like the one below this afternoon: We started Luxe four years ago to tackle the problem of scarce parking in urban centers — while… Read More

Crunch Report | Instagram Grows To 700M Users

Apr 27, 12:00AM

Crunch Report April 26 Today’s Stories  Instagram’s growth speeds up as it hits 700 million users Twitter desperately needed a hit first-quarter and somehow managed to deliver Amazon’s new Echo Look has a built-in camera for style selfies Uber is making it easier to see your rider rating Investor Chris Sacca is retiring from venture capital Credits Written and Hosted by: Anthony Ha Filmed… Read More

Amazon's camera-equipped Echo Look raises new questions about smart home privacy

Apr 26, 11:47PM

 Given all of the security concerns raised by the rise of the Echo and other smart home hubs, Amazon surely knew that adding a camera to one of its devices was going to reinvigorate the privacy debate. After all, an always-listening microphone is one thing — the Echo Look, with a camera designed to sit in its owner’s bedroom, is another question entirely. Read More

Dropbox really wants us to know its finances are healthy

Apr 26, 10:30PM

 Healthy financial milestones sugarcoat the conversation temporarily, but eventually Drew Houston is going to have to step into the public markets. At that point nobody will care how fast Dropbox grew its revenue back in the day. The question will be whether Dropbox is a company that can eventually sustain $10 billion in yearly revenue. Read More

The dark future of 'The Handmaid's Tale' feels terrifyingly real

Apr 26, 9:40PM

handmaids tale For the past few years, Hollywood has been enamored with dystopias pulled from young-adult fiction — stories like The Hunger Games and Divergent, where the evil government provides a structure for our heroes to rebel against, a set of villains for them to defeat. The Handmaid’s Tale is something else entirely. Read More

ChargePoint is ready for flying EVs

Apr 26, 8:51PM

ChargePoint and Uber Elevate Yesterday I wrote about a poll conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan that found people were interested in flying cars if they were autonomous, shared and electric. As soon as I posted that, I found an email in my inbox saying that ChargePoint and Uber Elevate, among others at the recent conference on flying vehicles, had partnered to prepare for just that exact scenario. Read More

PayPal shares up 7% after better-than-expected earnings

Apr 26, 8:24PM

 PayPal, the payments company, posted first-quarter earnings results after the bell on Wednesday. After surpassing analyst estimates with an adjusted 44 cents per share, compared to the 41 cents that many were predicting, shares rose 7 percent in initial after-hours trading. Net income was $384 million, up 5 percent from last year. Read More

Air Force launches bug bounty program

Apr 26, 7:30PM

 The Air Force announced today that it will launch a bug bounty next month for several of its public-facing websites, allowing hackers to seek out vulnerabilities in the sites and exchange them for cash rewards. Read More

The FCC's Myths vs. Facts sheet defending its plan to reverse net neutrality, annotated

Apr 26, 7:28PM

 Immediately after FCC Chairman Pai announced his intention to remove the net neutrality rules set in place in 2015, the agency issued a little preemptive strike against detractors. “Internet Regulation: Myths vs. Facts.” I’ve annotated it with a few extra facts. Read More

Navdy's aftermarket HUD proves a big in-car upgrade

Apr 26, 6:54PM

 In-car navigation and infotainment options now abound, and more vehicles are shipping with support for native vehicle smartphone software from Apple and Google. But these all still prove distracting, and take your eyes away from the roadway, if only for a few brief seconds. Navdy’s dash-mounted aftermarket head-up display (HUD) is a solution to that problem. Read More

FCC details plan to roll back net neutrality rules

Apr 26, 6:26PM

 FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, newly appointed by President Trump, announced his intention to rescind the net neutrality rules created by the agency’s 2015 Open Internet Order. He called the 2015 Open Internet Order “an aberration” that “puts the federal government at the center of the internet.” Read More

The first ever 4K video live stream from space left us wanting more

Apr 26, 6:25PM

 If you tuned in to the AWS/NASA live stream from space that happened on Wednesday, then you already know: It looked very, very good. The 4K quality and relatively shallow depth of field made it feel like you were watching Chef’s Table on Netflix, rather than a live feed from a space station orbiting Earth around 220 miles above the planet. Astronauts Dr. Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer… Read More

Slack's diversity report reveals how many people with disabilities it employs

Apr 26, 6:00PM

 Tech companies rarely, if ever, include information about how many people with disabilities they employ. Today, Slack is changing things up. Read More

Appointments is the latest app from Google's internal incubator, Area 120

Apr 26, 5:48PM

 Google’s internal startup incubator, Area 120, unveiled last year, has to date led to the creation of a number of projects, including a personal stylist app Tailor, a voice messenger Supersonic, and most recently, an app for watching YouTube videos together called Uptime. We’ve now spotted another app in development over there called Appointments, a salon booking tool.… Read More

Call of Duty: WWII returns to the beaches of Normandy in first trailer

Apr 26, 5:33PM

 Call of Duty is going back to World War II. In the first trailer for the upcoming game, Activision highlights the different battlefields players will navigate. From storming the beaches of Normandy to fighting through hedgerows, it’s clear the game is returning to its roots. The first three Call of Duty games were set in World War II starting with the self-titled game in 2003. But ever… Read More

A Waymo filing leaks lidar tech details in Uber lawsuit

Apr 26, 5:30PM

 Anthony Levandowski took his seat in a conference room one sunny Friday morning in April and proceeded to read the same phrase from a sheet of paper for the next five hours. “On the advice and direction of my counsel, I respectfully decline to answer. And I assert the rights guaranteed to me under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.” Read More

Two new Loog guitars let your toddler shout at the devil

Apr 26, 4:51PM

 Loog is a New York-based guitar company run by a music teacher named Rafael Atijas. These three-string guitars are designed for kids as young as 3 years old and they make guitar easy and fun – at least according to my kids who played with them when they were much younger. The new models are called the Mini for ages 3 and older and the Pro for ages 8 and older. The Mini is a smaller… Read More

UK government irate at Twitter's surveillance API crackdown

Apr 26, 4:47PM

 The UK government has criticized Twitter for restricting police and intelligence agency access to data which it says could be used to identify terrorist plots, according to the Telegraph newspaper. Read More

How to watch the first 4K live stream from space at 1:30 PM ET

Apr 26, 4:38PM

 Space deserves the highest resolution available. Even if all you’re broadcasting is a tabletop inside the International Space Station – it’s a work surface in space, it deserves special attention. That’s why it’s important that Amazon Web Services and NASA are partnering to deliver the first ever 4K video live stream from the International Space Station today, at… Read More

Nvidia adds 6 AI startups to its venture investment portfolio

Apr 26, 4:11PM

 When Nvidia makes investments in AI startups, it’s probably a good idea to sit up and take note: The GPU maker has essentially enabled modern AI in many ways, and so it’s probably seen the gamut of potential applications of its technology over the years, and should know better than most what’s likely to work out and what isn’t. Six new companies have garnered not… Read More

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