Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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CheckRecipient, a London startup that uses machine learning to stop misaddressed emails, raises $2.7M

Apr 04, 11:00PM

 CheckRecipient is a London startup that uses machine learning to help prevent emails from being sent to the wrong recipient. Read More

Instacart VP of operations Mike Swartz has left the company

Apr 04, 10:25PM

 TechCrunch has learned that Mike Swartz, an operations veteran from Amazon who joined Instacart in February last year, has left the company. Instacart confirmed the departure. Read More

After an unexpected reveal, AOL's CEO explains that Oath is about B2B branding

Apr 04, 9:38PM

 You weren’t supposed to know about Oath. Not this week, at least. And certainly not under these circumstances. The newly minted and already much maligned poster child of the forthcoming face of Verizon’s Yahoo acquisition was developed in-house as a B2B brand, designed for customer and partner relationships. Read More

Tusk Ventures quietly held a first close on $25 million for its debut fund

Apr 04, 9:38PM

 Bradley Tusk is a former political operative who currently runs a consultancy that helps Fortune 500 companies launch political-style campaigns, as well as a separate outfit, Tusk Ventures, that that focuses on helping startups do the same. Read More

Project Zero uncovers a nasty Wi-Fi chip exploit

Apr 04, 9:31PM

 Google’s Project Zero has been on a roll lately, unveiling sophisticated bugs in Cloudflare, LastPass and now Broadcom, a Wi-Fi chip supplier whose product is found in iPhones, Nexuses and Samsung devices. Read More

Fae is a new open-source content management system based on Rails

Apr 04, 8:15PM

 FINE, a San Francisco- and Portland-based brand agency, is open sourcing the content management system (CMS) it has developed in-house to build sites for brands like Anchor Brewing, Kimpton Residences at Seafire, Prūf Cultivar (“Elevated Cannabis”) and others. Read More

High school junior launches TagDat, an emoji-based local reviews app

Apr 04, 8:11PM

 Buffy Li was very patient when she took time off from her Spring Break to talk to me. Li, an 11th grader at Santa Cruz’s Kirby prep school, spent most of the week off coordinating the launch of her new app, TagDat. While she’s stressed about getting her ducks in a row, the app is actually the second startup she’s worked on, so she knows how it goes. As one of the founders… Read More

Kanye West's The Life of Pablo is the first album to go platinum from streaming only

Apr 04, 7:56PM

 Kanye West’s last album has just made streaming history. The Life of Pablo, released a little over a year ago, just went Platinum with over 1.5 billion song streams in the U.S. While popular albums frequently go platinum, this is a big deal because Kanye’s album reached this milestone relying on streams alone – no paid downloads. Let me explain: An album typically goes… Read More

Apple Music on Android catches up with iOS

Apr 04, 7:49PM

 Apple’s subscription streaming service, Apple Music, rolled out a major (ver. 2.0) release to Android users today, introducing a new design that largely brings the app to parity with its iOS counterpart. The update includes a visual makeover, which organizes content into a few main sections – Library, For You, Browse, and Radio – as on iOS. The Now Playing screen also… Read More

Aurora's massive LightningStrike VTOL UAV just got one step closer to reality

Apr 04, 7:24PM

 A vertical take-off and landing craft (VTOL) that can stand toe-to-toe with combat helicopters a concept taken directly from sci-fi – it’s almost the default futuristic military ship among Hollywood epics. A real one just finished its first test flight program, as the Aurora Flight Science LightningStrike XV-24A Demonstrator Craft ended its first stage of flight testing. This puts… Read More

How Winnipeg focused on local strengths to create a tech hub in central Canada

Apr 04, 7:00PM

 The brick warehouses that line Winnipeg’s Exchange District look the same as they did in the mid-nineteenth century, but commodity traders and grain transporters have moved out and tech companies have moved in. While agriculture and manufacturing faced increasing pressure over the past few decades, the city has developed a tech sector that enabled Winnipeg to reinvent itself. Read More

LocusBots can now 'talk' to each other and collaborate in warehouses

Apr 04, 6:57PM

 Locus Robotics today unveiled a navigational system that makes it possible for their LocusBots to work more effectively together, and alongside humans in crowded, bustling warehouses. The LRAN system, which stands for Locus Robotics Advanced Navigation, debuted at the industry trade show ProMat in Chicago. Read More

Marshall's Monitor Bluetooth headphones are crisp but uncomfortable

Apr 04, 6:34PM

 If you’re into rock and roll, then you’ve probably come across Marshall’s audio hardware before. It’s the “brand of rock stars”, similar to how Beats has been marketed as the headphones of hip-hop artists. But if you know anything about headphones, you’d know marketing is never indicative of real performance. So in case you were wondering: these… Read More

The TC Disrupt After Parties (and concert!) are going to be off the hook!

Apr 04, 5:45PM

 Disrupt NY is right around the corner, and alongside an amazing slate of speakers, a badass portfolio of Battlefield companies and three days of networking, Disrupt is bringing the par-tay to NYC. TC Disrupt After Parties have always been legendary, but this time we’re upping our game. Read More

TC is taking over Manhattan on Thursday!

Apr 04, 5:42PM

 TC is taking over Manhattan this week with three simultaneous events on Thursday, culminating in the TC Trivia Throwdown. You could think of it as a block party, but with far more people staring into their iPhone screens and zero hotdogs. From 5:30 to 7:30, there will be three events across various Manhattan locations. The first is the TC INCLUDE Pitch Practice, in collaboration with the… Read More

Feedly's reader app now caters to knowledge workers with launch of boards, notes & annotations

Apr 04, 5:37PM

 Following the death of Google Reader several years ago, there was a brief renewed interest in alternative RSS readers – news readers that let you track updates from blogs or other websites in a single interface. While there was a lot of hype around Digg’s entry into the space, it’s Feedly that has best picked up the Google Reader mantle, and continued to roll out features… Read More

This new sentiment index aims to help founders time their fundraising

Apr 04, 5:14PM

 A new index aims to help consumer-oriented startup founders understand the health of the venture capital fundraising environment; specifically, when is a good time to seek funding — and when isn’t. Read More

Grokstyle is putting computer vision to work on home decor with $2M in funding

Apr 04, 5:05PM

 One of the things I’ve always wanted out of technology is the ability to point my phone at something or take a screenshot, and have it say, here’s what that thing is and here’s where you can buy it. My consumerist dream is starting to come true, and Grokstyle is one company working to do so — in this case, automatically identifying furniture and home decor from just… Read More

Spotify trades free-tier album delays for smaller royalties

Apr 04, 4:41PM

 Spotify has long refused to restrict new releases from its ad-supported non-paying listeners because it would make the streaming app confusing. It wanted all music available to everyone, always. But as it preps to IPO, it needs to negotiate better royalty rates with the major labels, and allowing this “windowing” practice is a bargaining chip it’s finally going to cash in. Read More

Pluto AI raises $2.1 million to bring intelligence to water treatment

Apr 04, 4:34PM

 Former 500 Startups accelerator company Pluto AI is announcing $2.1 million in fundraising today from Fall Line Capital, Refactor Capital, Unshackled Ventures, Comet Labs and additional angels. Pluto is taking advantage of the sensorification of modern water treatment plants to extrapolate insights that can save operators precious time, money and water. Read More

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