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Nintendo reveals Joy-Con battery grips and new color, standalone Switch dock

Apr 12, 11:36PM

 Nintendo will offer a special battery grip accessory for its Joy-Con controller accessory, which will be offered in sets of two and add more life to the already considerable 20-hour runtime of the Joy-Cons using their built-in power. Nintendo is also going to add a new color option for Joy-Cons, a Neon Yellow that will make sure everyone knows you’re using a Switch and can’t… Read More

BlackBerry's stock had a great day after the company won a big dispute with Qualcomm

Apr 12, 10:40PM

 Earlier today, BlackBerry’s stock hit its highest point more than a year, and all it took was a lousy $814.9 million arbitration win. It’s a healthy bounce back for the embattled company, which has spent the last year working to make a major shift from all-in phone maker to software and services company. But while shareholders are likely pleased, BlackBerry no doubt would have… Read More

Let's meet in Longmont, Colorado next week

Apr 12, 10:22PM

 As part of the NewTech Meetup we will be holding a very cool pitch-off at the Oskar Blues The Oak Room at 1800 Pike Road in Longmont, CO. We are holding it on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 starting at 6:00pm. The pitch-off will happen at about eight. You can RSVP here. To apply to pitch please submit your info here. I will pick and contact eight companies to pitch for 2 minutes with 2 minutes of… Read More

Get up close and personal with Boeing's svelte new spacesuit

Apr 12, 9:15PM

 For its upcoming crewed spaceflight missions, Boeing worked with David Clark Company, a Massachusetts-based company that makes flight and aviation suits, as well as headsets for pilots to come up with brand new spacesuits. The goal was to create a new kind of spacesuit for a new kind of astronaut – Boeing wants to be a leader in the new business of commercial crewed orbital missions, and… Read More

Google Home has stopped answering to that annoying Burger King ad

Apr 12, 8:34PM

 The internet barely had time to be annoyed for that new 15 second Burger King ad before Google shut the whole thing down. A little over two hours after the fast food giant took the wraps off of a TV spot designed to trigger smart assistants across the country, the functionality no longer works. We’ve reached out to Google for confirmation of the action, which was likely just a quick fix… Read More

Giveaway: Enter to win a trip to Disrupt NY 2017

Apr 12, 8:00PM

 TechCrunch Disrupt NY is taking place at Pier 36 on May 15-17, and we can’t wait to see you. In honor of the occasion, we’re giving away a trip to New York to one lucky TechCrunch reader! You can earn extra entries to the contest by sharing the giveaway link with friends and following our social accounts. Enter the contest by following this link or by using the widget below. Here… Read More

Android Pay now works in Bank of America, USAA, Discover & other mobile banking apps

Apr 12, 7:12PM

 Android Pay, Google’s answer to Apple Pay and other mobile payment technologies, today unveiled new partnerships with a handful of banks from around the world, who will integrate the service into their own apps. The feature will be available within the mobile banking apps provided by Bank of America, USAA, Bank of New Zealand, Discover, and mBank, says Google. This is the first time… Read More

Taking the Bodleian less seriously (with GIFs)

Apr 12, 7:00PM

 Pop quiz, hotshot. You’re appointed the social media manager for a world-renowned institution like Oxford’s Bodleian Library. What do you do? Obviously, you spend the next year making GIFs out of the thousands of precious cultural treasures hoarded there. At least that’s what Adam Koszary did. Read More

Google's 'Speak to Go' lets you travel the globe with your voice

Apr 12, 6:51PM

 Today, Google showed off a host of VR web applications on its new WebVR Experiments page, one of which lets you explore the world using voice search. “Speak to Go” is optimized to work with VR headsets on its Daydream and Cardboard platforms buy you can also try it out on your phone or computer without a headset, you just need to enable the mic on Chrome and get to voice… Read More

Accenture, can I ask you a few questions?

Apr 12, 6:30PM

 Hey Accenture, are you aware that your PR firm is pitching your latest corporate beta for a creepy face and emotion-monitoring algorithm as a party trick? Read More

Just 3 days left to save $1,000 on Disrupt NY tickets

Apr 12, 6:24PM

 Time to pay attention, would-be Disrupt NY 2017 attendees. Time is very quickly running out if you want to get your hands on some deeply discounted tickets to the best startup show in the Big Apple. Now through Friday, April 14, tickets will run you just $1,995 apiece, a fully $1,000 off the final retail price. Disrupt NY 2017 is shaping up to be one of the best Disrupts yet. We’ve got… Read More

Justin Kan's new startup Atrium is raising $10 million to disrupt the legal industry

Apr 12, 6:13PM

 Justin Kan wants to change the legal industry, and has gathered a team together to do just that. According to sources his newest startup, called Atrium, is also actively fundraising and looking to raise $10 million for its initial round of funding. Read More

New 4D prints transform into permanent shapes when heat is applied

Apr 12, 6:00PM

 New work out of Georgia Tech promises to lend a sense of permanence to shape-shifting 3D printing. The technology, commonly referred to as 4D printing by those in the know, aims to add another dimension to the 3D printing process by creating an object designed to change shape after it leaves the print bed. Most models from research institutes like Harvard and MIT have relied on hydrogels to… Read More

Google launches a dedicated home for Chrome WebVR experiences

Apr 12, 5:45PM

 Today, Google made some WebVR updates to Chrome, adding support for Cardboard while also building a home for all of its online VR web content. WebVR Experiments is a bit of a storefront for online VR experiences, albeit everything is free (at the moment) so it’s still more of a discovery tool. The page is launching with some cool (and bizarre) experiences that let you play VR… Read More

Why go on safari when you can feed an African lion live, via VR

Apr 12, 5:08PM

 One of the main uses of VR that has emerged since the technology experienced a resurgence is the ability to make you empathise with what you are experiencing. This happened to me the first time I ever did VR, when I watched Clouds Over Sidra, a short VR documentary that put you in the shoes of a Syrian refugee girl, living in a camp in Jordan. I don’t mind admitting that it actually made… Read More

TheWaveVR is a mesmerizing, trippy take on the future of music festivals

Apr 12, 5:01PM

 If the prospect of joining a virtual music festival and dancing around in a VR headset and controllers sounds pretty geeky… you’re not wrong. But it’s also, like, incredible. TheWaveVR will remind you of drugs even if you’ve never done drugs and will probably also make you want to do drugs. The virtual reality music app is launching a beta version today on Steam… Read More

Chip's new chatbot app points the way to 'plugin banking'

Apr 12, 4:38PM

 When London fintech startup Chip launched late last year, the company’s vision was something a lot more ambitious than a simple ‘micro savings’ app delivered through a millennial-friendly chatbot. Read More

Facebook Moments's standalone website doesn't do much

Apr 12, 4:22PM

 Late last year, Facebook brought its mobile photo-sharing application Moments to the web in a limited capacity by adding a link to the service in the desktop version of Facebook. We’ve spotted that Facebook also has a standalone web version for the service that offers access to the online albums you’ve previously shared with friends. However, like the stripped-down version of… Read More

A look at who was spending, on what, in the first quarter

Apr 12, 4:12PM

cash register This morning, the research firm CB Insights, in partnership with the services firm PwC, released a report on the state of VC in the first quarter of this year. It does a great job of breaking down what’s what, so we’re basically just cutting and pasting a handful of its biggest takeaways here and adding a little bit of context in case it’s helpful. 1.) U.S.-based venture… Read More

Microsoft launches new tools to help enterprises move to its Azure cloud

Apr 12, 4:07PM

 Since the dawn of Azure, Microsoft has talked about how enterprises can benefit from a hybrid cloud approach — that is, using the public cloud while still running some of their applications in their own data centers. Even today, Microsoft says that 80 percent of the companies it talks to still want to use a hybrid cloud approach and to help them move to its cloud services, the company… Read More

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