Friday, April 21, 2017

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Uber employees thought it'd be a good idea to paint a '#Undelete' mural

Apr 21, 12:03AM

 Well, this is something else. A bunch of mostly male Uber employees decided to get together to spray taint (paint) a wall in San Francisco, basically begging people to reinstall the app if they’ve deleted it in light of all the scandals at Uber, The Verge reported. The employees painted “Undelete.” Why “Undelete”? Well, it refers to the days when we all freaked… Read More

Crunch Report | Google Home Gets More Personal

Apr 21, 12:00AM

Crunch Report April 20 Today’s Stories  Google Home can now recognize up to six voices and give personalized responses Google said to be planning a built-in ad blocker for Chrome GoPro to release prosumer spherical camera in fall 2017 FTC tells ‘influencers’ to quit trying to hide the fact that they’re shilling for brands Shopify launches a free, in-house-designed card reader Credits… Read More

Apple releases a bit of code to let you put Live Photos on your sites

Apr 20, 11:13PM

 Apple’s Live Photos are fun — they’ve definitely captured a few unexpected magical moments for me that standard stills would’ve missed. But for the most part, they live on your phone and stay within the confines of your apps. Seeing them floating around the web, especially on a desktop browser, has always been something of a rarity. That quietly changed this morning. Read More

Ambient noise could be your next multi-factor authentication token

Apr 20, 10:28PM

 We’re all pretty used to two-factor authentication now, and it isn’t much of an inconvenience to have to type in a four-digit code when you log in from a new location. But some Swiss security researchers came up with a smart way to authenticate without even that tiny amount of work: ambient noise. Read More

Juicero CEO promises refunds for any dissatisfied customers while defending the company's tech

Apr 20, 10:00PM

 Jeff Dunn, the former Coca-Cola executive who became CEO of Juicero last year, has responded to a wave of coverage suggesting that the company’s juice press isn’t all that was promised — and he’s offering dissatisfied customers their money back. Read More

Another smart card bites the dust, as Plastc ends operations and leaves pre-orders unfulfilled

Apr 20, 9:41PM

 Plastc is throwing in the towel today. The smart card maker sent a message to backers (which now also graces the startup’s homepage) announcing that it’s “exploring options” for filing Chapter 7 and, more importantly, is shutting down all operations as of today. Read More

Confide sued over ephemerality and screenshot protection claims

Apr 20, 9:34PM

 Confide, the encrypted chat app that’s reportedly popular among Trump staffers, is facing a class action lawsuit that claims Confide misled consumers about its ability to protect messages from being screenshotted or saved. Read More

Shopify Pay aims to complete the picture for online checkout

Apr 20, 8:45PM

 Shopify introduced a new product at its developer conference today, which will reduce friction during online orders and simplify checkout across any stores that run on Shopify’s ecommerce platform. Shopify Pay is similar to other instant payment solutions that store your info for fast access later on, including PayPal Express Checkout, but it works across any store using Shopify as… Read More

Amazon's new Alexa developer policy now bans all ads except in music and flash briefings

Apr 20, 8:27PM

 Amazon has quietly introduced a change to its Alexa Skills Developer agreement aimed at further restricting advertisements within Alexa’s voice apps, which it calls “Skills.” Previously, the developer agreement stated that it would ban apps that used the Alexa app home cards – the cards that appear in the Alexa companion app – that can describe Skill in question… Read More

NerdWallet just laid off over 40 people, including its VP of growth

Apr 20, 8:04PM

 Personal finance startup NerdWallet recently let go of more than 40 employees, TechCrunch has learned. As part of the changes, NerdWallet VP of growth Henry Hsu left the company and NerdWallet COO Dan Yoo is moving into an advisory role. Read More

This phishing technique is more interesting than dangerous

Apr 20, 7:43PM

 There’s no shortage of ways adversaries will employ to get you to click through to a malicious website, some technical, some psychological. This one is interesting because it leverages a useful feature of browsers that you might have never thought about. Read More

A chat with Pluralsight founder Aaron Skonnard on the global move to sharpen tech skills through online training

Apr 20, 7:36PM

 Utah has a strong history in the tech industry. It’s also starting to become a place known for growing profitable unicorns, including developer training platform Pluralsight, now worth $1.14 billion and listed as one to watch for going public this year. I sat down with Pluralsight founder Aaron Skonnard to discuss the tech landscape and where he wants to take the company next. Read More

Pinterest's Tim Kendall will talk the future of advertising at Disrupt NY 2017

Apr 20, 7:09PM

 Snap has finally gone public and it’s worth more than $20 billion. Facebook continues to be an advertising behemoth. Google still owns the search ad universe. So is there room for another — specifically, Pinterest? We’ll find out; today, we’re excited to announce that Pinterest president Tim Kendall will sit down for a conversation at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2017. Read More

Uber will live stream its first Elevate VTOL summit April 25-27

Apr 20, 6:56PM

 Uber has been tinkering with the idea of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) craft for a while now, beginning with the release of a white paper late last year detailing what steps it thinks are required to help it get it get to the point where it might make sense to actually field an on-demand airborne ride hailing service. It announced that it would host an industry summit of people working… Read More

Survey says: Kids these days aren't so into electric or autonomous vehicles

Apr 20, 6:53PM

Autonomous Vehicle Conventional wisdom has kind of assumed that old fogies are afraid of self-driving cars and suffer from crippling range anxiety when it comes to EVs. Those youngsters, though, are all about autonomous electric cars — computers on wheels, if you will, that chauffeur them about town. But a new massive survey from (DTO, for short) says otherwise. Not about the fogies… Read More

Lyft head of engineering pens a letter to teammates asking for open communication

Apr 20, 6:28PM

 Lyft’s head of engineering Jill Wetzler has penned a heartfelt letter to her fellow teammates asking them to chat openly with her about any issues they may be facing in the workplace. The letter, sent on anonymous workplace app Blind and obtained by TechCrunch, pleads with employees to reach out to her. Here’s what she wrote. Read More

FTC tells 'influencers' to quit trying to hide the fact that they're shilling for brands

Apr 20, 6:24PM

 The Federal Trade Commission has put dozens of so-called influencers on notice for failing to adequately document the fact that their Instagram and such like posts are in fact thinly veiled ads for which the posters are being generously compensated. Read More

Don't get played by this spammy app like I did

Apr 20, 6:23PM

 At my birthday party last week, my friend Ebby walked over and asked a group of us “What’s this Gather app all about?” I instantly felt a bit insecure. Of that particular group of friends, I should have been the one with a ready answer. I’m supposed to know about hot new apps. But Gather was a mystery. The next morning, hungover and recovering from the post-birthday… Read More

The TC Meetup + Pitch-off goes down in Seattle on June 22

Apr 20, 6:04PM

 There is nothing quite like Seattle in June. Everything is green, the sun shines, and the air is crisp. And, of course, TechCrunch heads into town for the annual TC Meetup + Pitch-off. Just as we have the past couple of years, TechCrunch is hitting up Seattle to hear about the latest and greatest startups the Emerald City has to offer. For those of you who don’t know what I’m… Read More

Navy and Marine Corps outlaw nude photo sharing without consent

Apr 20, 6:02PM

 The Marine Corps has taken another step to crack down on the nude photo sharing scandal that broke open in the Marines United Facebook Group. Following changes to the rules governing behavior on social media platforms, new Navy regulations outlaw sharing nude photos without permission outright. The new amendment to Naval regulations (which also apply to Marines) reads as follows: Article 1168… Read More

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