Tuesday, April 4, 2017

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Adobe partners with Google to launch new open-source pan-CJK font

Apr 03, 11:00PM

 A few years back, Adobe and Google teamed up to launch a new open-source font for Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) languages. Today, the two companies are expanding on this project with the launch of a serif CJK font. Adobe calls this new font Source Han Serif, while Google calls it Noto Serif CJK. Just like with the first project, Adobe font designer Ryoko Nishizuka worked on the… Read More

Apple Fellow Rich Page on 'stealing jobs' and Chowbotics' salad-making robots

Apr 03, 10:03PM

 When we first wrote about Chowbotics, their salad-making robot stirred a bit of controversy. The company promises to bring nutritious dining options to offices that don’t have a big cafeteria and budget to employ full-time chefs. But their robot, Sally, threatens to put a number of people out of work. Chowbotics Executive Chairman Rich Page gives us his thoughts. Read More

Yahoo + AOL = Oath, for some reason

Apr 03, 9:40PM

 Verizon’s long-promised Yahoo acquisition has a name. And it, for some reason, is Oath. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong acknowledged the strange new branding on Twitter earlier today after word leaked out that the four-letter word was set to become the love child of the forthcoming AOL-Yahoo merger. Read More

FCC Chairman Pai pushes for access over competition in rural broadband

Apr 03, 9:21PM

 You may be familiar with FCC Chairman Pai as the Trump-appointed monster working to dismantle your internet freedom and security, but that’s not really how it is. Pai is certainly on the unpopular side of the net neutrality debate, but in the matter of connecting underserved communities to the internet, he is sincere, as a couple of recent items on the FCC docket show. Read More

Google's Project Loon head is getting into nuclear power

Apr 03, 8:50PM

 Google X’s raison d’ĂȘtre is embracing far-out ideas, so it’s no surprise, really that former director Mike Cassidy is wading into the decidedly choppy and always controversial waters of nuclear energy. Read More

Google claims Levandowski launched competing projects long before Otto

Apr 03, 8:37PM

 Newly-released documents from Google’s October arbitration against Anthony Levandowski, one of the leads of its self-driving car project who abruptly left to launch his own startup Otto in January last year, allege that the talented engineer worked on competing projects for years before leaving Google. Google also brought arbitration against another Otto co-founder who, like Levandowski,… Read More

Kevin Rose is going back to Cali — and joining True Ventures as a venture partner

Apr 03, 8:04PM

 Entrepreneur-investor Kevin Rose is relinquishing his role as CEO of Hodinkee, a New York-based site for wristwatch enthusiasts, and moving back to California. According to a newly published Medium post, Rose will work as a venture partner at the early-stage venture firm True Ventures. Read More

Author Ryan Holiday talks about the value of stoicism in a high-tech world

Apr 03, 7:04PM

 Ryan Holiday made his bones as a PR guy and then revolted against the industry in his tell-all book Trust Me, I’m Lying and then, after much soul-searching, came to embrace the ancient philosophy of stoicism. His latest work, including Ego Is The Enemy, are handbooks for the modern startup stoic. This week I talked to Holiday about his books and how stoicism can help us all calm down… Read More

Iyzico, a Turkish online payments company and potential Stripe competitor, closes $15M Series C

Apr 03, 6:57PM

 Iyzico, the Turkish fintech startup to let e-commerce sites and other apps easily accept online payments, has closed $15 million in a Series C round, $12 million of which was announced earlier this year. Read More

At-home sperm health selfies are on the rise

Apr 03, 6:11PM

 There seems to be a trend bubbling up for better tech to test a guy’s sperm in the privacy of his own home. A Harvard-designed sperm motility app made headlines last week with a cheap, at-home test, and now YO, a “sperm selfie” app and FDA-approved device, has just started shipping. Read More

Google Map Maker is now dead

Apr 03, 5:54PM

 Google announced late last year that it would shut down Map Maker, its older, online tool that allowed anyone to contribute updates to Google Maps. The service, which had been around since 2008, let users correct or fill in missing map content – like place details, roads, business information and more. This was especially useful in helping establish maps in emerging markets, where… Read More

Google launches new certification program for mobile site developers

Apr 03, 5:00PM

 Google is launching a new certification program for mobile site developers today. The exam covers everything from the basics of why mobile sites matter to how to improve mobile site speed, effective mobile UX design and more advanced topics like progressive web apps. As Google notes, passing the exam is meant to show that you have “a demonstrated ability to build and optimize… Read More

The Pittsburgh Micro-Meetup is go!

Apr 03, 4:57PM

 In preparation for Disrupt New York and our upcoming TC Sessions series on Robotics Matt Burns and I will be heading to Pittsburgh to talk to some startups. We have some good news! We’ve found a space. We will meet at the Shop on April 11 at 7pm, a new place near bakery square. Please RSVP ASAP. We also need lots and lots of startups, preferably in hardware. Startups will have two minutes… Read More

Netflix brings offline viewing to Windows 10 PCs and tablets

Apr 03, 4:49PM

 Netflix added support for offline viewing on iOS and Android late last year, and today it’s bringing the same feature to Windows 10, with the exception of Windows 10 mobile devices. Arriving now in the updated Windows 10 application, a subset of the Netflix catalog can be downloaded to your PC or tablet computer in order to be viewed when a network connection is not available. Read More

Founders Factory invests in its first two A.I. startups — Iris.ai and illumr

Apr 03, 4:26PM

 Founders Factory, the corporate accelerator vehicle set up by Brent Hoberman’s Founder’s Forum umbrella, has today announced the first two startups selected for their AI accelerator programme in conjunction with CSC Group. The idea is to co-create two new AI businesses within the incubator programme every year, for five years. Terms were not disclosed. CSC Group invested in… Read More

What to expect at TC Sessions: Justice, our diversity and inclusion in tech event

Apr 03, 4:17PM

 TechCrunch Sessions: Justice is going down on June 6 at the Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco and we have a jam-packed agenda featuring some of the best and brightest people working on diversity, inclusion and equity in tech, criminal justice reform and social justice. Read More

Twitter adds location sharing for businesses offering customer support over Direct Messages

Apr 03, 4:00PM

 The Twitterverse is still reeling from Twitter’s revamp of @ replies, and scratching its head over how changing a default avatar has anything to do with addressing abuse, but the network is plodding on, today releasing a new feature aimed at its business users. Read More

Ford tops the list of automated driving leaders in new study

Apr 03, 3:30PM

 Autonomous driving might seem like the province of startups and Silicon Valley, but a new independent research report from Navigant shows automaker Ford at the head of the pack when it comes to self-driving tech. The annual survey looked at 18 different companies, smeared across 10 different criteria, ranging from strategy, to core tech development, to manufacturing capability and staying… Read More

Automattic's head of design on diversity, the three kinds of design and the four quarters of life

Apr 03, 3:00PM

 John Maeda is the Head of Design and Inclusion at Automattic. In this episode, we discuss how he turned RISD into the best design school in the country, why inclusivity is the secret weapon on design teams, and why design is ultimately about the customer. Read More

According to the stock market, Tesla is now worth more than Ford

Apr 03, 2:42PM

 Tesla’s market capitalization is now higher than Ford’s. Tesla is trading up on the day, sending its market cap to $47.46 billion. And then there’s Ford, the blue chip automaker that’s exactly 100 years older than Tesla, which is trading down on the day, causing its market cap to dip to $44.89 billion. Read More

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