Thursday, April 20, 2017

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Google said to be planning a built-in ad-blocker for Chrome

Apr 20, 12:08AM

Chrome lapel pin Google is planning to add an ad blocker to Chrome, its web browser, and to possibly turn it on by default for all users. That seems counterintuitive, for a company that makes the majority of its revenue (read: all the monies) from advertising, but it could actually be away to beat blockers by becoming one itself, per a new Wall Street Journal report that first reported the news. If Google… Read More

Crunch Report | Juicero Running Dry?

Apr 20, 12:00AM

Crunch Report 4/19 Today’s Stories  Juicero users find that man trumps machine Facebook will license its new 360 cameras that capture in six degrees of freedom Spotify’s half-priced student pricing expands worldwide Microsoft to shut down Wunderlist in favor of its new app, To-Do Planned Parenthood enrolls in 500 Startups’ seed program Credits Written and Hosted by: Anthony Ha Filmed… Read More

Texas gets closer to allowing self-driving vehicle testing on public roads

Apr 19, 11:20PM

 A new state might join the ranks of those that allow testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads: A bill just passed the Texas Senate Transportation Committee that spells out a path toward statutes allowing use of highly automated vehicles on public state roads. Read More

Facebook plans ethics board to monitor its brain-computer interface work

Apr 19, 10:44PM

 Facebook will assemble an independent Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) panel to oversee its development of a direct brain-to-computer typing interface it previewed today at its F8 conference. Facebook’s R&D department Building 8’s head Regina Dugan tells TechCrunch, “It’s early days . . . we’re in the process of forming it right now.” Read More

Talking fiber, drones and open-source hardware with Facebook's Yael Maguire

Apr 19, 10:17PM

 Facebook has been putting lots of resources into improving internet connectivity in rural areas. That may seem like a distraction for the social networking giant, but Facebook takes its mission to connect people pretty literally. To do so, it’s taking a building-block approach that involves many projects that all attempt to solve different issues of this larger technology challenge. Read More

162 tech companies file brief against the latest immigration executive order

Apr 19, 9:45PM

 Silicon Valley and the tech community at large has been a staunch opponent of Trump’s immigration policies, from the “Muslim Ban” executive orders to H-1B restrictions. Today sees 162 companies banding together to file an amicus brief in support of a lawsuit challenging the revised immigration order issued in March. Read More

IBM shares dropped like a rock today

Apr 19, 9:41PM

 How do you solve a problem like IBM? Yesterday evening the company reported its 20th straight consecutive quarter of year-on-year losses. The company’s quarterly earnings beat expectations, but that wasn’t enough to save the share price. As a result, shares plummeted in after-hours trading and refused to gain ground over the course of the day. Read More

No, the 5th Ave Apple Store's glass cube isn't going anywhere (permanently)

Apr 19, 9:30PM

 Apple’s construction contractors may indeed have to remove the glass cube that sits over the entrance to the sunken 5th Ave location — but only because it’s a bit hard to do a massive store renovation when there’s a big glass cap on top of your easiest entrance/egress portal. Read More

Tesla settles lawsuit against ex-Autopilot lead's self-driving startup Aurora

Apr 19, 9:03PM

 Tesla has settled a lawsuit it filed against Sterling Anderson, a former employee and past director of Autopilot. Anderson was a key leader of Tesla’s semi-automated highway driving features, prior to leaving the company to found his own self-driving startup, Aurora, along with former Google self-driving car project CTO Chris Urmson. Read More

That fancy smart gadget you put in your car could let hackers turn off the engine while you drive

Apr 19, 8:33PM

 More and more devices, from smart dash cams to head-up displays to Bluetooth-enabled diagnostics dongles, are looking to tap your car’s built-in diagnostic (or OBD-II) port for power and data. The problem: this port… really wasn’t built to be used like that. Read More

EBay unveils first-quarter earnings results

Apr 19, 8:29PM

 EBay reported first-quarter results after the bell on Wednesday. The company posted an adjusted 49 cents per share, when Wall Street was forecasting 48 cents. EBay reported revenue of $2.2 billion, when analysts were expecting roughly the same at $2.21 billion. This is up 4 percent from last year. Read More

Nature Conservancy gives forest management a digital makeover

Apr 19, 8:18PM

 Keeping a forest healthy often means deciding what to do tree by tree and acre by acre. That’s easy enough with a square mile of it, but what about a thousand? The Nature Conservancy is working on tools that will make it easy for park services, fire control and conservationists to keep entire forests alive, thriving and — you know, not on fire. Read More

Kip is using data to make therapy better for both patients and therapists

Apr 19, 7:00PM

 Kip connects patients with qualified therapists, and helps them track outcomes over time. By combining in-person therapy with a mobile app that allows patients to provide feedback on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis, the company believes it can improve the process for patients and therapists. Read More

Planned Parenthood enrolls in 500 Startups' seed program

Apr 19, 6:41PM

 Planned Parenthood has been threatened repeatedly with blockage of access in several states since Trump became our 45th president. But it also, as a consequence, has received a serious spike in donations. The organization’s leaders are now looking to 500 Startups’ seed program to help them capitalize on the recent surge and harness technology to help further the momentum. Read More

Microsoft to shut down Wunderlist in favor of its new app, To-Do

Apr 19, 6:38PM

 Microsoft acquired the popular mobile to do list application Wunderlist back in 2015, and now it’s preparing users for its eventual demise with the release of its new application “To-Do,” announced today. The new app was built by the team behind Wunderlist, and will bring in the favorite elements of that app in the months ahead, Microsoft says. The company also added that… Read More

The world of Minority Report is about to be unlocked, and the key is inside your phone

Apr 19, 6:38PM

 Remember that scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruise’s character walks into a Gap and an AI voice asks him if he’s still enjoying the trousers he bought last week? That vision was dreamt up by MIT consultants for the film many years ago, and as of today it would be entirely possible to reproduce, given we all now walk around with smartphones which could be alerted in such a manner. Read More

Facebook wants to help you hear through your skin

Apr 19, 6:36PM

 During the last keynote at Facebook’s F8 conference, Regina Dugan, leader of the enigmatic “Building 8” frontier research group, explained that an internal team is exploring ways that humans could utilize their skin to hear. Don’t worry, this sounds just as crazy to me as it does to you, but whenever a company with a billion dollar R&D budget decides to… Read More

Facebook's augmented future could involve brain implants, but it's not '1984' yet

Apr 19, 6:33PM

 Facebook’s augmented reality future may be taking the form of selfie filters today, but in the future, the company wants to let you interact with the world only by using your brain. Read More

Twitter is reviewing whether to store some user data in Russia

Apr 19, 6:16PM

 Twitter is considering localizing the storage of some of its Russian users’ personal data in order to comply with data localization laws, TechCrunch has learned. Read More

Facebook is building brain-computer interfaces for typing and skin-hearing

Apr 19, 5:55PM

 Today at F8, Facebook revealed it has a team of 60 engineers working on building a brain-computer interface that will let you type with just your mind without invasive implants. They also have people working on a way for humans to hear through their skin. Read More

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