Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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Crunch Report | Facebook Launches Camera Effects Platform

Apr 19, 12:00AM

CR April 18 Today’s Stories  Facebook launches augmented reality Camera Effects developer platform Facebook launches beta of Spaces, its goofy and fun social VR platform Snapchat introduces World Lenses – live filters for just about anything Steve Ballmer’s new project sheds light on U.S. Government spending Pandora Premium opens to all, invites no longer needed Credits Written… Read More

Oracle acquires ad measurement company Moat

Apr 18, 10:51PM

 Oracle just announced that it has acquired ad measurement company Moat. Founded in 2010, Moat helps advertisers and publishers measure whether people see and interact with online ads. The need to create what CEO Jonah Goodhart has called “the currency for digital advertising” seems increasingly important given advertiser concerns around viewability, fraud and trust, and Moat has… Read More

StarCraft is now free, nearly 20 years after its release

Apr 18, 10:22PM

 Have you always wanted to check out that StarCraft game you’d heard so much about, but somehow managed to go nearly 20 years without buying a copy? Good news! Nearly two decades after its 1998 release, StarCraft is now free. Legally! Read More

Kickstarter launches a 'request for projects' program

Apr 18, 8:49PM

 You can’t be hanging around in the world of crowdfunding for as long as Kickstarter without spotting a few trends here and there. Taking a leaf out of Y Combinator’s Request for Startups, the crowdfunding site is highlighting what it thinks are opportunities in the coming year. It sends a signal to potential campaigns, hinting what Kickstarter will throw its not inconsiderable… Read More

HTC has a strange little bundle deal going for its pricey Vive VR headset

Apr 18, 8:25PM

 Virtual reality really isn’t good enough yet to justify going broke for. Though VR headset prices are steadily coming down, the fact is it’s still not all that accessible for even the most gadget-obsessed consumers to get started on high-quality VR. Today, HTC, which makes the popular Vive headset, announced a few deals that will help new customers spread out the cost of the… Read More

Volkswagen's I.D. CROZZ electric concept aims for 2020 production

Apr 18, 7:57PM

 Electric production vehicles may be relatively rare, but electric concepts abound, and most of them are targeting 2020 for a rough production date, as is the Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ, an all-electric design whose name I hope dies in a horrible fire between now and whenever (if ever) it does end up hitting the street. Read More

Game over, man! The NES Classic is discontinued planet-wide

Apr 18, 7:46PM

 Well, it was fun while it lasted. The NES Classic Edition (it went by several names, but you know what I mean) was the must-have item of the holidays and pretty much ever since, owing to short supply of the compact retro gaming console. And Nintendo just confirmed that it was indeed ending production of the device in Europe, the last region they were still officially available. Read More

Facebook expands its open-source portfolio with new UI framework for Android

Apr 18, 7:45PM

 At its F8 developer conference, Facebook today announced that it is open-sourcing Litho, a declarative framework for building efficient user interfaces on Android. Litho is the same framework Facebook uses internally to build its own Android app, which is currently being used by more than a billion people every month. Read More

Facebook launches React VR, a new JavaScript framework for building basic VR apps

Apr 18, 7:30PM

 Facebook today announced the launch of React VR, a new JavaScript framework that lets developers build virtual reality experiences with the help of JavaScript. React VR takes its cues from Facebook’s existing React framework; just like with React for standard web apps, VR developers can now use the same declarative model to write apps for their 360-degree experiences. Read More

Facebook announces React Fiber, a rewrite of its React framework

Apr 18, 7:30PM

 Facebook has completely rewritten React, its popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. The company hasn’t previously talked about React Fiber, as the project is called, but it has actually been working on it for a while. In addition, it is also launching a rewrite of Relay, its framework for building data-heavy applications. Read More

Apple makes iWork, iMovie & GarageBand apps free to all Mac & iOS users

Apr 18, 7:27PM

 Apple quietly rolled out updated versions of its iWork, iMovie and GarageBand apps on Mac and iOS today, making them free for all customers on both platforms. Many customers already had free copies of these apps, as they came free with new Mac or iOS devices. The pricing change, however, removes the requirement to have bought new Apple hardware to get the apps for free. This expands the… Read More

Audi's latest concept is a new all-electric Tesla Model X competitor

Apr 18, 7:17PM

 Audi’s newest electric vehicle is a crossover SUV with a 4.5-second 0-60mph time, and an impressive range of around 300 miles when its 95kWh battery is topped up. The Audi e-tron Sportback is set for production starting in 2019, and it’s part of Audi’s larger strategy to bring at least three fully electric cars to market by 2020. Read More

HP's new x360 laptops miss the point of 4K on the Spectre but get security right with the EliteBook

Apr 18, 7:11PM

 The Spectre 13 x360 I strangely loved from late last year is back with a 4K screen and pen support for the Windows Creators update that went global this month. Read More

Troubled travel startup Zozi gets acquired by Peek

Apr 18, 7:07PM

 Zozi, the drama-filled travel industry startup whose former CEO recently sued its board, has been acquired by Peek, a rival in the tours and activities business where Zozi also competes. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the two companies will be joining forces, with the assets and team from Zozi heading over to Peek. The news was reported by Skift, which notes that Peek is… Read More

Streamers flock to YouTube Live, but the money (and crowd) is still at Twitch

Apr 18, 7:05PM

 YouTube Live is making impressive strides in catching up to incumbent Twitch, but it has a long way to go yet. On the bright side, it doesn’t look like they’ll run out of road: streaming looks to be a fairly sustainable business. Read More

CLEAR raises $15 million to expand biometric security

Apr 18, 7:04PM

 CLEAR, the biometric security firm popular in U.S. airports and stadiums, has raised $15 million from T. Rowe Price to expand their footprint. The company, led by CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker, is already partially owned by Delta Airlines. “We are obsessed with our customers, and can’t wait to bring them more ways to use CLEAR. We lead the industry in secure biometric-powered… Read More

Live from F8

Apr 18, 7:03PM

  Read More

In the smart city race, we're betting on transit

Apr 18, 7:00PM

 After years of talk about smart cities, people are wondering when will we see them really begin to take shape. What will they look like? How will we interact with them? With a lightpost here, a sensor there — when solutions are not clearly connected and without critical mass — you don’t get the combinatorial benefit of different systems working together. That’s all about… Read More

Mark Zuckerberg speaks out about Cleveland shooting

Apr 18, 6:39PM

 At the F8 conference today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed this weekend’s shooting in Cleveland, which the suspected shooter filmed and posted on Facebook. The man later discussed the shooting during a Facebook Live broadcast, leading critics to accuse Facebook of not doing enough to censor violent content on the platform. Read More

LinkedIn's updated privacy policy covers wider profile sharing

Apr 18, 6:18PM

 LinkedIn sounds like it’s getting a little less buttoned down under Microsoft — the social network has a new version of its Terms of Service going into effect and the changes include a new privacy policy that covers new and upcoming LinkedIn features that aim to give profiles more visibility, and to make it easier to actually achieve the social “links” implied in… Read More

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