Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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Uber board member Arianna Huffington releases statement after company all-hands

Feb 21, 9:12PM

uber-everywhere Following a scathing report of sexual harassment at Uber over the weekend, CEO Travis Kalanick hosted an all-hands meeting today, along with board member Arianna Huffington and Chief Human Resources Officer Liane Hornsey, to discuss the company’s next steps.  Huffington has now released an update to what was discussed in that all-hands meeting this morning in a post on Uber’s… Read More

Hanging out at Snap's unremarkable IPO roadshow

Feb 21, 8:39PM

snapchat-bull One of the remarkable things about the roadshow presentations for hotly-anticipated IPOs — where they’ll make a pitch to investors and answer questions — is that they are often unremarkable. That seemed about the same case for Snap, which was presenting to potential investors at the Mandarin Hotel in New York this afternoon. Over lunch, a packed ballroom 30 stories up at… Read More

Self-driving Ubers are now picking people up in Arizona

Feb 21, 8:36PM

screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-12-16-10-pm Uber pinned hopes on running its self-driving fleet in San Francisco but motored off to Arizona two months ago when that plan ran up against some local red tape. Now, just as Uber is dealing with an explosive report of sexual harassment within its engineering team, the company has officially rolled out its self-driving cars in the Grand Canyon state. Starting today, those in Tempe, Arizona… Read More

Exyn unveils AI to help drones fly autonomously, even indoors or off the grid

Feb 21, 8:22PM

Exyn Technologies AI software allows drones to fly without pilots where GPS and Wifi isn't available. A startup called Exyn Technologies Inc. today revealed AI software that enables drones to fly autonomously, even in dark, obstacle-filled environments or beyond the reaches of GPS. A spin out of the University of Pennsylvania’s GRASP Labs, Exyn uses sensor fusion to give drones situational awareness much like a human’s. In a demo video shared by the company with TechCrunch, a… Read More

Boeing wants to turn satellites into a cheaper, highly-automated business

Feb 21, 8:01PM

5023997776_a558519bbe_o Aerospace company Boeing is in the process of changing the way satellites are built and made operational, according to the Wall Street Journal, with an eye toward automating much of the process and making it easier to ramp production while also increasing overall efficiency. Boeing’s efforts reflect the general transformation of the private space industry, driven by pressure put on… Read More

Terpon is making VR webcams just for live streaming porn

Feb 21, 7:40PM

Terpon's VR webcam was tailored for the adult entertainment industry. A Swiss startup, Terpon SA, is making virtual reality webcams specifically for the adult entertainment industry. The cameras aren’t available for purchase, but customers can rent them for about $30 a month, a price that includes around the clock technical support. Terpon Chief Executive Jean-Claude Artonne said he wants to empower adult performers around the world to create immersive… Read More

Data.world raises $18.7 million to remedy our post-fact society

Feb 21, 7:37PM

screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-9-54-50-am As our society continues to devalue facts and statistics, Data.world, a two year old data collaboration startup out of Austin, Texas, is fighting back with its passionate community of data nerds. Today the company is announcing a $18.7 million Series B led by Pat Ryan’s family investment group to further build out its platform for aggregating and analyzing data. CEO Brett Hurt and… Read More

Users spent more on apps in 2016, with games and entertainment apps leading the way

Feb 21, 7:16PM

revenue-per-iphone-2016-hero The amount of money U.S. users are spending on iPhone apps is steadily climbing, but one category in particular saw significant growth last year: Entertainment apps. The category – home to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and HBO NOW – saw consumers’ average spending increase by 130 percent year-over-year, according to a new report from app intelligence firm Sensor… Read More

Trump's new national security adviser is a futurist with warnings about technology

Feb 21, 6:53PM

6485795015_df2dc42518_b A week after Michael Flynn’s abrupt fall from grace, President Trump will smooth things over with a national security adviser that at least some people can agree on. Called everything from a “warrior scholar” to the “rarest of soldiers,”, Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster is an about-face from the divisive Flynn, who resigned amid the escalating controversy over his… Read More

Jay Z is planning a VC fund. Here's how his investments are doing

Feb 21, 6:52PM

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 12:  Jay Z speaks onstage the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year Ceremony 2016 at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on December 12, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated) Jay Z invested in Uber in 2011 and today it’s worth 200X more. Now he’s getting serious about investing in startups with plans to create his own venture capital firm, according to respected tech journalist Dan Primack’s publication Axios. Jay Z is building the fund with long-time partner and Roc Nation co-founder Jay Brown. They plan to focus on seed investments in young… Read More

Policy rollbacks can't counteract technology advances in retirement investing

Feb 21, 6:30PM

moneypaths Technology has already upended the current brokerage model and millennials, the largest generation in U.S. history, won’t settle for anything less than a service that puts their interests ahead of company bottom lines. Read More

V2X tech makes Tampa commutes safer, faster, less confusing

Feb 21, 6:15PM

Downtown Tampa V2X map The Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) has partnered with Savari and Brandmotion to create a vehicle-to-everything infrastructure pilot program to help ease commuting and make it safer for everyone — including pedestrians. The program will equip 1,500 cars, 10 buses, and 10 trolleys with Savari’s On-Board Units, or OBUs. That’s the vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) piece.… Read More

UK faces triple whammy from skills shortfall, visa restrictions and Brexit uncertainty

Feb 21, 6:02PM

Teenage students with arms raised in classroom Britain’s tech sector faces a “triple whammy” hit to its workforce without government action, according to a new report. Firstly, from a critical fall-off in STEM skills in its own population; secondly, from visa restrictions on the availability of high-skilled specialists from overseas; and, thirdly, from the uncertainty of the impact of Brexit on its highly international… Read More

The court system should know as much about electronically stored information as does your teenager

Feb 21, 6:00PM

esi-law Devices that compile, analyze and store electronic information are everywhere. Known as the Internet of Things, the number of devices connected to the internet is already double the number of humans on earth. Electronically stored info from smart appliances, home security systems, fitness trackers and personal assistants are compiling a mass of info that is making its way into U.S. courts. Read More

Google launches GPU support for its Cloud Platform

Feb 21, 5:54PM

tesla-m40-header Three months ago, Google announced it would in early 2017 launch support for high-end graphics processing units (GPUs) for machine learning and other specialized workloads. It’s now early 2017 and, true to its word, Google today officially made GPUs on the Google Cloud Platform available to developers. Read More

Skurt has raised a $10M Series A to grow its rental car delivery service

Feb 21, 5:23PM

skurtdeliveryshot Skurt, the Los Angeles-based rental car delivery startup, has raised $10 million in Series A funding. The round was led by Upfront Ventures (which also led a $1.3 million seed round), and included a strategic investment from BMW, as well as funding from Troy Carter’s Cross Culture Ventures, Expansion VC, Greycroft and Magic Johnson. Skurt has an interesting take on the rental car… Read More

Google's Tilt Brush lands on Oculus Rift

Feb 21, 5:07PM

tiltbrush_onoculusrift_01_lowres-width-1920 Do you dig getting creative in virtual reality? Well, your options for doing so got a little less limited today, as Google has made Tilt Brush available on Oculus Rift. The virtual painting application was previously an HTC Vive exclusive, but now that Rift has its Touch Controllers for more natural interaction, Google has decided to bring Tilt Brush to the Facebook-owned VR platform. The… Read More

Viva Technology is coming back to Paris with its ginormous tech conference

Feb 21, 5:05PM

img_1174 If there’s one word that can describe Viva Technology (or “VivaTech” for short), it’s ginormous. While it was just the first edition last year, 45,000 people made their way to Paris to talk about all things tech. VivaTech is back again this year, June 15-17. Read More

Researchers devise method for regenerating hair cells to help reverse hearing loss

Feb 21, 5:00PM

unnamed Damage to the approximately 15,000 hair cells per ear is a leading factor contributing to hearing loss. A new technology demonstrated by a team at MIT, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts Eye and Ear could help reverse some of that damage, mimicking some animals’ ability to regenerate the hair, potentially reversing hearing loss in the process. Read More

MobiTV raises $21M as it pivots into set-top box-free IPTV for the living room

Feb 21, 4:45PM

old television MobiTV, one of the first companies (est. 1999) to bring TV services to mobile devices, has raised some funding as it moves into a late-stage pivot to bring its technology to the living room. The company today announced that it has picked up a growth round of $21 million from Oak Investment Partners and Ally Bank. Read More

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