Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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On data protection Brexit means mirroring EU rules, confirms UK minister

Feb 01, 8:07PM

matt-hancock-uk-digital-director2 What does Brexit mean for UK data protection rules? Likely mirroring the major part of EU data protection law, according to UK digital minister Matt Hancock, who was giving evidence to a House of Lords Home Affairs sub-committee earlier today on the implications of Brexit for domestic DP law. Read More

The top unicorns are overvalued

Feb 01, 8:00PM

bubbles The hot air around young and savvy tech startups is not going anywhere, despite dark prophecies that saw 2016 as the “winter is coming” year. Snapchat and Airbnb are warming up on the sidelines of an IPO, BuzzFeed, Palantir and Uber are snatching hundreds of millions of dollars every couple of months and young startups with no revenues and almost no users raise tens of millions… Read More

Nintendo Switch's online service will cost under $30 per year

Feb 01, 7:55PM

Nintendo Switch Nintendo worried many a gamer two weeks ago with its announcement that online play on its new console, the Switch, would be a paid service. But at least the damage is reasonable: Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima told the Nikkei that it would have an annual fee of ¥2,000-3,000 — around $17-26 at today’s exchange rates. Read More

Yomoni raises $5.4 million for its automated portfolio management service

Feb 01, 7:48PM

stock trading French startup Yomoni is a promising fintech startup operating robo-advisors. It means that you can give the company some of your savings, and the startup automatically manages a portfolio for you, buying and selling stocks, bonds and more. Yomoni just raised $5.4 million from existing investors Crédit Mutuel Arkéa and Iéna Venture (€5 million). The management team is also buying back some… Read More

The enterprise is next logical step for Slack

Feb 01, 7:42PM

Faces on discs depicting a man as leader of a marketing or social scheme in the centre Slack took a big step in its evolution as a startup yesterday when it launched Slack Enterprise Grid, the enterprise version of its popular messaging platform. For Slack to continue its growth trajectory, it had to move on from being a tool for discrete teams to one that could deal with substantially more users, and provide some security and governance as it connected to other departments… Read More

Boston Dynamics adds wheels to its already chilling robots

Feb 01, 7:28PM

boston-dynamics-wheeled-bot Alphabet subsidiary Boston Dynamics doesn’t have much to prove when it comes to producing the robots of your nightmares. Previous iterations of the company’s prototypes have been kicked over by humans only to stand right back up, for example. But at an event this week, founder Marc Raibert managed to unveil something simultaneously more unsettling and technologically… Read More

Hutch wants to virtually redesign your living space — then sell you the furniture

Feb 01, 6:47PM

Interior of modern main floor interior of living room  in private city  residence. Everyone can recognize great interior design. But it’s much harder to actually design a space and pick out all the items you need to make it look great. Hutch, a Los Angeles-based startup, is aiming to fix this. Read More

Sheryl Sandberg addresses her silence around the Women's March, politics and Trump

Feb 01, 6:44PM

sheryl sandberg kara swisher Sheryl Sandberg has been in the news lately for her opposition to the global gag rule and her more recent comments on Trump’s highly controversial and discriminatory immigration ban. Today at the Watermark Conference for Women in Silicon Valley in San Jose, Sandberg spoke about politics, President Donald Trump and leaning in (obvi), in an interview with Recode’s Kara Swisher.… Read More

Why East Coast VCs are better protected if the market slips

Feb 01, 6:43PM

Photo: Amanda Hall / robertharding / Getty Images A new trends report published by the law firm Cooley report suggests that the venture market remains largely healthy for now. In the fourth quarter, for example, Cooley handled 187 “disclosable” (versus stealth) deals that represented more than $2.7 billion of invested capital. That’s 18 percent more deals than it closed in the fourth quarter of 2015 — though the… Read More

Meet the finalists vying for the Social Impact Award at the 10th Annual Crunchies

Feb 01, 6:42PM

crunchies-social-impact-1 In tech, we often think a few steps further down the road. But sometimes, the present needs some serious addressing. This is one of those times. As we draw closer to the 10th Annual Crunchies Awards Show, we figured now was a great time to highlight the nominees for the Social Impact Award, which goes to the person or organization that uses technology to create social change. Here are the… Read More

CapGenius' caption keyboard for iPhone ups your social media game

Feb 01, 6:36PM

capgenius Trying and failing to be clever on social media? Want your friends to think you’re naturally funny? A new app called CapGenius aims to help. This fun little addition to your iPhone keyboard offers a search engine for quips, puns, quotes, lyrics and other phrases that you can quickly pop into your Instagram posts, status updates, snaps, tweets, texts, and more. The app was created by… Read More

Matterfund aims to be AngelList-meets-CrunchBase for education development

Feb 01, 6:31PM

screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-18-37-11 At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, one of the big topics of conversation was education. Despite billions poured into programmes in developing countries to educate booming populations, the budgets are just scratching the surface. UNESCO estimates that the world would have to increase education development spending to $39 billion a year, or about three times current levels, if it was… Read More

Waymo's self-driving tech got a lot better in 2016

Feb 01, 6:15PM

waymo_fca_fully-self-driving-chrysler-pacifica-hybrid-3 Waymo’s self-driving software had far fewer disengagements in 2016 than it did in 2015 in the state of California, despite a big increase in the number of miles driven overall. The California Department of Motor Vehicles just published Waymo’s most recent disengagement report, which tracks al the times that a self-driving software system must be turned off in a test cars –… Read More

New York attorney general accuses Charter Spectrum of 'fraudulent and deceptive practices' in suit

Feb 01, 6:03PM

newsengin-17496568_chartercommunications New York State attorney general Eric Schneiderman isn’t mincing words in his State Super Court lawsuit against Charter’s Spectrum cable, the ISP formerly known as Time Warner Cable. “The allegations in today’s lawsuits confirm what many of you have long suspected,” Schneiderman said during a press conference today. “Spectrum-Time Warner has been ripping… Read More

Google Cloud takes aim at Microsoft customers with new Windows VMs

Feb 01, 5:00PM

disrupt_sf16_diane_greene-3758 Google announced several new products today aimed at luring IT pros who are using Windows in their data centers to the Google Cloud Platform. With that in mind, Google introduced support for Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise and Windows Server Core on the Cloud Platform. In addition, the company announced support for SQL Server Always-On Availability Group for customers who are concerned about… Read More

iPhone 7 sales helped Apple reclaim the top spot in the global smartphone market

Feb 01, 4:41PM

iPhone 7 iPhone 7 sales put Apple back on top as the world’s top smartphone vendor in the fourth quarter, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics, which attributed at least some of the growth to Apple’s ability to capitalize on Samsung’s recent missteps. The latter, of course, is referring to the Note 7 battery recall, which had led to exploding devices due to design… Read More

DigitalBridge lets you "try on" home décor products before purchasing

Feb 01, 4:13PM

ar-in-retail-1 DigitalBridge is a U.K. startup based in Manchester and backed by John Lewis via the 150 year-old apartment store’s accelerator. The company is taking a different and, on the surface at least, simpler approach to letting you “try on” home décor products before purchasing. Read More

Snapchat's next Lenses could identify and add to landscapes as well as faces

Feb 01, 4:03PM

snapchat-world-lens Snap, Inc. is working on an updated version of its in-app Snapchat lenses that would be able to recognize landscapes as well as faces, according to The Information, and intelligently overlay augmented reality animations and objects overtop of scenes captured through your camera. This is different from its existing smart Lenses, which can add features like snowfall to scenes, because it can… Read More

Twitter's Blackbirds launch bot for Black History Month

Feb 01, 4:00PM

twitter blackbirds Twitter’s employee resource group for African-Americans, Blackbirds, is launching a Twitter bot for Black History Month. The group is the first ERG at Twitter to use the tool, which Twitter launched in November. To chat with the bot, all you have to do is direct message @Blackbirds. From there, the bot will tell you one of four things: a today in #BlackHistory fact, a community event… Read More

Reserve raises another $10M and plans new software for restaurants

Feb 01, 4:00PM

reserve Reserve, a startup offering table and customer management tools for restaurants, is announcing that it has raised $10 million in Series B funding. When the company first launched in 2014, it billed itself as a “digital concierge” that would make it easier for diners to get reservations at top restaurants. Last year, it launched a new product called Reserve for Restaurants,… Read More

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