Monday, February 13, 2017

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Yahoo supercharges TensorFlow with Apache Spark

Feb 13, 8:49PM

Servers in Data Center Yahoo, model Apache Spark citizen and developer of CaffeOnSpark, which made it easier for developers building deep learning models in Caffe to scale with parallel processing, is open sourcing a new project called TensorFlowOnSpark. The pairing of Spark and TensorFlow should make the deep learning framework more attractive to developers who are creating models that need to run on large… Read More

Why AWS has such a big lead in the cloud

Feb 13, 8:15PM

AWS logo When you look at the size of the cloud market, it’s astonishing that AWS is the undisputed leader, and probably will be for the foreseeable future. Considering the competition is the likes of Google, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle; AWS’s big lead is even more surprising. The question is how did AWS build such dominance? The simple answer is that it was first, but as Andy Jassy, the AWS… Read More

Twitter plans to trim down its ads products

Feb 13, 7:23PM

twitter-ad-products Twitter continues to bleed cash and its advertising business has begun shrinking, so it’s time for a change. Twitter will pare down three areas of its ad product, according to sources who spoke to TechCrunch. Twitter foreshadowed the shift during last week’s lackluster earnings report that showed a year-over-year decline in Q4 ad revenue. Meanwhile it saw little growth in… Read More

The next big gold rush

Feb 13, 7:10PM

treasure-chest As we look to the next evolution of our digital ecosystem, it seems certain that virtual goods will play a much larger role. From vanquishing new breeds of digital monsters to defining a modern asset class, virtual goods will enable new experiences and redefine traditional ones. Indeed, this new gold rush will create opportunities for the enterprising prospector and shovel-seller alike. Read More

GM, Toyota set to push U.S. regulators on easing self-driving restrictions

Feb 13, 7:09PM

toyota-concept-i Practical use of self-driving cars requires changes to existing regulatory frameworks – or at least that’s what GM and Toyota are prepared to tell U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday, at a panel convened to review the state of self-driving regulation and proposed guidance on their use and testing set out last year by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). GM and Toyota… Read More

Yahoo Mail's mobile app now does Caller ID, syncs photos

Feb 13, 7:08PM

callerid Yahoo may be a troubled company, with its multiple data breaches, SEC investigation, and delayed acquisition* proceedings, but its Yahoo Mail product still has 225 million monthly active users. Today, the company is rolling out a few changes to that service in an effort to boost adoption of the Yahoo Mail mobile app. Now, the app will do more than deliver your mail, it will also sync… Read More

To detect prying eyes in the sky, Dedrone raises $15 million

Feb 13, 7:02PM

Dedrone detects unmanned aerial vehicles in airspace around various venues and businesses. For better or worse, drones are about to become a lot more prevalent in US airspace. The FAA expects sales of drones to spike domestically from 2.5 million last year to 7 million by 2020. Now, a startup that detects drones and helps prevent unwanted aerial intrusions, Dedrone, has closed a $15 million Series B round of venture funding. Investors in San Francisco-based Dedrone included Cisco… Read More

BirdEye raises $25 million for customer feedback monitoring software

Feb 13, 6:48PM

Eagle Eye Pitching a bird’s eye view of customer feedback based on social media comments, BirdEye (get it?) has raised $25 million in new financing. The software developer can thank new investor World Innovation Lab and previous investor Trinity Ventures for the new financing. Beyond simple customer feedback, BirdEye chief executive Naveen Gupta says that the company’s software can automate… Read More

Researchers simulate a ransomware attack on industrial controls

Feb 13, 6:41PM

Aerial shot of wastewater treatment facility in Houston, Texas (Photo: Getty Images/Jupiterimages/Photolibrary) Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a form of ransomware that can hit us where it really counts: the water supply. Their program installed itself in a model water plant and allowed the researchers to change chlorine levels, shut down water valves, and send false readings to monitoring systems. “We are expecting ransomware to go one step farther, beyond the… Read More

YouTube Kids gets its own original shows

Feb 13, 6:17PM

youtubekids-new-series YouTube Kids, the app offering a curated selection of age-appropriate videos sourced from YouTube, is launching its own original programming, the company announced today. The four new shows are a part of the YouTube Red subscription service, and were created with the kids’ app in mind. This is also the first time that YouTube Red has invested in creators who are making original shows… Read More

Volkswagen and Mobileye team to help autonomous cars 'see' via crowdsourcing

Feb 13, 6:03PM

Schwarmdaten ebnen Weg für automatisches Fahren: Volkswagen und Mobileye unterzeichnen Vereinbarung Volkswagen and Mobileye have signed an agreement to see Mobileye’s Road Experience Management (REM) mapping service integrated into VW-brand vehicles starting in 2018. The service from provider Mobileye crowdsources real-time road condition reports from vehicles equipped with the product to help provide intelligent fleet features for use in autonomous vehicles, making sure networked… Read More

ACLU calls for tech firms to lobby for surveillance reform

Feb 13, 5:55PM

facebook-app The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has put out a fresh call for tech companies to push for reform of the surveillance regime in the U.S., warning of the added urgency given new U.S. President Donald Trump — who has already been demonstrably hostile to foreigners’ privacy rights in his first few days in office. Read More

Birchbox to launch a second, more personalized beauty subscription service

Feb 13, 5:49PM

february-birchbox Subscription beauty service Birchbox is launching a new, pricier tier to its service, offering customers the ability to better customize their monthly box of products, along with other perks. The service, which is only being offered to current subscribers for the time being, is $14 per month, compared with $10 per month for the original subscription. The launch comes after a time when… Read More

PAL-V begins pre-sales of its flying car – starting at $400,000

Feb 13, 5:12PM

fly-to-city_2048x1152 If you still feel like you were somehow “promised” flying cars based on Popular Science magazine covers in the 1960s then you’re in luck, because Dutch company PAL-V is now accepting pre-orders for its Liberty vehicle, which it calls “the first certified commercial flying car ever.” The three-wheeled ‘car’ has a retractable top-mounted rotor, making… Read More

PitchBook brings company financial data to its mobile app

Feb 13, 5:04PM

welcome-to-pitchbook Finding financial data, particularly for private companies, is no small task. It usually requires a solid BS detector for researching online and a network of knowledgeable sources to bounce numbers off of — not something that can easily be done over coffee or in the middle of a meeting. PitchBook, a PE and VC database, is integrating financial data into its mobile app to chip away at… Read More

What happens when you dump the App Store?

Feb 13, 4:47PM

app-store-graveyard1 In what amounts to one of the purest and most interesting experiments in assessing value of Mac OS’s App Store the founder of Rogue Amoeba posted a description of what happened when he pulled his app Piezo. The result? More revenue as a whole without much damage to sales. The impetus for the move came Apple pulled the Dash app off of the App Store. In the 100 day period since the move,… Read More

Famous people sing things at each other in the 'Carpool Karaoke: The Series' trailer

Feb 13, 4:34PM

screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-11-29-08-am Famous people! In cars! Singing! Bonus: Shaq at a donut shop in a funny hat and Will Smith lying on a lady’s wedding dress, for some reason! The trailer for Apple Music’s new series is here, and it looks – well, it looks basically like what you’d expect out of a series based on the Late Late Show’s water cooler hit. Timed perfectly to last night’s Grammy… Read More

Announcing the startups pitching at the D.C. and Miami meetups

Feb 13, 4:13PM

meetups The D.C. and Miami meetups are just on the horizon, and it’s about time that we introduce you to the companies presenting their products in the rapid-fire pitch-off. We’ll be visiting D.C. on the evening of February 21 and then heading to Miami for a meetup on February 23. At each event, ten companies will have exactly 60 seconds to pitch their wares to the audience and a panel… Read More drops its fourth app, a video messenger called Ping Pong

Feb 13, 3:46PM

pingpong-ios, the tween and teen focused lip-syncing app, has just dropped another app onto the App Store. Days ago, the company launched a video messaging app called Ping Pong on the App Store, in what appears to be a test ahead of a public debut. This is the fourth app for the rapidly growing Shanghai-based startup, whose flagship app had over 100 million users as of last fall, and whose… Read More

Dopamine Labs slings tools to boost and reduce app addiction

Feb 13, 3:30PM

dopamine-logo Dopamine Labs, a small startup in Los Angeles, not just creates tools that can hook users to an app… the company is now also giving people a way to kick their app habit. Formed by two neuroscientists who received their doctorates from the University of Southern California, the company has developed what it calls a “reinforcement api” based on the duo’s complementary… Read More

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