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2017 is the year your startup gets funded

Feb 11, 6:00PM

moneygrowth The turn of the calendar is cathartic for entrepreneurs — there’s something about starting a new year that inspires folks to launch a new startup, build a new product or raise capital. If you’re starting to raise capital, this is your guide. Let’s get to it. Read More

Gillmor Gang: Kakitocracy

Feb 11, 6:00PM

Gillmor Gang Artcard The Gillmor Gang — Doc Searls, Keith Teare, Frank Radice, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, February 10, 2017. Plus the latest G3 (below) with Halley Suitt Tucker, Elisa Camahort Page, Denise Howell, Mary Hodder, and Tina Chase Gillmor. @stevegillmor, @dsearls, @kteare, @fradice Produced and directed by Tina Chase Gillmor @tinagillmor Liner Notes Live chat stream The Gillmor Gang… Read More

Statsbot helps businesses pull their data into Slack

Feb 11, 4:19PM

Statsbot Statsbot is giving companies a new way to look at their data — in their chatrooms on Slack. Co-founder and CEO Artyom Keydunov said that the product was inspired by his previous work leading a remote engineering team, when he realized that it would be “a good idea to bring data from Google Analytics or Mixpanel to the place where all collaboration happens — to Slack.”… Read More

Data shows a downward demographic spiral for Republicans

Feb 11, 1:30PM

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 10:  Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is sworn in before the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation hearing to be the U.S. attorney general January 10, 2017 in Washington, DC. Sessions was one of the first members of Congress to endorse and support President-elect Donald Trump, who nominated him for Attorney General.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) It’s clear Republicans hitched their wagon to a demographic they have successfully exploited at historic levels the last couple of decades. Yet in doing that they’ve still lost six of the last seven popular votes, and as the data shows they’ve now pretty much run out of white evangelicals to add to the mix. Read More

UK's Hellocar secures £1M to to disrupt UK car buying market

Feb 11, 12:54PM

dsc_1205 Hellocar, a new car buying website out of the UK, has secured a £1m investment round. The round was led by JamJar Investments, the Innocent Drinks founders’ venture capital fund, and Alex Chesterman, founder and CEO of Zoopla Property Group. Henry Lane Fox, part of the founding team behind and CEO of Founders Factory, will join the Hellocar board as a Director. The… Read More

Crunch Report: Prince returns to Spotify

Feb 11, 1:00AM

cr-thumb-2-10 Today’s Stories  Prince returns to Spotify and Napster this weekend WhatsApp now supports two-step authentication Amazon’s Tap speaker gets a hands-free update in defiance of its name Beats X bring Apple’s wireless headphone tech to a tethered form factor Credits Written and hosted by: Anthony Ha Edited by: Joe Zolnoski Filmed by: Matthew Mauro Teleprompter: Tomas… Read More

Weekly Roundup: Tech companies rally against Trump's immigration ban, Zenefits cuts workforce again

Feb 11, 12:03AM

screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-11-04-45-am Tech companies continued to rally against Trump’s immigration ban, Android Wear 2.0 finally launched, Airbnb bought up another company and Zenefits laid off 45 percent of its workforce. These are the top stories of the week. Read More

Trump's immigration ban is terrible for entrepreneurs

Feb 10, 11:30PM

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 7:  (AFP OUT) U.S. President Donald Trump speaks as he meets with county sheriffs during a listening session in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on February 7, 2017 in Washington, DC. The Trump administration will return to court Tuesday to argue it has broad authority over national security and to demand reinstatement of a travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries that stranded refugees and triggered protests. (Photo by Andrew Harrer - Pool/Getty Images) Donald Trump’s executive orders targeting Muslims, immigrants and refugees are moves that pander to the dangerous forces of racism and xenophobia. Read More

Payback's a gift

Feb 10, 11:00PM

Gold Gifts On the surface, many internet businesses might not have much in common; internally, we’ve converged around one single metric that’s applicable to almost all consumer and/or marketplace businesses that use paid customer acquisition. We’re sharing this metric here in the hope that founders can use it as one useful benchmark when evaluating the health and progress of their… Read More

Sen. Wyden presses for more answers as FBI responds to questions about its new FOIA system

Feb 10, 10:44PM

security-insight In the face of criticism around its new FOIA process, the FBI moved to clarify some questions surrounding the online portal that will replace its existing process starting March 1. The FOIA changes, initially reported by the Daily Dot earlier this week, set off a chain of controversy that on Friday made it all the way to Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden, an established voice in online privacy. In an… Read More

Messaging app Wire now has an external audit of its e2e crypto

Feb 10, 9:27PM

Wire messaging app Encrypted messaging app Wire has now published an external audit of its crypto protocol, Proteus, and the implementation of the protocol across its various apps. Read More

Cambridge is giving cancer the 3D VR treatment

Feb 10, 9:08PM

hannon_application_picture_420_x_235 It’s always good to hear that scientists are bringing the latest technology to the fight against cancer, but virtual reality doesn’t seem like an obvious addition to the arsenal. Yet it’s VR and 3D visualization that Cambridge University researchers are planning to explore under a multi-million pound grant. Read More

Carl Bass on his surprising Autodesk exit — and what's next

Feb 10, 8:47PM

img_1100 Carl Bass is sitting at his desk at Autodesk today, but he’s no longer CEO of the publicly traded design software company. He stepped down earlier this week in a move that some associated — wrongly, notes Bass — with an interview Bass granted to the outlet Pando, wherein he disparaged President Donald Trump. This morning, we talked with Bass about his resignation, his… Read More

Amazon's Rekognition learns to guess your age

Feb 10, 8:15PM

screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-10-30-27-am You know how old you are. You know how old your friends think you are. Heck, you even know how old Microsoft thinks you are. But at the end of the day, does anyone other than Amazon really matter? Until now, the only way for you to know how old Amazon thought you were was to look at products recommended to you. I apparently spent too much time researching sci-fi short stories yesterday… Read More

Uncorking innovation with Treasury Wine Estates in Napa

Feb 10, 7:30PM

Treasury Wine Estates vineyards. What wine makers are going after with applied technology and science is a more profitable piece of an already sizable market. Consumers spent $38 billion on U.S.-made wines alone in 2015 according to the annual Wine Industry Metrics report by Wines & Vines Analytics. Using tech and science to gain every possible advantage can help producers keep their costs and prices down, their… Read More

As Xiaomi's home market share slips, the smartphone maker reportedly looks to build its own chips

Feb 10, 7:21PM

xiaomi Last year Xiaomi’s market share slid notably in its native China, as the smartphone maker moved from first to fifth place (and tellingly avoided publishing its own sales figures for the first time). 2017, meanwhile, has already has seen its own share of issues for the company, with head of international Hugo Barra jumping ship a few days before it announced that it didn’t… Read More

This Lucid Air electric car winter test video reminds us snow can be good

Feb 10, 7:10PM

lucid-air-winter-testing-1867x1050 Lucid’s Air is a 1,000 HP electric dream car, which is still in the early stages of real-world testing, but which already has more than a few EV fans excited. Now, the company is showing off its winter conditions testing, courtesy of a video shot in Minnesota that makes the state far more appealing than any tourism bureau marketing I’ve ever seen. The video includes footage shot… Read More

Time to stop acting like lemmings

Feb 10, 7:00PM

lemmings In a world defined by trends, we’ve been beset by a highly worrying one: There is an undeniable lack of IPOs. In 2015, 164 companies entered the public markets, which is just over half the 2014 number, when 261 took the plunge. In 2016 there were only 107. This is a big deal. Why? Because the public market is the single-most objective judge of company formation and success. Read More

Twitter to live stream the 6 nations rugby tournament in France

Feb 10, 6:33PM

rugby You know that Twitter is getting serious about live streaming when the company starts signing deals for rugby matches just for French users. The company announced that it would stream the next 4 matches involving the French team in the 6 nations tournament. And if you know absolutely nothing about rugby, the 6 nations tournament happens every year and is probably my favorite tournament to follow. Read More

Beats X bring Apple's wireless headphone tech to a tethered form factor

Feb 10, 6:18PM

img_9833 It’s hard to say precisely what took Beats X so long to arrive. Unlike Apple’s own house-branded AirPods, the company didn’t really start from scratch. Sure, it’s a somewhat new form factor, but the wireless earbuds don’t stray all that far from the company’s existing lines. But nearly six months after being announced, the headphones arrive this week. As… Read More

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