Thursday, February 16, 2017

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Mark Zuckerberg's humanitarian manifesto

Feb 16, 8:58PM

Facebook founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg receives the Axel Springer Award in Berlin on February 25, 2016  Facebook announced it was donating computer servers to a number of research institutions across Europe, starting with Germany, to accelerate research efforts in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. / AFP / POOL / Kay Nietfeld        (Photo credit should read KAY NIETFELD/AFP/Getty Images) “Are we building the world we all want?” That’s a question often reserved for the lips of presidents and religious leaders, and too rarely asked by CEOs. But technology has risen as a force that unites us, alongside government and faith. So too must captains of industry rise to accept their opportunity of influence, for the betterment of humanity in one of its most… Read More

Why Snap would lowball its IPO valuation

Feb 16, 8:48PM

recode - snapchat - evan spiegel The short answer for why Snap lowballed its initial valuation for its initial public offering is that it probably won’t be that low for long. Normally these prices are set by expectations the underwriters and executives can divine from their conversations with Wall Street. It’s essentially a matching game — how does Snap and its underwriters figure out where to price the… Read More

This baby monitor uses radar to detect infant breathing patterns

Feb 16, 8:41PM

img_0020 I’ll be honest, hearing about what Raybaby does made me happy I don’t have kids. The mere thought of needing a device to monitor a child’s breathing stresses me out. But it’s a legitimate concern, and the Hax graduates are offering a solution that may well provide some extra peace of mind for concerned parents of newborns. “Currently there are tons of baby… Read More

After Puzder withdraws, Trump names his new pick for labor secretary

Feb 16, 8:24PM

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 30:  U.S. President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the beginning of a meeting with small business people in the Roosevelt Room at the White House January 30, 2017 in Washington, DC. During the meeting, Trump said he will announce his 'unbelievably highly respected' pick to replace the late Supreme Court Antonin Scalia on Tuesday evening.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Less than 24 hours after his first pick to head the Department of Labor withdrew his nomination over intense scrutiny of his various professional and personal controversies, President Trump is ready to throw a new name into the mix: Alexander Acosta. By most accounts, Acosta makes for a less controversial choice than Puzder, a fast food executive decried by opponents as anti-worker. Acosta,… Read More

Oxsight uses augmented reality to aid the visually impaired

Feb 16, 8:11PM

A research participant wearing OxSight while bowling. One percent of the world’s population, approximately 70 million people, are blind.[/tc_dropcap] That is not a huge number when you think of it in terms of a potential use base for a consumer product, but it is massive when you consider that there are currently few assistive technologies available as an aid to make the lives of the visually impaired easier. Read More

How Google's Project Loon balloons learned to loiter

Feb 16, 8:08PM

2017-02-16_1205 When Google launched Project Loon a few years ago, the plan was to provide internet access to underserved areas with the help of a series of balloons that would constantly circumvent the earth. When one balloon moved out of range, another would move in behind it. As Google’s “Captain of Moonshots” Astro Teller explained today, the team recently found a way to keep the… Read More

Dobby's foldable pocket drone is the perfect mix of portability and functionality

Feb 16, 8:02PM

59ef4ac2-3403-4d40-ad6d-7ccd600b6bb9 Most consumer drones available on the market today fit in one of two categories: full-fledged UAVs like DJI’s Inspire, Phantom or Mavic, or portable “selfie” drones like Hover that prioritize size and convenience over features. So what about “in-between” drones? Drones that are easy to carry, typically under the weight that requires  FAA registration, but still… Read More

Hivy is an office management service to manage all those startup perks

Feb 16, 7:43PM

hivy-%e2%80%a2-ipad Have you ever wondered why the snack bowls on the second floor of your fancy startup office never runs out of snacks? Your office manager is most likely in charge of all of this, and sometimes it can be hard for them to keep track of all requests and make sure everything is running smoothly. Hivy plans to be the only service office managers ever need. The company is participating in Y… Read More

Boston's new hub, MassRobotics, is like a WeWork for robotics startups

Feb 16, 7:28PM

Robots on a shelf at MassRobotics innovation hub in Boston. If you’re building drones, personal delivery vehicles, or robots that can perform surgery, a desk in a coworking community like WeWork or RocketSpace probably won’t be enough for you. The Mass Technology Leadership Council, a.k.a. Mass TLC, has opened up a new facility just for robotics startups today. The new nonprofit hub, MassRobotics, is located at 12 Channel Street in… Read More

Microsoft Office hits the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar

Feb 16, 7:23PM

img_2437 The new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar arrived with some pretty strong first-party support, but it was clear that it would take some key partners to really make the secondary Retina Display sing. Photoshop compatibility arrived late-last year, and now Microsoft is finally ready to go live with Office support , which along with Adobe’s offering, was announced at launch, but not quite ready… Read More

Twitter starts putting abusers in "time out"

Feb 16, 7:21PM

twitter-ban-speech-gray Twitter is putting online bullies in “time out.” As one of the company’s many new anti-abuse measures, users whose accounts have been identified engaging in abusive behavior will have the reach of their tweets temporarily restricted. During this time, the abuser’s tweets will only be shown to their followers, Twitter says. The change was spotted by BuzzFeed, following… Read More

With $3.6M in fresh funding, YotaScale optimizes cloud computing for enterprises

Feb 16, 7:10PM

server room and data center YotaScale, a graduate of Alchemist’s enterprise accelerator, is announcing a $3.6 million venture round today from Engineering Capital, Pelion Ventures and angels Jocelyn Goldfein, Timothy Chou and Robert Dykes. The startup employs machine learning to help balance performance, availability and cost for enterprise cloud computing. Competitors CloudHealth Technologies and Cloudability… Read More

This must be the year of mobile security

Feb 16, 7:07PM

cyber-security-data-phone If I gave you my phone right you’d be able to figure out a lot of stuff about me. If I didn’t unlock it you’d see some of the news I read, the apps I use, and even some of the messages I’ve gotten from my friends. You’d be able to see that my friend Rick just wrote “If she gets desperate enough, let me know?” which, if taken out of context, is pretty… Read More

US regulatory environment threatens the rise of fintech

Feb 16, 7:00PM

Two way The growth of fintech is challenging governments to devise new regulations to meet the demands of the burgeoning industry. The U.S. currently draws the largest amount of fintech investment and is home to many early success stories. Therefore, it may come as a surprise that the regulatory environment in America is hindering the growth of fintech and its impact on the broader economy. Read More

YouTube says it now has automatically captioned 1 billion videos

Feb 16, 6:40PM

pastedimage0 When Google rolled out its automatic captioning service for YouTube back in 2009, the results were far from great. Since then, Google’s speech recognition technology has made massive strides, though, and while the service still makes its fair share of mistakes, it’s now quite good at making videos accessible to the deaf and hearing impaired. As the YouTube team announced… Read More

Google's A.I. Duet experiment lets you jam with the machine

Feb 16, 6:08PM

2017-02-16_0955 Google today launched a fun new machine learning experiment: A.I. Duet. This new web-based experiment lets you play melodies on your computer’s keyboard (or a supported MIDI keyboard you plug into your computer) and the computer will then try to play a duet with you. Here is how this works: you basically play a few notes and then wait for the program to come back with a response. What… Read More

Kepler targets Q4 2017 for its first nanosatellite launch

Feb 16, 5:40PM

kepler-satellite Canadian satellite startup Kepler Communications has contracted its first launch, with launch operations be provided by Netherlands-based Innovative Space Logistics (ISL), and the launch itself taking place aboard an Indian polar satellite launch vehicle (PSVL) current scheduled to take off from Satish Dhawan Space Center in November of this year. The launch is more tech demo than anything… Read More

Snapchat beyond Stories: Be the HBO of mobile

Feb 16, 5:40PM

hbo-snap Snap is three things, and everyone else is two of them. There are plenty of chat apps, and Stories is being copied successfully by Instagram, with more Facebook clones on the way. But Snapchat’s unique Discover section, full of mobile-only daily magazines from professional publishers, could evolve into something game-changing: the premier place for premium mobile video. Read More

Opera is redesigning its desktop browser with project Reborn

Feb 16, 5:29PM

opera-reborn Opera just released a new build of its desktop browser in the developer stream. And this is an interesting one as the company just unveiled a brand new project codenamed “Reborn” — it’s a complete user interface redesign for all platforms. I’ve been using Opera as my main browser for a few years now. I just tried the new version, and it seems to be a visual… Read More

Cervin Ventures unveils new $56M fund aimed at the future of the enterprise stack

Feb 16, 5:19PM

Dollar goldfish swimming in opposite direction Cervin Ventures, under the direction of Preetish Nijhawan and Neeraj Gupta, is announcing its latest $56 million fund. Built on the success of previous angel and micro-venture portfolios, Cervin is targeting seed-stage startups across the enterprise stack — running the full gamut of infrastructure, data and software. Both Nijhawan and Gupta come from operational roles. Preetish… Read More

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