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My brick

Feb 15, 8:51PM

nokia-2110-brick There are a few beautiful lines in Wilson Rawls’ Where the Red Fern Grows that came to me when I saw that Nokia – or whatever shambling shell of Nokia remains – is re-releasing the 3110, that old warhorse of a phone that carried so many of us from the turn of the century into the modern age of endless information. “It’s strange indeed how memories can lie dormant in… Read More

Facebook's new job openings posts poach business from LinkedIn

Feb 15, 8:51PM

facebook-vs-linkedin LinkedIn has neglected two big opportunities Facebook is now capitalizing on: helping non-white collar workers and people who aren’t actively looking for a job. Today Facebook is rolling out a slew of new features we spotted it testing last year. Business Pages will now be able to post job openings to the News Feed through the status update composer, and host them on a Jobs tab on… Read More

Rare Carat's Watson-powered chat bot will help you put a diamond ring on it

Feb 15, 8:50PM

456827594_c96a1fc392_b Valentine’s Day is over, but if you’re looking for a way to make those fleeting expressions of vestigial patriarchy more permanent, Rare Carat has the service for you. Read More

Judge rules CRISPR-Cas9 patents belong to Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT

Feb 15, 8:46PM

wtf-is-crispr-main Following a high-profile and very heated court hearing over ownership of the patents for gene-editing technology CRISPR-Cas9, judges at the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Virginia, ruled today that the technology belongs to the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, not the University of California Berkeley, STAT News first reported. This is a big blow to UC Berkeley,… Read More

Ozobot raises $3 million for toys that teach kids coding basics off-screen

Feb 15, 8:39PM

The Ozobot Evo in white. There are many toys on the market today that promise to teach kids programming skills, and a good percentage require the use of a connected tablet or smartphone. At a time when parents are already struggling to keep kids’ screen time to a minimum, father and entrepreneur Nader Hamda wanted to build something different. He also observed a lot of expensive educational toys on the market,… Read More

7 reasons why Facebook will autoplay sound despite complaints

Feb 15, 8:10PM

facebook-sound-11 If you’re freaking out about Facebook starting to autoplay videos with sound by default, at least it won’t pause or play on top of music you’re already listening to through apps like Spotify. Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch today that sound will not autoplay on Facebook videos if you’re already listening to something on your device. You’ll have to tap the sound… Read More

Ingram's VitalSource wants to acquire Verba to give students affordable access to textbooks

Feb 15, 8:09PM

Bookshelves in bookstore The college textbook industry has no shortage of startups, from ebook company RedShelf to big players like rental service Chegg all the way to Amazon itself. But a SF-based company called Verba, which has flown mostly under the radar since 2008, has weathered the slow change of the textbook industry. VitalSource, the ed-tech arm of book distribution company Ingram is today announcing their… Read More

Encrypted chat app Wickr opens code for public review

Feb 15, 7:59PM

wickr-open-source Security researchers have wanted a peek at Wickr’s code since the secure messaging app launched in 2012, and now they’re finally getting that chance. Wickr is publishing its code for Wickr Professional, the subscription-based enterprise version of its free messaging app, today for public review. The public review builds on private third party code reviews by security experts like… Read More

Xbox Project Scorpio will finally get some face time at Microsoft's E3 Event

Feb 15, 7:48PM

project scorpio This year’s E3 promises to be a big show – if only thanks to the fact that the gaming convention’s organizers are opening it up to the masses. As expected, Microsoft is going to add considerable fuel to that fire as well, making the mysterious Xbox Project Scorpio a centerpiece to its own big event. Carve out some time on Sunday, June 11th, because that’s when the… Read More

BlackBerry files suit against Nokia in a battle of once mighty smartphone brands

Feb 15, 7:25PM

BlackBerry Ltd. signage is displayed in front of the company's headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, on Wednesday, July 6, 2016. BlackBerry will no longer manufacture the BlackBerry Classic, a beloved, updated model of the original that made the company a smartphone leader before Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. dethroned it. Photographer: Cole Burston/Bloomberg via Getty Images BlackBerry suing Nokia is 2017 is a bit like the secret Rocky/Apollo Creed fight in Rocky III revealed in 2015’s Creed – two once mighty champions doing battle one more time, with a heck of lot fewer people looking on. Also, there are a couple of series reboots in the works. A lot has changed since the once mighty phone makers glory days. These days both have moved away from… Read More

Google expands fact-checked news to Brazil, Mexico & Argentina

Feb 15, 7:19PM

factcheck_2-width-767 In October, Google announced it would begin highlighting fact-checked resources in its Google News vertical, allowing readers to more easily find links to reputable sources of factual information related to major stories. Today, Google says it’s expanding this feature to new markets, including Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. The company had previously launched fact checks outside the U.S. Read More

Microsoft open sources a simulator for training drones, self-driving cars and more

Feb 15, 7:15PM

Microsoft AIRO group on January 24, 2017.(Photography by Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures) Microsoft has made available a beta version of an advanced virtual world for training autonomous drones, as well as other gadgets that move on their own. The software, which is available on GitHub, recreates conditions like shadows, reflections and other potentially confusing real-world conditions in a highly detailed, highly realistic virtual environment – without the risk of the… Read More

Yahoo notifying users of malicious account activity as Verizon deal progresses

Feb 15, 7:01PM

SUNNYVALE, CA - MAY 23:  A sign is posted in front of the Yahoo! headquarters on May 23, 2014 in Sunnyvale, California.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Yahoo is continuing to issue warnings to users about several security incidents as it moves toward an acquisition by Verizon. Users are receiving notifications today about unauthorized access to their accounts in 2015 and 2016, which occurred due to previously disclosed cookie forging. “As we have previously disclosed, our outside forensic experts have been investigating the creation… Read More

Your in-car attention is media's next battleground

Feb 15, 7:00PM

distracted-driving Whether it’s Uber or someone else that dominates the land grab for newly unlocked media time, the components of an in-car media future are materializing. Today it’s smartphones; tomorrow it will be VR headsets, as well as holographic media and AR. Read More

Lytro pursues 360-degree video and cinematic tools with $60M Series D

Feb 15, 6:50PM

lytro_immerge Ever-shifting camera tech company Lytro has raised major cash to continue development and deployment of its cinema-level camera systems. Perhaps the company’s core technology, “light field photography” that captures rich depth data, will be put to better use there than it was in the ill-fated consumer offerings. Read More

Watch 500 Startups Demo Day today

Feb 15, 6:34PM

500 startups batch 10 TechCrunch is pleased to bring you 500 Startups Demo Day today, February 15th at 12:00pm to 3:00pm PST. If you are just tuning in, 500 Startups is an accelerator and seed fund headquartered in Silicon Valley. The accelerator runs a four-month program for startups providing mentorship, trainings with startup experts, office space and investment. 500 Startups runs globally in over 60… Read More

U.S. motor vehicle deaths see biggest two year jump in over 50 years, per NSC

Feb 15, 6:17PM

Ambulance Deaths resulting from motor vehicle crashes are at their highest in nearly a decade, according to preliminary data released by the National Safety Council on Wednesday. The increase for 2016 combines with the jump in 2015 to add up to the largest two-year increase in motor vehicle-related deaths in 53 years, an increase NSC President and CEO Deborah A.P. Hersman noted in a release is at… Read More

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in VR is totally and completely badass

Feb 15, 6:05PM

wpd6loh-jpg Badass is not generally a word associated with VR, but when FX wanted to bring viewers into the ridiculous world of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to experience Mac’s serial video autobiography, “Project Badass,” they did so in virtual reality. For fans of the FX show, you’ll know Project Badass as Mac’s misguided attempt to prove to himself and his… Read More

Mulberrys is an on-demand laundry startup hoping to clean up where others have washed out

Feb 15, 5:56PM

img_5475 On-demand laundry has proven a tough business for some. Washio folded up its business last year, selling its assets into competitor Rinse. At the time Rinse’s founder Ajay Prakash told TechCrunch the on-demand model wasn’t the most efficient or economical way to handle the dirty business of cleaning clothes. But now Mulberrys, a new cleaning competitor in the Bay Area, hopes to… Read More

MakerBot lays off 30% of its staff as company's scope narrows

Feb 15, 5:27PM

Makerbot 2015 Featured Image MakerBot is laying off 30 percent of its staff as part of an ongoing effort to adapt to a changing market, the company announced in a blog post today. Read More

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