Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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SpaceX targets February 18 for Dragon resupply mission to ISS

Feb 08, 8:31PM

spacex-iridium-1 SpaceX has a new date for its next launch – February 18, when it’s hoping to make its first launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at pad LC-39A. The first launch from the Florida facility was originally set for January 29, and was set to be a mission to deliver a commercial EchoStar satellite into orbit,  but that was pushed back to a target of the end of February when… Read More

Passwords for social media accounts could be required for some to enter country

Feb 08, 8:27PM

passwords A password may soon be required to enter the country — the applicant’s Facebook password, that is. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly suggested the measure to the House Homeland Security Committee today during talks around Trump’s embattled executive order on immigration. Read More

Cinemood secures $2.5M for its mini-projector with kid-friendly content built in

Feb 08, 7:53PM

ciinemood_cover_bear_01 While creating content for kids on tablets has been largely the preserve of smash games like Clash of Clans, there is more than one way to skin a cat, and another way may be to wrap it in hardware. That’s the thinking behind the Cinemood, an appealing, portable mini-cinema projector which comes bundled with content, and number of other features, for young kids. It’s now raised… Read More

Watch Cruise's self-driving Bolt EV navigate smoothly to SF's Dolores Park

Feb 08, 6:44PM

self-dirving-cruise GM-owned Cruise Automation wants you to be able to see the progress it’s making with its self-driving car tests, in a way that’s more tangible than looking at boring lists of disengagement reports. That’s why it’s been publishing videos of its Cruise test cars navigating real city streets, and a new episode of that video series is available now, showing a Bolt EV… Read More

Facebook Lite hits 200M users as low-bandwidth world revenue skyrockets

Feb 08, 6:37PM

fblite Facebook’s stripped-down but speedy Lite app is growing fast and adding countries so it can keep connecting people and building the company’s business in the low-bandwidth world where revenue increased 52% this year. Facebook Lite launched in June 2015, it rocketed to 100 million monthly users by March 2016, and now it’s doubled in size to 200 million users, Mark Zuckerberg says. Read More

Faulty batteries caused a small fire at a Samsung plant in China

Feb 08, 6:34PM

SAMSUNG CSC Samsung has seemingly put its on-going Galaxy Note 7 issues behind it, courtesy of a couple of recalls, an expensive investigation and promises to implement stricter standards. But the company’s battery woes aren’t yet fully behind it, as it was no doubt reminded earlier today when a small fire broke out in a plant located in Tianjin, China. The company reported that the fire… Read More

Ideal Flatmate wants to be a matchmaking platform for UK flatshares

Feb 08, 6:26PM

Ideal Flatmate Londoners in the unfun position of needing to find a new flatmate — and lacking the easy options of friends or family to move in with — can get a little algorithmic help from a UK startup with the no-frills name of Ideal Flatmate. Read More

Pinterest users can now jump to other products within an image

Feb 08, 6:09PM

pinterest shop the look Pinterest is looking to continually decrease the friction from finding something they’re interested in and drilling further into newer products and ideas, and it now has another product to try to close that gap. The company today said it’s launching a new feature that allows users to find and jump to additional products within a photo they’re currently viewing. So, for… Read More

Y Combinator now lets anyone recommend startups

Feb 08, 6:03PM

y-combinator-logo After years of accepting tips from alumni, Y Combinator has decided to open up its recommendation network to everyone. The goal is to help increase the number of startups connected to YC by allowing professors, mentors, early customers and anyone else familiar with a team to submit recommendations to YC on their behalf. Kat Manalac, a partner at YC, explained that a lot of founders are afraid… Read More

Powur's Jonathan Budd talks about the future of solar power

Feb 08, 5:47PM

Jonathan Budd sees solar power as a money-making opportunity. His new company, Powur, essentially lets people add solar to their homes with no upfront costs. While there isn’t much technology in his solution he does have some interesting ideas about the future of solar. In this podcast we talk about when he expects solar to overtake fossil fuels – not for a long time – and… Read More

Revolut launches current accounts and a chatbot

Feb 08, 5:47PM

revolut-card-v2 Slowly but surely, Revolut is getting closer to building an actual bank. The startup just announced the launch of current accounts — you can now get a personal IBAN, and the company plans to add other features soon. In addition to current accounts, Revolut is also introducing a chatbot to handle support requests. Revolut isn’t technically a bank account, it’s more or less… Read More

Pinterest adds visual search for elements in images and through your camera

Feb 08, 5:38PM

pinterest lens results Pinterest said today it’s launching three new products today that will point out specific elements in pictures — whether viewed live through a camera or through a typical image search — and use them as a jumping point for search. All of these are designed to keep Pinterest coming back over and over to discover ideas based on images. Pinterest has been increasingly trying… Read More

Hulu VR adds Oculus Rooms support so you can watch TV with your virtual friends

Feb 08, 5:37PM

hulu-gear-vr-rooms-and-avatars Very little productivity seems to be taking place in VR on the consumer side right now, and to keep that trend alive, Hulu is updating its VR app to ensure that you can watch Seinfeld alongside your virtual reality friends with no friction whatsoever. Today, Hulu is updating its Gear VR and Rift apps to support Oculus’ latest social features. On Gear VR, users will soon be able to check… Read More

Trump, tech, and the future of government surveillance

Feb 08, 5:35PM

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 7:  (AFP OUT) U.S. President Donald Trump listens as he meets with county sheriffs during a listening session in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on February 7, 2017 in Washington, DC.  The Trump administration will return to court Tuesday to argue it has broad authority over national security and to demand reinstatement of a travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries that stranded refugees and triggered protests. (Photo by Andrew Harrer - Pool/Getty Images) Beginning with 2013’s Snowden leaks, the Obama administration publicly wrestled with various thorny issues at the intersection of technology and government surveillance. When, how, and for what purposes should the government collect personal communications and other data?  Is it ever appropriate for the government to exploit software flaws for intelligence gathering or crimefighting,… Read More

Android Wear 2.0 is an evolutionary update to Google's smartwatch OS

Feb 08, 5:01PM

LG Watch Sport Google is officially launching Android Wear 2.0 today — the biggest update to the company’s wearable operating system since its launch in 2014. If you’re not a Wear aficionado who has been patiently waiting for this release, you probably remember Wear 2.0 from its Google I/O announcement last May. Even though in day-to-day use, the updated version feels very much like the… Read More

SumUp co-founders are back with bookkeeping AI startup Zeitgold

Feb 08, 5:01PM

zeitgold The next time you go to your favorite restaurant or cocktail bar, talk with the manager about bookkeeping. Chances are that they’ll tell you that they waste a ton of time collecting and recording various documents. German startup Zeitgold wants to automate this pesky process so that you can spend more time on your actual business. The startup was founded by two of the co-founders… Read More

LG's Watch Style and Sport are the first two Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches

Feb 08, 5:00PM

LG Watch Sport After months of waiting, Android Wear 2.0 is finally upon us. And it’s arrived with two ambassadors  in tow – both designed by LG. The Watch Style and Sport are two sides of the same coin, separated my $100, a handful of key features and a significant chunk of wrist real estate. The Style is the more subtle of the two options, a slim and (as the name implies) nice looking… Read More

Box unveils new set of developer tools

Feb 08, 5:00PM

Cropped shot of a young computer programmer looking through data Box decided early on it wanted to be a platform on top of which which developers can build applications using Box services. Today, it introduced several new tools designed to make it easier for developers to get up and running on the Box platform. Today’s announcement starts with a newly designed Box Developer Console. This is the place developers typically grab their API keys and get… Read More

LG's $249 Watch Style lives up to its name, but falls short on features and battery life

Feb 08, 5:00PM

dsc07133 Android Wear watches are an interesting breed. Because Google mostly locks the operating system down, there are only so many ways the hardware manufacturers can differentiate themselves from the pack. With the launch of Android Wear 2.0 today, Google is giving its partners the option to add usable hardware buttons and dials to their watches. Its launch partner for Wear 2.0 is LG, which… Read More

Here are the Android Wear watches that will get the 2.0 update

Feb 08, 5:00PM

huawei-watch-images-leak22_1020.0 LG’s two new smartwatches might be the centerpiece of today’s Android Wear 2.0 launch, but Google’s making sure to spread the love, bringing its long-awaited wearable OS update to a whole slew of existing devices. The software giant isn’t offering much in the way of specifics as far as timing – perhaps not all that much of a surprise, given how long it took to get… Read More

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