Thursday, January 26, 2017

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Myst arrives on Android, Riven to follow soon

Jan 26, 8:00PM

feature2-1024x500 If you are of a certain age you will grin at the sound of the world “Myst,” recalling the game that originally debuted in 1993 and enthralled computer gamers with its weird, atmospheric puzzles and amazing (for the time) graphics. Riven came not too long after, debuting in 1997 and spanned five CDs. Myst is available on Android today, via both the Google Play and Amazon App stores,… Read More

This Snapchat Spectacles case melted while charging

Jan 26, 7:44PM

melted-snapchat-spectacles-case Galaxy Note 7napchat? One owner of Snap Inc’s Spectacles camera-glasses had a similar experience. They tell TechCrunch that after charging the Spectacles case for a half-hour, they returned to find “the internals melted”, and provided us with this photographic evidence. The owner, who wished not to be named, wrote that you can see “the big button and LEDs…all that… Read More

Trump team's Twitter accounts used private emails, among other security lapses

Jan 26, 7:40PM

trump_email An embarrassing collection of poor choices in account security by the Trump administration created a stir this week, worrying those who already doubt the team’s expertise in cybersecurity. There were already risks to having a Twittering President, and these oversights confirm them. Read More

Tesla sues ex-Autopilot director for taking proprietary info, poaching employees

Jan 26, 7:22PM

autopilot-image Tesla has sued former employee Sterling Anderson, who acted as Director of its Autopilot Programs for just over a year, for breach of contract. The suit accuses Anderson of having tried to recruit away employees from Tesla, with the intend of starting his own autonomous driving company, and of also taking Tesla proprietary confidential information to support this goal. Tesla alleges in its… Read More

Why Silicon Valley is high-fiving over Trump's SEC pick

Jan 26, 7:03PM

high-five Wall Street lawyer Walter “Jay” Clayton hasn’t been officially appointed to the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission yet. But given the finite amount of political capital that Democrats wield right now, it’s easy to imagine that he’ll be confirmed and fairly easily when it’s his turn on Capitol Hill. That’s probably welcome news for… Read More

MailChimp goes beyond email marketing and launches support for Facebook ad campaigns

Jan 26, 7:00PM

mailchimp-facebook MailChimp has long offered its users an easy way to manage and run their email marketing campaigns. Now, for the first time in its long history, the company is going beyond email marketing with the launch of a new tool that lets its users create Facebook ad campaigns right from the existing MailChimp dashboard. The company may be best known for its email platform, but as a company… Read More

Facebook will give some longer videos a boost in the News Feed

Jan 26, 7:00PM

video Facebook today is changing how it ranks the videos that appear in the News Feed, with the goal of better surfacing those that are more relevant to you. It’s a slight tweak, but one that could boost the visibility of longer videos, in some cases. It can be more of commitment to watch a longer video in full, of course – the content has to be interesting enough to keep your attention. Read More

As faith in government falters, data science and technology can help

Jan 26, 5:30PM

New York  City Digital With faith in government at an all-time low, it’s time for mayors, county executives and governors to do one concrete thing to make the delivery of government services better – appoint someone to lead government data efforts, often called a Chief Data Officer (CDO). Read More

Meet the operatic artists performing at the 10th Annual Crunchies Awards

Jan 26, 5:07PM

crunchies-headshots The 10th Annual Crunchies is fast approaching, and production puzzle pieces are falling into place. Given our setting at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, we plan on enjoying some operatic entertainment as part of the awards show. You might remember something similar from last year’s show: That said, I’m very proud to introduce the artists that will dazzle us with… Read More

Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer may have just tweeted his password

Jan 26, 5:03PM

White_House_DC In a bold strategic shift, White House Press Secretary Sean “Alternative Facts” Spicer appears to have tweeted something true from his account this morning. Unfortunately for him, it might have been his password. This morning, Twitter noticed that Spicer tweeted and quickly deleted a string of nonsense that looks considerably more like a password than it does a pocket tweet. A… Read More

Twitter launches "Explore," a new home for Moments, trends, search and live video

Jan 26, 5:00PM

twitter-explore-live Twitter’s Moments feature, which allows users to tell stories through a collection of tweets, is no longer going be front-and-center in the Twitter application. Instead, Twitter will today replace the Moments section with a new tab called “Explore.” This area will serve as the home for finding out what’s happening on Twitter, including trends, Moments, search, and… Read More

IBM adds support for Google's Tensorflow to its PowerAI machine learning framework

Jan 26, 5:00PM

shutterstock ibm PowerAI is IBM’s machine learning framework for companies that use servers based on its Power processors and NVIDIA’s NVLink high-speed interconnects that allow for data to pass extremely quickly between the processor and the GPU that does most of the deep learning calculations. Today, the company announced that PowerAI now supports Google’s popular Tensorflow machine… Read More

iOS developers are switching to Swift according to this Upwork study

Jan 26, 4:56PM

swift wwdc 2014 Apple’s programming language Swift has been around for a while, but iOS and macOS developers can still develop apps using Apple’s Objective-C. According to a new study from Upwork, tech companies are increasingly looking for developers who know how to develop in Swift. Upwork is the biggest freelancer marketplace in the U.S., so the company can identify trends on the freelancer market. Read More

More info leaks out ahead of LG's G6 launch

Jan 26, 4:54PM

lg-g6 LG hasn’t been doing a great job keeping a tight lid on the G6. But, then, who can blame them? The company needs a hit on the heels of a hefty Q4 loss, chalking the dire financials up to “weak sales” of the G5 – and while it claims that the V20 is doing just fine, thank you very much, the dual-camera handset wasn’t nearly enough to offset that disappointment.… Read More

Google Maps will now tell you how bad the parking is at your destination

Jan 26, 4:43PM

google-maps-parking A new feature in Google Maps will help you find parking – or rather, it will mentally prepare you for how difficult it will be to find a parking space at your destination. Google says it’s now using “historical parking data” to calculate a parking difficulty score, which will be displayed in Google Maps’ directions card as “Limited,”… Read More

Trump order strips privacy rights from non-U.S. citizens, could nix EU-US data flows

Jan 26, 4:41PM

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 20:  U.S. President-elect Donald Trump arrives on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. In today's inauguration ceremony Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) An Executive Order signed by U.S. President Donald Trump in his first few days in office could jeopardize a six-month-old data transfer framework that enables EU citizens’ personal data to flow to the U.S. with the promise of ‘essentially equivalent’ privacy protection once it gets there. Read More

Peer5 leverages viewers' devices for a P2P approach to streaming video

Jan 26, 4:37PM

Peer5 Anyone who’s tried to watch a popular show like Game of Thrones online has probably had moments where everything pauses and you’re stuck watching a spinning wheel or blinking dots as the streaming service struggles to handle viewer demand. Peer5, one of the startups in the current class at incubator Y Combinator, is working to solve this problem — in fact, it’s… Read More

Shutterstock adds an image editor to unstock your stock photos

Jan 26, 4:17PM

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-11-01-48-am Stock photo site Shutterstock has been around since 2003 but now the stock photo site gotten an 21s century upgrade. The site now has a built in photo editor that lets you create clever graphics on the fly for social media, sharing, and blogging. The tool is fairly rudimentary – you can add text and images to the photos as well as filters – but it’s fun. The impetus was… Read More

Idea Drop helps organisations generate and capture new ideas

Jan 26, 4:16PM

homefeed-desktop-idea-drop In spite of my aversion to the word “ideation,” I can’t argue against software designed to help an organisation solicit ideas from its people. The best ideas can — and often do — come from anyone, regardless of job title or hierarchy. Enter Idea Drop, a London-headquartered startup that offers what it calls an “idea management” platform. Read More

Facebook brings its Slideshow movie-maker to Android

Jan 26, 4:03PM

facebook-android-slideshow This past summer, Facebook introduced a new photo-sharing sharing tool called Slideshow that’s able to turn your photos and videos into mini-movies that also include themed music and transitions. The feature had originated in Facebook’s private photo-sharing app Moments before making its way over to the main social network. The idea is to offer Facebook users an easier way to… Read More

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