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Researchers teach a flying robot to perch like a bird

Jan 11, 7:11PM

uav-article-jpg If you’ve ever flown an RC plane or even a quadcopter you’ll know the exciting experience of trying to land the thing and ending up in a pond or a tree. That’s fine when you pay a few hundred for your drone but what if your drone costs $1 million and needs to fly around spying on bad guys? How do you keep it from crashing into a larch? Researchers at the University of Bristol… Read More

Uber now suggests destinations based on your calendar

Jan 11, 7:10PM

uber-calendar Uber’s calendar integration is now going live, surfacing destination suggestions based on meetings and events you have scheduled, provided you’re okay with giving the Uber rider app access to your device’s native calendar service. The integration works by suggesting your next meeting place as a one-tap destination option in an icon on the primary Uber app screen. It’s… Read More

Adobe video envisions AI helper for editing photos and other media

Jan 11, 7:09PM

adobe_ai Back in November, Adobe announced that it was, like pretty much every other major tech company, investing in AI research — in its case, something complementary to the usual assistants, more focused on the Adobe ecosystem. A recently published video gives an idea of what the Adobe assistant might look like. Read More

Trump pick for Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao signals support for private innovation

Jan 11, 6:31PM

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 11:  Elaine Chao testifies during her confirmation hearing to be the next U.S. secretary of transportation before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee as her husband, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) (2nd L) looks on, in the Dirksen Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill January 11, 2017 in Washington, DC. Chao, who has previously served as secretary of the Labor Department, was nominated by President-elect Donald Trump.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Chao also addressed questions and concerns around tech innovation in transportation, specifically touching on autonomous vehicles, connected infrastructure, drones and more. In initial statements, Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune (R-SD) noted that the next U.S. Secretary of Transportation would have “a unique opportunity to show federal leadership in the advancement of… Read More

JetBlue completes its rollout of Fly-Fi, with free high-speed Wi-Fi on all planes

Jan 11, 5:38PM

jetblue JetBlue today announced that it has officially completed its fleet-wide rollout of Fly-Fi, bringing free wireless internet to all of its planes. The carrier first introduced the service in late 2013, bringing speeds of around 12 to 15Mbps — far surprising the wireless offerings available on other domestic flights at the time. Along with installation on all of its planes, JetBlue has… Read More

Twitter is shutting down its business app, Twitter Dashboard

Jan 11, 5:11PM

schedule_0 Twitter announced today it’s shutting down a feature called Dashboard, launched last summer, that allows businesses a suite of tools to track tweets, schedule posts, access analytics, monitor tweets about their brand or other keywords and more. The company says that Dashboard will be fully shuttered on February 3rd, 2016, but there’s not a solid transition plan in terms of how… Read More

Women's health startup Celmatix now offers genetic testing for fertility issues

Jan 11, 5:00PM

pregnant Celmatix, a startup with a focus on personalized medicine for women, wants to take some of the mystery out of the science of baby-making with a new type of DNA-based fertility test called Fertilome. Fertilome looks at 49 variants in 32 genes that give you a likelihood or not for inherited disorders such as endometriosis or PCOS to help women determine the best course of action to take based… Read More

Google's Cloud Platform gets a new key management service

Jan 11, 5:00PM

Keys for the Key Maker Google is launching a new key management service for its Cloud Platform today that will help enterprises — especially in regulated industries like healthcare and banking — create, use, rotate and destroy their encryption keys in the cloud. The aptly named Google Cloud Key Management Service (Cloud KMS) is now available as a beta in select countries. Enterprises have… Read More

GigRove wants to match skilled freelancers and startups with spare rooms

Jan 11, 4:44PM

GigRove Bootstrapping London-based startup GigRove is looking to carve out a niche in the collaborative consumption space as a matching platform for digital workers with itchy feet and startups with a spare room and pressing skills need. Which is all very zeitgeisty in these digital nomad/citizen of nowhere times. Read More

Google Maps' Foursquare-like lists feature is getting closer to launch

Jan 11, 4:38PM

google-maps-places-lists A feature that will allow Google Maps users to make lists of places is getting closer to public launch. A number of Google Maps users this month have uncovered a new addition to their Google Maps mobile application — a way to make lists of starred and favorite places, as well as create buckets lists of those places they want to visit, and a means to build out their own custom lists.… Read More

FarmLogs raises $22 million to make agriculture a more predictable business

Jan 11, 4:37PM

Jesse Vollmar Farmlogs - 06 Ann Arbor, Michigan-based FarmLogs has raised $22 million in a Series C round of funding for technology that helps farmers monitor and measure their crops, predict profits, manage risks from weather and pests and more. Naspers Ventures led the round, joined by the company’s earlier backers Drive Capital, Huron River Ventures, Hyde Park Venture Partners, SV Angel and individual… Read More

Industrial drone platform Kespry brings in new CEO

Jan 11, 4:00PM

Kespry drone Commercial drone maker Kespry, which launched in 2013, announced it was bringing in industry vet George Mathew as CEO today. Mathew, who most recently was president and COO at data analytics startup Alteryx, has also had stints as GM of Business Intelligence at SAP and director of Technical Account Management at Salesforce. It’s fair to say that Kespry was interested in his data… Read More

Kuli Kuli raises $4.25 million to make moringa a mainstay in the US diet

Jan 11, 3:41PM

A Kuli Kuli moringa recipe made by fan and customer Ellen Charlotte Marie. Oakland-based food startup Kuli Kuli has raised $4.25 million in a Series A round of funding to bring moringa, a high-protein plant, to more kitchens in the U.S., according to CEO and co-founder Lisa Curtis. During her time working in Niger for the Peace Corps, Curtis got a taste for the moringa plant, which grows pervasively in tropical climates and is higher in iron, calcium and protein… Read More

Financial comparison site CompareEuropeGroup scores $21M from Thiel, ACE and more

Jan 11, 3:31PM

moneypaths As consumers have shifted to the web to order and pay for services like broadband and insurance, price comparison sites have become one of the main ways that they search for the best deals to cover what they need. Today, one of the bigger companies in the space in Europe, CompareEuropeGroup, announced it has raised €20 million ($21 million) to expand and move ahead of the pack. The… Read More

Amazon Prime's latest perk is a new Rewards Visa Card with 5% back

Jan 11, 3:07PM

amazon_prime_visa_card-1 Amazon announced this morning it’s teaming up with Chase to introduce a new Visa credit card exclusively for its most loyal customers, Prime members. The card offers Prime members 5 percent back on Amazon purchases, as well as other rewards, including 2 percent back at restaurants, gas stations and drugstores, and 1 percent back everywhere else. This is not Amazon’s first entry… Read More

Faced with criticism, Norway moves forward on plan to phase out FM radio

Jan 11, 3:04PM

Hand tuning fm radio button. Retro image processed. Norway’s plan to end FM radio kicks off today, as planned. The move will shift the country’s remaining national analog stations to Digital Audio Broadcasting by year’s end, part of a cost-saving measure for a small country with many natural obstacles that have proven expensive to bring signal to its five million residents. The Norwegian government has moved ahead with the… Read More

Facebook previews journalism features like digests and subscription trials

Jan 11, 3:01PM

how-news-feed-works Between fake news and publishers struggling to keep a loyal connection to their readers, Facebook’s relationship with the journalism business is a bit strained right now. So today Facebook is revealing its roadmap of upcoming news features that it calls “The Facebook Journalism Project” to make its commitment to the industry clear. These future launches include digest packages… Read More

Astropad Studio turns the iPad Pro into a pro drawing tablet for Macs

Jan 11, 3:00PM

select_7 The iPad Pro is a clutch drawing tool for when you’re on the go, but it’s missing a lot of the pro software that working artists require to get their job done. Astropad, a company that has focused on making second-screen software for iPad to use with a connected Mac, is debuting Astropad Studio today, a new version of its software that adds a lot of customizable options to… Read More

iPod inventor Tony Fadell says Detroit is perfect for testing autonomous cars

Jan 11, 2:55PM

Downtown Detroit, Michigan Speaking at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit, key original iPod team member and Nest founder Tony Fadell explained why Detroit is such an ideal place to test autonomous vehicles. He points out (via Katie Burke on Twitter) that Detroit has two key ingredients: a low population, and a lot of existing city infrastructure. Detroit’s population is currently around 680,000, which… Read More

Armed with startup data, Crunchbase looks back on 2016 to predict what's coming

Jan 11, 2:00PM

Image (1) earth.jpg for post 149501 No one has a crystal ball. Armed with loads of startup data, the research outfit Crunchbase has nevertheless churned through some numbers to create an interesting snapshot of what happened in 2016 — and what might happen in 2017 — by examining six distinct trends. The first trend — and it’s given the most weight in the report — centers largely on where funding… Read More

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